Best Keurig K-Cups Pods : The Flavours That We Love!

Best K CupsWith over 70 brands of K cups and over 400 varieties, it can be hard to pick the right one to try. In this post, we’ll share with you the Keurig cup brand we have tried and find it to be good. So let’s check out the best K-Cups available!

Best K Cup Reviews – Curated Lists for Every Preference

Since K Cup pods are not restricted to just coffee, we’ll split up the curated list of K cup into 2 sections, one for coffee and another for the other flavours.

#1 Best Tasting Coffee for Keurig

Kona Coffee K Cups

Kona coffee is grown on the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna in Hawaii near volcanos. Hence, it has hints of spices, fruits, and nuts. The coffee not only tastes great but it smells wonderful very much like chocolate and vanilla.

My favourite is the Blue Horse Coffee . This coffee is artisan produced with no use of pesticide or herbicides. It is a perfect balance of strong and mild. The first sip tastes strong followed by a mild sweetness like caramel mixed with fruit and nuts.

Iced Coffee K Cups

Iced coffee is great, especially when you need a boost of caffeine after a day out in hot weather. If iced coffee is your thing, check out my curated list of best iced coffee K Cups.

And that’s this particular one which I absolutely love for its refreshing and well-balanced taste – Green Mountain Coffee Sumatra Reserve.

Strongest K Cup Coffee

If you need really caffeinated coffee to get you started for the day, this list has some of the strongest K Cup coffee.

But one brand particular stands out. that is the Death Wish. This is made from robusta beans which contains more caffeine than the Arabica beans.

Dark Roast K Cup Coffee 

For those who like less complex yet rich and charred taste, take a look at these 11 flavours in this list of the best dark roast K Cup coffee that I have tasted.

And, especially the Military Grade USDA dark roast coffee. This coffee has a dark bodied taste with charcoal and dark chocolate flavours. And best thing is it is made from organic beans.

Light Roast K Cup Coffee

Dark roast coffee may not appeal to everyone. Some prefer a sweeter and tangy taste. If you like coffee with a strong scent, check out this list of the best light roast K cup coffee instead.

I like Caribou Daybreak the most for its pure coffee flavour with no bitter aftertaste.

Medium Roast K Cup Coffee

If you want a more balanced flavour, not too sweet and not too rich, try out some of the best medium roast K cup coffee I have tried instead.

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Decaf K Cup Coffee

If you are cutting down on your caffeine, take a look at this list for some of the best decaf K Cup coffee.

My personal favourite is the Twisted Pine Decaf Coffee. This has a tasty vanilla flavour mixed with hazelnut taste.

Half Caff K Cup

If you want to go low on caffeine but not too low, try out the half caff K cups.

Low Acid Coffee K Cups

Some may have lower tolerance towards the acidity in coffee. If you love your caffeine but your stomach is having trouble with it, take a look at this list of low acid coffee K cups.

Organic Coffee K cups

It’s not unusual for pesticides or herbicides to curb any pests or weeds from destroying the coffee. This leaves you wonder how safe is your coffee beans. If you are concerned about the growing process, check out these organic coffee k cups.

My favourite organic K cup is the Newmans Organic K cup for its smooth and strong taste. It comes with a citrus flavor. Moreover, the company donates all its profit to charity. So it’s drinking healthy tasty coffee for a good cause.

Breakfast Blend K Cups

Nothing beats starting the day with a great cup of balanced flavoured K cups. If you like smooth, light and balanced taste profile, take a look at this list of Breakfast Blend K Cups.

French Vanilla K Cups

If you like a creamy vanilla taste, this list has some of the best French Vanilla K-cups.  My personal favourite is the 8 O’Clock French Vanilla. Its taste is the perfect balance between a strong and light roast. And it comes with the caramel hints in your every sip.

Espresso K Cups

Espresso is also available in K cups too. There’s no need to queue or buy the expensive cappuccino at cafes. Check this list to enjoy some of the best Espresso K Cups.

Cappuccino K Cups

If you like cappuccino, here are some cappuccino K cups that I really liked.

Mocha K Cups Latte

If you like mocha, check out these Mocha K Cups.

#2 Best Flavoured Keurig Cups

Hot Chocolate K Cups

If you love the rich cocoa in your mouth, you got to check out this list of best hot chocolate K Cups. They are many different brands listed here. Some are sugar free, some are vegan and some even comes with a strong caffeine boost. 

But my favourite is the Café Escapes Dark Chocolate K-Cups because  the chocolate taste so rich in your mouth

Green Tea K Cups

For green tea lovers, you will like the K cup options available in this curated list of green tea K Cups. These include decaf green tea K cup options.

And if you like a spicy taste, do try out this Stash Tea Chai which contains cinnamon and white cloves.

Hot Apple Cider K Cups 

If you love the taste of Apple Cider, now you can get them in K-cup too. here is the link to the best hot apple cider K Cups I have tried.

And I really like the Green Mountain Hot Apple Cider for its natural taste, without artificial sweeteners.

Chai Tea Latte K Cups 

If you like Indian spices, this listing of Chai Tea Latte K Cups is for you as it brings you the taste of India Spices in convenient K-Pods.

If you want a closer original Chai Latte taste, try this Timothy’s Chai Latte.

Hazelnut K Cups Coffee

Do you like the nuttiness of hazelnut in your coffee? Then you can’t miss these 10 brands of Hazelnut K Cups Coffee!

Cinnamon K Cups Coffee

Spicy and sweet taste in your coffee? If that’s what you like, here’s 7 brands of Cinnamon K Cups that you have to try!

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Other K cup reviews

Keurig Carafe Pods

If you are using a Keurig 2.0 Brewer such as the K575 or K250, you may like the carafe pods in this keurig k-carafe pods review. It also include our favourite reusable Keurig carafe pod filter.

K Cup Variety Pack

There are sometimes too many options in the K-cup ecosystem. If you just started your Keurig journey, try out these variety packs to find out which flavour you like, without buying the entire pack for any flavour. Here is the link to some of the best K Cup variety pack.

Compostable K Cups

These little plastic cups can really stack up against the environment, considering how popular they are. If you want to help the environment, consider these compostable K cups.

6 Factors to NOTE When choosing Best K-Cups Pods

If you look at K-Cups, there is something about them that makes them elegant. They’re small and yet packed with so much flavor in each and every cup! After we finish today, you will be ready to head out to the store and purchase the correct K-Cups with ease and confidence of which one is the correct one for you:) Here are some things to consider.

1. The Description

One thing that you have to make sure of is the description of the coffee that is inside of the K-Cups. In other words, are you wanting the medium roast taste or the heavy toasty flavor in the cup because all of them are very different and it depends on the taste that you are aiming for. So make sure that you don’t just pick up a box of K-Cups and think that all of them are going to taste the same because they are not. Everyone of them have a different flavor and comes out with a smooth taste or the bitter more stronger taste.

2. The Price

The product is different but so is the price. All of the prices vary depending on which type you are purchasing. For example, you can purchase the San Francisco K- Cups- 80 count for $28.00 but then you can purchase the same 80 count for a different name brand like, The Organic Coffee for $35.00. So you definitely want to consider the price and the amount you are wanting to spend continually for your K-Cups.

3. The Coffee Beans and where did they originate from.

Some coffee is 100% Arabica, while others are Columbia. They even go as far as some being from Italy and even Africa, so you definitely want to know which brand you are choosing and where does it originally come from. Many people did not know this information nor did they consider this as being an option, but there are options out there and it’s good to know that you do not have to settle for just one type.

4. Which works best for your Keurig.

Now this is very important because not all Keurig machines are the same. Yes, you would think that they would be but they are not. Therefore, you have to make sure to read on the Keurig and know what kind of K-Cups are acceptable. I will tell you this, it is not going to be a hard task because most of the K-Cups have been designed to fit almost all of the Keurigs and it was set up that way to make it easier for the consumer.

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5. The Quantity

The quantity will always depend on how much coffee you drink everyday and how much are you willing to run back and forth to the store. A lot of people chooses the larger quantity because if you are like me, and you have to have your coffee every single day, then having a larger quantity works better for you. In doing so, you don’t have to worry too much about running out of K-Cups versus having a small quantity and having to go back to the store every other week for more or ordering it online. However, the sizes does vary. You can purchase a 32 count, 36 count, 40 count, 48 count, 60 count, 72 count, 80 count, 100 count, and a 120 count. So there are many quantity of sizes to choose from and don’t forget to check out the prices as well.

6. The Brand

Here are a few different brands that are now available to you when choosing the best K-Cups to purchase. Some of your favorite name brands have went to making the K-Cups available for their long-time consumers. Some of those are, Gevalia, Maxwell House, 7- Eleven, Starbucks, Folgers, Newman’s Own, and those are just to name a few. Would you believe that none of these have the same exact taste? You could do a blind fold taste and see that all of these different brands are all unique in their own way with flavors that are more different than you could ever imagine. But these are definitely the names that you have heard about and all of them have the options of using the K-Cups!

Why are there so many different K-Cups?

Now, you may be asking, why are there so many different types of K-Cups? But we have to remember that there are a lot of different types of coffee brands in the world and each one of them wanted to give you the convenience of still drinking the coffee that you love but at the same time, keeping up with the times, where you can purchase a K-Cup and not have to drink it the original way that has been around for years. The K-Cups are now the most elegant and brilliant way to make a cup of coffee and it is continuing to grow everyday and I do not see it slowing down any time soon.

There are going to be more ways and more choices to purchase the K-Cups as we progress, however we will continue to keep you up to date on as the K-Cups evolve.

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Which Keurig K-Cup Coffee should I buy?

In conclusion, you now have a more clearer understanding of the K-Cups and what to look for when you are purchasing the best one that fits you. Now, if someone was to ask you how to pick the correct one for themselves, you will be able to guide them on how to purchase the correct Keurig K-Cups and you will also be able to give them all of the information to consider when purchasing the best ones. So Congratulations! You are now a teacher of the Keurig K-Cups that has changed our way of drinking coffee at its finest:) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to