Best Green Tea K Cups for Keurig [8 Brands NOT to be MISSED!]

Best Green Tea K CupsLife is so much better with the K-cup pods for Keurig. It has changed the way that we drink our coffee and even tea! Now you may wondering, which K Cups should I choose because there seems to be so many to choose from these days? I’m glad you asked, because I have the answer just for you. 🙂 Today, I am going to give you a short review of 8 different K cup products that you can choose from and you will be glad you did. So sit back and let’s explore the new buzz that’s going around called green tea K Cups for Keurig coffee makers.



Top 8 Best Green Tea K Cups

#1 The Bigelow Green Tea K Cups

Bigelow Green Tea K-Cup
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Many people seem to gravitate to this particular one because it has been around since 1945 with this family owned blending tea company who only uses the finest ingredients, this should become a favorite in your household. The hand-picked tea comes from high elevation gardens which causes it to have a fulfilling toasty taste with a perfect delicate touch. They even have a K Cup called English Breakfast and it is made mainly for the morning time when you are enjoying breakfast. It contains no caffeine and gives off a robust taste that is just right for those morning pick-me-ups.


#2 Celestial DECAF Green Tea K Cups

Celestial Seasonings DECAF Green Tea K-Cup

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The name in itself tells us a lot about this particular decaf green tea K Cup. The word celestial has always been associated with outer space, and heavenly places and this is exactly what this green tea seems to bring to everyone that indulges in it. Simply put, it is out of this world like outer space and the taste is so heavenly. It brings a sense of tranquility and calmness to your body. The taste in itself is very smooth without any harsh taste and no caffeine at all so you can enjoy it as much as you like. If you are into decaffeinated tea, you have to try this K cup decaf green tea.

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#3  Twinings Green Tea K Cups

Twinings Green Tea Keurig K-Cups
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Twinings is known for the smoothness and mildness which causes a unique taste from this scrumptious tea. This is one of our customer’s favorite because it seems to sell out a lot because the taste is very light and soothing and the brewing occurs inside the K Cup so there is no after taste. These guys thought about everything just for you! So if you want to try out a tea that it is absolutely perfect, then the Twinings Green Tea is right for you.



#4 Tazo Zen Green Tea K Cups

Tazo Zen Green Tea Keurig K-Cups
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Tazo Zen is another favorite to many because they use pan fired green teas from China. They literally take their time into creating this perfect green tea, This tea has lemon verbana leaves which causes it to have a very different and yet exciting taste, but of course, when you think of lemons, they have a very citrus and sour taste of their own. Tazo Zen is made in China and it is made to perfection in every drop.


#5 Cha4tea Green Tea K Cups

Cha4TEA 36-Count Green Tea K Cups for Keurig

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Now this particular tea is the people’s choice because it uses 100% natural tea leaves and you can tell that by trying a cup. It has a smooth herbal taste, and the best part is that it’s high in antioxidants which is always a big plus! It has 36 single servings and it’s manufactured in the United States of America.


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#6 Lipton Green Tea K-Cup

Lipton Green Tea K Cups
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This is the green tea that a lot of people have grown up with and grown to trust and depend on. It has a calming and relaxing taste which causes one to be very much at ease and peaceful with everyone. But the best part of our Lipton Green Tea is that it is now certified by Rain- Forest Alliance which is a group join together to improve the social environmental conditions of those who pick all of the leaves. By doing this, it is letting the world know that they are here to better serve their community and better the lives of many people. Lipton is not only one that makes tea but they are doing a great job helping others in their time of need. You can never go wrong by choosing Lipton.

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#7 Tea’s Tea Green Tea Plus Matcha K Cups

Teas' Tea Green Tea Plus Matcha Single Serve Cups
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If your health is something you are desiring to continue to improve, then this is the right green tea for you. Not only is it high in antioxidants but it is also full of Vitamin C. So there is a great amount of important health benefits that you can receive from this wonderful green tea that’s called Tea’s Tea. This tea has been loved and cherished by the Japanese for many, many years and they are still excited about this wonderful tasting green tea made especially for you.


#8 Stash Tea Chai Green Single Cup

Stash Tea Chai Green Single-Cup Tea for Keurig K-Cup Brewers - uses organic ingredients
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This Chinese Green tea added a little different flavor to it by adding organic ingredients like cinnamon and whole cloves. the taste seems to be very stimulating and you will definitely want to try this one to enhance your thinking and cause you to feel so energized on the inside. This is the one premium quality tea that gives you a spicy taste that goes wonderful with milk and sugar. Yes, if you love to dare to be different, than you need to add this particular tea to your collection. In addition, it is certified Kosher.


Should I buy Keurig Green Tea pods over Coffee ones?


Many people seem to always want to know if green tea is better for you than coffee, and the answer to that is Most Definitely YES! A lot of times, we tend to see more people drink coffee than they do green tea but if you study the origin of them both, green tea was actually here way before coffee was, and it was discovered by the Emperor in China in 2737 BC. He was boiling water and he was literally under a tree and some of the leaves fell into the water and realized that it tasted wonderful. Coffee came after that. Green tea does not leave you with the jitters like coffee and green tea is just overall better for you. So the next time you feel like reaching for that cup of java, you may want to reconsider and grab a K cup of green tea instead. With so many green tea k cups choices, there’s bound to be one that you fall completely in love with:)

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