Best French Vanilla K Cups : The Flavours That We Love

Best French Vanilla K CupsWe all know the feeling of partying a little too hard over the weekend and then having to deal with the consequences on Monday morning. It’s 7 AM and you’re hitting the snooze button while staring at the ceiling. A nice cup of French Vanilla coffee could definitely help. One of the easiest ways of making that mug is the morning is by using French Vanilla K Cups.

It’s much less hassle in the morning to pop a K Cup in a Keurig rather than the traditional way of brewing a whole pot of coffee. It has taken away all the work that used to exist while making coffee. But, there’s still one question. How do I choose the best French Vanilla K Cup? That question is what I’m going to answer in this article. And by the end, you’ll have some more information so you can make the best decision for you.

Tips about Getting the Best French Vanilla K Cups

French Vanilla is a flavor that is meant to be savored. Sipped slow and enjoyed every step along the way, so you can wake yourself up easily and without issue.

The different blends and roasts play a huge role in how every single brand of coffee tastes. The aroma, acidity and body of the coffee are all affected by its blend and the type of roasting it has gone through. The taste can vary to all kinds of extremities. And the way the coffee is created will make the determination.

Most brands of French Vanilla taste similar. But there are still some differences amongst the brands. These differences for some people can be a dream maker, while for others it’ll be a deal breaker.

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The best way to figure out which brand you like best would be to experience it for yourself but in the meantime, I’m going to give you my opinion on a few of the French Vanilla K Cups that I have tried.

Best French Vanilla K Cups

Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla K Cup

Dunkin' Donuts Medium Flavored French Vanilla Coffee K Cups

Dunkin’ Donuts Medium Flavored French Vanilla Coffee K Cups

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The Dunkin Donut French Vanilla K Cup is one of the fan favorites among customers. It’s a medium roast and the taste pretty smooth. Sweet and creamy are the first things that come to mind, especially when you add a little extra cream into this coffee. The flavor is also decently good.

The coffee beans are high quality because they’re 100% premium Arabican and the drink is caffeinated. On amazon, there is a 60 pack available that contain 6 boxes of 10 K Cup pods. The K Cups are compatible with all the different types of Keurig brewers.


Victor Allen French Vanilla

Victor Allen French Vanilla for K-Cup

Victor Allen French Vanilla for K-Cup

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Victor Allen is a company that takes their coffee very seriously. Their coffee is completely Kosher, gluten free and don’t contain any GMO’s. This is a brand that would be great for those looking for something organic.

All of their coffee is blended and roasted in the United States. The taste is a little strong but other than that, it tastes exactly like it says it will.

The price is relatively cheap and 80 pods come in a pack. The medium roast combined with the touch of sweetness might just bring you what you’re looking for inside of a French Vanilla K Cup.


Solimo French Vanilla

Solimo Light Roast French Vanilla Flavored Coffee PodsCheck It Out

Solimo is a bit different from all the previous types of French Vanilla K Cups. As opposed to some of the competitors that bring more powerful tasting coffee, they bring a light roast to the table which really compliments the creamy vanilla flavor it possesses.

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This is the type of coffee I personally like best because it’s not strong or harsh. They recommend to try out their pods if you enjoy Dunkin Donut’s coffee.

Solimo’s coffee is smooth. So, if you enjoy a rich cup of French Vanilla when you wake up, then maybe you’ll like the delicacy behind this particular brand of coffee.


Green Mountain

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters French Vanilla Keurig K-Cup pods

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters French Vanilla Keurig K-Cup pods

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Green Mountain is another option that is available to people who want their coffee to be light roast. This pack of K cups is on the more expensive side because it brings a higher quality than some of the other brands.

It still contains the delicate taste with rich flavor. But a higher price doesn’t necessarily equate towards a better taste. It’s always a matter of personal preference though, so always try everything and stick to what you like the best. Sometimes, things come to you in a way that you wouldn’t expect.


8′ O’Clock French Vanilla

Eight O'Clock Coffee French Vanilla K-Cup PodsCheck It Out

8 O’Clock is the perfect balance between a strong and light roast. The aspect that sets them apart from the competition the most would be the caramel hints that sneak in every single time you take a sip.

Their coffee is definitely caffeinated, Kosher, and delicious if you are in search for something that seems to sit perfectly in the middle.

 The flavor is amazing and smooth but doesn’t lean towards any particular side. I personally think the caramel makes up for it though. It’ll be great if you find yourself making a S’more Iced Coffee.


SF Bay French Vanilla

SF Bay Coffee French Vanilla Compostable K Cup

SF Bay Coffee French Vanilla Compostable K Cup

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SF Bay is an eco-friendly and family owned company that provides pods made completely out of plant based material.

Their French Vanilla K Cup compatible pod is a medium roast and is designed to be used exactly like K Cups in a Keurig. However, it uses compostable materials in the place of plastic.

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There is a hint of almond flavor in the taste that completes this medium blend. Their use of naturally-based materials make the product a little more expensive than their competitors. But it is worth it in the long run in contributing to helping the Earth.

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Which is the Best French Vanilla K Cup to Buy?

Now, you know the best French vanilla K-cups I have tried. And I hope that this article has helped you come to a better understanding of what coffee you might want to buy. It all comes down to personal preference so go out and explore them all! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to