Best Dark Roast K Cup Coffee [11 Brands NOT to be MISSED]

Best Dark Roast K Cup CoffeeIf you enjoy the flavor of dark roast coffee, then keep reading this post on the best dark roast K Cups you can get in the market.

11 Best Dark Roast K Cup Coffee

When it comes to dark roast coffee, it can be a hit or miss depending on where you get the coffee from. Sometimes a dark coffee isn’t as dark as you might have expected, leaving you with a bad taste. That being said, we will give you a full description of the K-cups we recommend so that you know what you’re getting yourself into.

1.Amazon Fresh Bold Dark Roast

AmazonFresh Bold Dark Roast K Cups

AmazonFresh Bold Dark Roast K Cups

Check It Out

An excellent option for people who are looking to experience a very dark tasting coffee, you can expect the flavors of dark chocolate and blueberries when you drink this K-cup. Even though this coffee is an Amazon brand, it still provides you with a high-quality drink.

This K-cup is a fantastic option if you’re looking to save some money and enjoy a great dark coffee. This coffee is also made from 100% Arabica beans, making it a fantastic choice for people who don’t like the flavor of robusta beans.

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2.Military Grade Organic Dark Roast K cup

Military Grade USDA Organic Dark Roast Coffee K Cups

Military Grade USDA Organic Dark Roast Coffee K Cups

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If you enjoy flavors of charcoal and dark chocolate, then this coffee is for you. The military-grade K-Cup is a full-bodied dark roast coffee, which provides you with amazing flavors. Many coffee drinkers suggest that this coffee is by far the best dark roast K-cup in the market, but that is up to the consumer.

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Even though it is a little bit more expensive, it makes up for its price through organic beans. If you’re particularly health-conscious and want to get organic beans, then this K-cup will be a fantastic option for you.

3.8 Mile Baseline Coffee

8 Mile Baseline Coffee - Detroit Bold Deep Dark Roast K CupCheck It Out

Besides the very cool name, this coffee provides you with a fantastic tasting beverage. The great thing about this coffee would be that it is extremely high in caffeine. As most of you might know, dark roast coffees are not known to have a high content of caffeine.

The 8 Mile baseline coffee an exception. You can expect to get a great start to your morning if you drink this coffee. What flavors you can expect from this coffee would be a smoky flavor with combinations of berries. It is a unique flavor that you have to experience, overall a great coffee if you enjoy dark roast, and you want more jolt out of your coffee.

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4.Starbucks Dark Roast K Cup

Starbucks French Roast Flavored Dark Roast Coffee K Cups

Starbucks French Roast Flavored Dark Roast Coffee K Cups

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The most popular dark roast coffee in the market. When you think about dark roast coffee, you think about French roast. However, we particularly recommend you try out the Starbucks French roast k-cup if you haven’t already.

The great thing about the Starbucks French roast would be the flavors it produces; you can expect a chocolate flavor with a hint of charcoal and some blueberries. A unique flavor Starbucks French roast has been in the market for a long time now and has not disappointed people who enjoy an excellent dark coffee.

5.McCafe Bold French Dark Roast Coffee K Cup

McCafe Bold French Roast Keurig K Cup Coffee PodsCheck It Out

Yet another fantastic option if you’re looking to enjoy a dark roast coffee, McDonald’s came out with their latest bold coffee, which is a dark roast.

The flavors you can expect from this coffee would be similar to a regular McDonald’s coffee, which would be chocolate flavor mixed with berries. But except a little bit darker, if you already enjoy McDonald’s coffee, but you would like it to be darker, then we recommend you check out the McCafe bold.

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6.Wild Jo Organic Dark Roast K Cup

WILD JO Organic Dark French Roast K Cup CoffeeCheck It Out

If you want to experience a fresh-tasting coffee, but you still want the dark flavors, then this K-cup is for you. The flavors you can expect from this coffee would be similar to Sumatra, but even more dismal.

What makes his coffee even better is that it is organic and fair-trade, which would mean that you can feel good about every cup you consume. The best way to describe the flavor of this coffee would be a mixture of French roast, accompanied by Sumatra. A great option, if you would like to enjoy a well-balanced dark roast.

7. Java Roast Keurig

Java Roast French Roast Keurig K-Cup PodsCheck It Out

Let’s face it, who knows how to make a fantastic flavored K-cup coffee than the creator of Keurig itself. The java roast Keurig is a French roast coffee.

The flavors you can expect from those K-cup who would be similar to any French roast coffee you can get in the market. However, what makes it such a good K-Cup, would be the way it brews. You can expect a K-Cup to brew you a full-bodied coffee, without expecting it to be watered down. Just an overall flavor of awesomeness without breaking the bank.

8.Market District Coffee Pods

Market District Sumatra Dark Roast K Cup Coffee PodsCheck It Out

Yet another excellent k-cup for your dark roast needs, what makes this k-cup so good would be the unique flavor can expect the flavor of cocoa mixed with smoky flavors. All those flavors are very similar to a French roast, yet it is different at the same time.

The subtle difference in the character can make a huge difference for most people; if you have been looking for a more cocoa-flavored french roast, then we recommend you try out this one. A fantastic option for people who are looking to get more freshness and cocoa out of their dark roast.

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Which is the Best Dark Roast Coffee K Cup?

After you’re done reading this article, you will have a clear idea of which dark roast coffee you should be getting. Everybody’s flavor is different, and finding the right K-Cup can be an expensive hobby. We have done all the legwork for you, and you should have no problem picking up the proper coffee based on the description.

As always, we recommend you read the description very carefully and find the flavors you have been looking to achieve. Most of the time, consumers find it hard to taste the characteristics of different coffee. The best way to experience the flavors would be to let the coffee sit in your palate and experience what the coffee gives you.

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