7 Strongest K Cup Coffee ( with Most Caffeine )

Strongest K Cup CoffeeCoffee is the second most traded commodity in the world. Everyday billions of cups are being consumed. There is no denying that everyone loves a good cup of joe. In this article, I will provide you with some of the strongest K cup coffee I have tried.

Strongest K Cup Coffee

1.Death wish – K Cup with Most Caffeine

Death Wish - Strongest K Cup Coffee

Death Wish – Strongest K Cup Coffee

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The name should say it all, and the death wish k-cup is the strongest keurig coffee cups you can get today.

Made from robusta beans, instead of Arabica beans, you can expect a bolder and stronger coffee overall. Robusta beans tend to have double the content of caffeine, making it a great pick me up for the days you are not feeling up to the task. The flavors you will get are closer to a medium/dark roast, great nutty flavor.

2. One cup joe

Voodoo Double Caffeinated Keurig Cups

Voodoo Double

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Another excellent option for you, this coffee provides you with double the punch.

Made for people who enjoy more caffeine in their morning cup, you can expect the flavor to be twice as strong.

Even though most people are not a fan of the flavor, we can suggest that the brew you will be getting shall provide you with a considerable boost of extra caffeine. You can expect the flavor to remind you of your local diner coffee, nothing more to talk about.

3. Van Houtte

Van Houtte Colombian Medium Roast - get extra bold K-Cup for extra caffeine

Van Houtte Colombian Medium Roast – get extra bold K-Cup for extra caffeine

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It’s safe to say that Van Houtte is underrated, perhaps the most full-bodied k-cup coffee.

From this k-cup expect to get a walnut flavor mixed with chocolate, it is a beautiful mixture once you try it you will fall in love with it. Besides the fantastic taste, this coffee will provide you with a tremendous punch of caffeine.

Van Houtte has been known to be generous with the amount of coffee grounds they put in their k-cups, best assured you will be getting more caffeine than any of their competitors providing you with a strong cup. If you are looking for high caffeine K cups, this one is not to be missed.

4. Starbucks Blonde roast

Starbucks Veranda Blend Blonde Roast - High caffeine K-Cup

Starbucks Veranda Blend Blonde Roast – High caffeine K-Cup

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Many people still live under the misconception of darker coffee beans contain more caffeine. It is the complete opposite. If your goal is to get more caffeine out of your coffee, then you should be looking for the medium to light roast blends.

One great example would be the Starbucks blonde roast as it provides you with the most caffeine content you can get from any Starbucks Blend. If you enjoy coffee from the Starbucks brand, then you will definitely like the blonde roast as it is a full-bodied beverage just toned down in the flavors.

The flavor you can expect from the Starbucks blonde roast would be more syrupy with a hint of pecan. If that sounds good to you then we highly recommend you pick up a bag of Starbucks blonde roast K-Cups. You can also expect to get a lot more caffeine since it is lightly roast and most of the caffeine stayed inside the grounds.

5. Marley coffee

Marley Coffee Single Serve CapsulesCheck It Out

Marley Coffee has been known to provide you with a fantastic flavored beverage. If you’re in the market for a stronger coffee, then we would highly recommend you look at the Marley coffee’s light roast blend.

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This k-cup contains a lot of caffeine and can provide you with a fantastic pick me up, especially if you require more caffeine.

The flavors you can expect from this coffee would be similar to the Starbucks blonde roast, expected to be more syrupy with some nuts. On top of that, you can expect it to be denser.

Marley Coffee has been known to produce a highly caffeinated coffee for consumers. When you start consuming the lighter roast, then you are assured that the coffee you will be getting would be a solid one.

6. Green mountain Breakfast blend

Starbucks Veranda Blend Blonde Roast - High caffeine K-Cup

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The Green Mountain breakfast blend is a light roast coffee that provides you with a fantastic punch.

What you can expect from this k-cup would be an exotic flavor of freshness, similar to a Sumatra coffee. You can expect it to be completely different than any of the light roasts you have ever tasted, it is different, and it tastes incredible.

Make sure that you try your Green Mountain breakfast blend as soon as possible, and you will fall in love with the coffee. Besides the flavor, you can also expect to get more caffeine than your regular k-cup. Another great pick me up!

7. Jack Hammer

Jackhammer Sumatra - Strong Dark Roast K CupsCheck It Out

Even though we have said that lighter roasts tend to contain more caffeine, but this one is an exception. Origins are from the Sumatra beans and roasted into a dark roast. This is perhaps one of the most robust coffees you can get on the market.

It is a single-origin coffee, which makes it so much better as a consumer. The flavors you can expect from the Jackhammer would be chocolate mixed with syrup, fantastic for people who enjoy Sumatra coffee.

What makes does coffee strong are two things.

The first thing would be that Indonesian coffee has been known to contain a lot more caffeine than any other.

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The second thing that makes it a strong beverage would be the content of coffee grounds. If you have a look at the k-cup carefully, you will see that the k-cup is surprisingly more substantial than most on the market, therefore, providing you with a stronger brewed coffee.

If you want the most caffeinated K Cups, but you still want to enjoy a more significant flavor, then it is recommended that you try out the Jackhammer coffee.

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Tips to Picking Strong K Cup Coffee

If you ever want to pick up stronger coffee, always look for the lighter roast as that provides you with the most caffeine.

However, make sure that you don’t neglect the dark roast as well since they can be a very valuable option.

Finally, if you want to take your coffee needs to the next level, buy robusta beans as they contain twice the caffeine when compared to arabica.

Which of these High Caffeine K Cup is the Best?

Everyone’s taste is different. But if you ask me for my favourite amongst these 7. It will definitely be the Death Wish, both for the taste and caffeine content.

Regardless, this list contains some of the world’s strongest K Cup coffee you can get. Make sure you test it out for yourself, and enjoy your beverage for the extra caffeine boost!


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