How Do K Cups Work?

How Do K Cups Work

The Rise of Single Use K Cups

A National Coffee Association Survey conducted in 2018 showed that 41% of coffee lovers in US owned a single cup coffee brewing machine. Out of the sales made by the single cup coffee products, Keurig’s K cups had the largest share. The whopping sales of K cups, since they were introduced by Keurig for home market in 2004, has inspired many more players to enter the single cup coffee segment. That is good news for customers because it gives them that many more choices and prize ranges to choose from.

The survey also showed that single cup coffee products are among the fastest growing private labeled food and beverage category products.

Today you can buy K cups from every supermarket or every online grocery store. The fact that it has replaced the traditional coffee drinking habit for 41% of the US coffee drinkers, in spite of being slightly more expensive than the regular coffee, speaks volumes about its popularity.

Reasons for K Cup Popularity

If we were to analyze the reasons for the popularity of K cups, the number one reason is its convenience. The fact that you place this pod inside a machine and you get your favorite flavored coffee in your coffee mug makes it an instant hit.

The different flavors available makes it ideal for people from across age groups and taste preferences.

The availability of assorted flavors in a pack even makes it a wonderful gift option for coffee lovers for any occasion.

Availability of tea and chocolate drinks in K cups makes it a hit even among the non coffee lovers in the group.

The fact that k cups can be up cycled and recycled these days, have made it a choice even amongst those who stayed away from it due to the environmental hazards that the single use cups caused.

Hence more number of people are buying the single cup coffee brewing machine these days.

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How Do K Cups Work?

When you hold that well packaged, flavorful, aromatic k cup pod in your hand, you must have wondered how it produces that wonderful cup of coffee. It’s like a genie which grants your wish for a good cup of coffee. Well, we know there is no genie inside. Then, what happens in there?


This is exactly what happens in your single cup Keurig coffee machine:

  • You place the K cup in the designated chamber of the single cup coffee brewing machine.
  • The brewing machine draws water from its water reservoir and heats it up.
  • It then pumps that water into the chamber which holds the K cup.
  • The water fills up in the K cup through a hole made by a needle in the machine.
  • This is when the brewing starts.
  • Another needle in the machine punctures the bottom of the cup.
  • The hot brewed coffee thus makes its way into your coffee mug.


Next time you enjoy your flavorful, well brewed, aromatic coffee shot, you know exactly what happened inside that machine which produced it.

May your coffee be brewed just the way you want!


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