7 Best Half Caff K Cups : Enjoy Coffee At 50% caffeine LESS

Best Half Caff K CupsThanks to affordability and how easy they are to use, Keurig cups are becoming increasingly popular these days. Even if you prefer less caffeine in your coffee you can still enjoy K cups. Below are 7 of the best half caff k cups you can get.

Best Half Caff K Cups : Enjoy Coffee with only 50% caffeine

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Half Caff

Green Mountain Coffee Half Caff K-cups

Green Mountain Coffee Half Caff K-cups

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This half caff cup from Green Mountain Coffee is simple but flavorful. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is a preferred brand by many and it’s understandable why. The coffee company consistently delivers flavorful k cups that are cheap and great to drink and the half caff option by them is no exception.

Although it contains 50 percent less caffeine, it still packs a strong coffee taste that is neither too bitter or sweet. I found the coffee itself also had a nice and smooth texture to it, making it a great drink to relax with watching TV or reading a book.

It really is a coffee that has the perfect balance of flavor. Simple, yet elegant, not too strong but not too weak, Green Mountain’s Half Caff is a perfect choice for those who are looking for a coffee that provides a nice flavor similar to regular coffee.


Fresh Roasted LLC Indian Monsooned Malabar Half Caff

Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC Indian Monsooned Malabar Half Caffeine Coffee Pods

Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC Indian Monsooned Malabar Half Caffeine Coffee Pods

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Fresh Roasted Coffee brings fair-trade and organic brews from all the world, so it’s no surprise that their half caff option is a delight. Every coffee from Fresh Roasted Coffee is ethically sourced and made with natural ingredients, so you can be sure you’re getting a brew that is not only ethical but delicious.

The coffee originates from the mountains of Southern Mysore, India and brings a tasty brew to your home. The half caff is fresh and.bold with a strong yet sweet taste. It has a slight hint of baker’s chocolate, which makes it a sweeter brew.

Plus the k cups are recyclable, making it an eco-friendly option for those who prefer to be environmentally conscious when it comes to their coffee.

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Skinnygirl Half Caff Coffee

Skinnygirl 50% Caffeine coffeeCheck It Out

For those among us who are more health-conscious, finding k cups that are not only half caff but also healthy is a difficult task. Luckily, Skinnygirl is coming to the rescue, with its healthy half caff coffee cups. You might be skeptical that a health-focused brand could offer decent coffee, but you’d be surprised.

Skinnygirl’s half caff not only delivers, but it also managed to actually go above and beyond my expectations. Not only are the k cups low on calories and sugar-free, but they’re also surprisingly tasty.

Plus, they’re free of artificial sweetening, meaning the flavor tastes real. Sweetened with Stevia, the k cups have a strong yet honeyed taste to them. If you’re someone who is looking for a lighter k cup option that is still tasty and natural, pick Skinnygirl.


Folgers Half Caff Coffee

Folgers Half Caff Coffee K Cups

Folgers Half Caff Coffee K Cups

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Folgers is a brand you see everywhere, whether it’s at the office or your local gas station. Despite its simple flavor offerings and basic branding, Folgers has always managed to deliver a good cup of coffee that can be made quickly.

In fact, it’s the very simplicity of Folgers that makes the coffee brand so successful and what makes their half caff coffee a good choice. Their half caff coffee is the perfect pick for those who are craving the taste of coffee but not caffeine. The half caff k cup by them offers a simple yet tasty flavor that isn’t burdened by pretentious flavors or unnecessary ingredients.

The strong coffee flavor is delicious and thankfully comes with zero bitterness. For those who like to keep things basic and simple, Folgers is by far the one of the best half caff k cups around.


Maud’s Half Caff Coffee

Maud's Half Caffeine K Cups Coffee

Maud’s Half Caffeine K Cups Coffee

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Made with 100 percent Arabica coffee beans, Maud’s half caff coffee is a delight for coffee enthusiasts. The coffee is quality controlled and packs a strong punch to it, with a strong yet bitter free flavor.

They have a variety of half caff flavors, each of which has been named something cute and catchy like “Apple of My Eye Cider” and “Maud’s in The House Blend.” The eye-catching titles are sure to make each brew an unforgettable experience and luckily the coffee itself is memorable too.

And because they’re half caff, you can try all the flavors at once without feeling over-caffeinated. Each flavor has a nice strong taste to it, but the “Tall, Dark, and Handsome” option is arguably the best one as it delivers a dark and strong brew that will satisfy any coffee snob around the house. Like Fresh Roasted Coffee, they are also one of the best half caff k cups for those who are eco-friendly, as their k cups are 100 percent recyclable.

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World’s Best Half Caff

World's Best Half Caff

World’s Best Half Caff

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With a rather ambitious title like that, this k cup has a lot to live up to. The good news is that this brand surprisingly does seem worthy of its name, as the k cups by the brand offer a strong taste and hint of sweetness to their brews.

As every coffee by the brand is home-brewed, you can expect the coffee to have a fresh taste to it. Additionally, it is offered in three flavors: Hazlenut, Dark Roast, and Caramel. Though each packs a uniquely fresh taste, caramel is considered by many the best of the bunch as the rich flavor works rather well with the strong coffee.

Still, whichever flavor you pick is sure to be enjoyable. Each coffee flavor has a nice sweet taste to it and a smooth texture. Plus it offers up a great coffee aroma when you make it. It’s sure to make you look forward to getting up in the morning to make a cup of joe-or since it’s half caff, going to bed.

More Half Caff K Cups

Green Mountain Half-caff Hazelnut

Green Mountain Half-caff Hazelnut








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What is Half-Caff coffee?

Half caff coffee is a type of coffee resulting from the mixture of caffeinated coffee beans and decaffeinated coffee beans. Usually, this mixture is a 50:50 ration between both varieties of coffee beans.

Half calf originated due to coffee lover’s search for a brew which contains and offers ideas, substance, and wonderful drinking experience. As you sip a cup of half-caff you will be introduced to a whole new world of the drinking experience.

Sweet and savory, or a chocolatey and caramel taste which your mouth will long for, these are some of the complex flavors that a half-caff coffee offers.

Half Caff or Decaf?

Choosing between half-caff and decaf is mostly up to your preference. That is to say, decaffeinated coffee is good if you want to drink coffee that offers a drinking experience without that slap of caffeine on the tongue. Also, it is good if you love coffee but is wary of the dangers brought by too much caffeine in the body.

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Half caff, on the other hand, is good for those who love to have caffeine in their coffee but is deciding to decrease their intake of it. A coffee purist who wants to tone down on caffeine will see half-caff as his salvation.

Benefits of Drinking Half Caffeine Coffee

The following are some pros of half-caff:

Tastes good as regular coffee but half the caffeine

A cup of half-caff will be as aromatic and as tasty similar to a regular coffee. A survey conducted on most coffee enthusiasts offered results that tell that when drinking half-caff and regular coffee, most of them can’t tell the difference at all. The complex flavors that regular coffee brings will be the same as the ones that a half-caff coffee has.

Help keep caffeine in check

Too much caffeine has been proven to cause various health complications such as heart palpitations, insomnia, anxiety, etc. Doctor’s often advised patients suffering from these to keep their caffeine intake in check. To do this, most switch to decaffeinated coffee, however, they find that the taste is a whole lot different. Half caff coffee is great for those who want to decrease caffeine running in their system without compromising their usual drinking experience. It may have half the caffeine but twice the flavor.

Good before going to sleep

Some people can’t just go to sleep without drinking coffee right. However , drinking a cup of coffee with full caffeine content may keep them awake all night. One way to solve this is to switch drinking half-caff before going to bed. By doing this one can enjoy tasty coffee without suffering from sleeping difficulties.


Which is the Best Half Caffeine K cups?

Each of these brands is definitely worth checking out, as each offers something unique. All of these brands offers half caff K-cups that are bold and rich in flavor. Plus, many of them offer roasts from all over the world and offer coffees that are organically sourced. Regardless, whichever half caff k cup you end up choosing, you are sure to enjoy it, whether it’s in the morning or at night.


















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