Best Breakfast Blend K Cups : Get the Right One to Start the Day!

    Best Breakfast Blend K CupsA nice cup of coffee can really give you the energy to start the day. In this post, we’ll share on the best Breakfast Blend K Cups which is amongst our list of favorites.

    Four Tips To Choosing The Best Breakfast Blend K Cups

    Breakfast blend coffee varies by producer, but typically offers a bright, fruity flavor that wakes up the taste buds and a smooth finish. The problem is that the definition of a breakfast blend coffee varies quite a bit from one producer to another.

    There are also some misconceptions about what a breakfast blend should be. Some consumers feel that breakfast blends have a lower acidity and are more gentle on the stomach in the morning. Some consumers feel that breakfast blends have more/less caffeine. Neither of these statements are particularly true.

    It turns out that it is not that easy to come up with one definitive standard for breakfast blend coffees. A simple search of the internet will yield a number of contrasting opinions on what it should be. Instead of focusing on a standard definition, learn your way around the terms often used describe coffee in order to decipher the descriptions provided for each brand or blend.

    1 Acidity of Breakfast Blend Coffees

    When referring to coffee, acidity refers to the bite of that particular blend. Highly acidic coffee has a pleasant tartness to it that will be noticed first. It has nothing to do with pH level. Coffee is a naturally acidic beverage and altering that pH usually results in a flat tasting beverage similar to a flat can of soda. A good breakfast blend coffee will be described as ‘brightly acidic’, referring to the level of pleasant tartness first noticed when tasting the beverage.

    2 Common Roasts for Breakfast Blend Coffees

    The ‘roast’ of a coffee refers to how long the coffee beans were roasted. Lighter roasts tend to be lighter in color and milder in body. As the roast gets darker, the body becomes fuller and the taste profile changes from nutty to chocolatey. Research shows that most consumers prefer a light-to-medium roast with a smooth, balanced flavor profile for breakfast blend coffees.

    3 Flavor Profiles for Breakfast Blend Coffees

    Breakfast blends tend to be on the light and smooth side of coffee blends. By association, breakfast blends naturally have a more nutty or sometimes fruity flavor profiles.

    For consumers who enjoy a nice cup of New England style coffee which is light, fragrant and fruity and sometimes more similar to tea; breakfast blends offer a great compromise.

    4 Environmentally-Friendly Packaging

    Besides taste, what else is important to consumers when choosing a coffee? When it comes to Keurig style brewers, consumers get a lot of flak for single use plastics.

    If eco-friendly options are important, there are a few roasteries who have taken the steps to create biodegradable packaging which is compatible with Kuerig brewers.

    Best Breakfast Blend K Cups

    It is challenging and overwhelming to choose a new coffee blend, especially without being able to taste it. Everyone has different taste preferences. Some prefer a light, mild-flavored coffee and others prefer a dark, full-bodied, deeply flavored coffee.

    SF Bay Coffee Breakfast Blend

    SF Bay Coffee Breakfast Blend K Cups

    SF Bay Coffee Breakfast Blend K Cups

    Check It Out

    SF Bay Coffee provides a medium roast breakfast blend with a smooth finish. SF Bay Coffee uses a combination of central and south American beans to make a lightly balanced, yet satisfying cup of coffee to look forward to in the morning.

    This coffee is loved by consumers for being a cost-effective, yet quality coffee with eco-friendly packaging. Critics of the SF Bay Coffee Breakfast Blend find it to be on the lighter side of a typical medium roast.

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    The Organic Coffee Co. Breakfast Blend

    Organic Coffee Co Breakfast Blend K Cup

    Organic Coffee Co Breakfast Blend K Cup

    Check It Out

    The Organic Coffee Co. offers an affordable, organic and eco-friendly breakfast blend option in a K-cup format. The Breakfast Blend is a smooth, lightly flavored coffee balanced with a medium body.

    Many consumers find The Organic Coffee Co to be similar to SF Bay Coffee in terms of quality and absolutely love the biodegradable packaging and pesticide-free, organic certified coffee products.

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    Community Coffee Breakfast Blend

    Community Coffee Breakfast Blend Single Serve PodsCheck It Out

    Community Coffee has created a medium roast breakfast blend with a sweet, nutty taste. It is a full body coffee with notes of chocolate and citrus.

    For coffee lovers who find many breakfast blends to be too light or lack flavor, Community Coffee offers a full-bodied alternative. Similar to other breakfast blends, this is a smooth coffee, set apart by notes of honey and hazelnut.

    Critics of Community Coffee all agree that this blend was too weak for their taste. Given that breakfast blends all tend to be very smooth blends which lack robust flavors, keep in mind that these reviewers simply may not like breakfast blends.

    Brooklyn Bean Roastery Breakfast Blend Decaf

    Brooklyn Beans Breakfast Blend Decaf K Cup Pods

    Brooklyn Beans Breakfast Blend Decaf K Cup Pods

    Check It Out

    Brooklyn Bean Roastery garners attention with really neat branding, but it is definitely on the lower end of breakfast blend options. It has a light flavor, considerably lighter than other brands. For consumers who like a smooth, mild cup of coffee in the morning will be delighted.

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    Cozy Up Breakfast Blend

    CozyUp Breakfast Blend Medium Roast Coffee Pods for Keurig BrewersCheck It Out

    Cozy Up advertises a medium roast coffee with a bold taste not usually found in breakfast blends. The price is great for a value cup of coffee.

    More BreakFast Blend K Cup Brands:

    McCafe Breakfast Blend K Cup

    McCafe Breakfast Blend K Cup

    Green Mountain Breakfast Blend K Cups

    Green Mountain Breakfast Blend K Cups

    Maxwell House Breakfast Blend Keurig K Cup Coffee

    Maxwell Breakfast Blend K Cup

    Folgers Gourmet Selections Morning Cafe Coffee

    Folgers Morning Cafe Coffee








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    Which is the Best Breakfast Blend K Cups?

    Although taste preferences vary by consumer and the definition of a ‘breakfast blend’ coffee varies by producer; one thing seemed consistent. Breakfast Blend coffees are light, smooth and balanced.

    When shopping for a new morning coffee, first decide if a breakfast blend is the right fit for your taste buds.

    Second, know what you like and look for those qualities. Despite popular misconceptions, breakfast blend coffees do not typically offer more/less caffeine or higher/lower pH without being chemically altered.

    For a good quality cup of joe made in a Kuerig home brewer, focus on the quality of the roastery instead of marketing claims.

    We hope you have found the best breakfast blend K cups for yourself.


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