Where to Buy Cheapest K-cups

Where to Buy Cheapest K-cups
Convenience always has a high price, and that is no less true in the case of Keurig K-cups. But, what are you to do if you want to have your coffee and drink it – and not go bankrupt in the process? So, where to buy cheapest K cups?

Pay attention when buying your machine

When buying a Keurig coffee machine directly from the source, you can get 2 boxes of pods at a discount and 2 of them for free. This is a one-time deal, but it is worth exploiting if you are still machineless.

Some other retailers might offer similar deals, so do your research well and add this into consideration when shopping.


Stay away from the brand-name

As always, with the label cometh the high price, so it might be worth it to give your taste buds a challenge and see if they take a liking to something more affordable. Due to the popularity of the system, many manufacturers have come on board trying not to just knock-off the machine itself, but also trying to put their coffee into your cup.

Depending on where you live, you might be able to get a great variety at your local mega-mart, while even said mega-mart might be offering their own store brand pods at a steal. And don’t scoff at the store brand items – quite often they are produced at the same factories as the brand name stuff, but just don’t have all the marketing and pretty packaging to go with it.

DollarTree, the Dollar Store and Aldi stock very affordable cups, so if your taste buds agree with your wallet, problem solved.


Buying K Cups In Bulk

If you live in North America, chances are that you have either a bulk or a wholesale store just a drive away. You will probably need to sign up for a membership, but after that, you are looking at savings galore for the sheer fact that you are not paying classic retail prices.

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Added bonus? When you make that trip, stock up on all other pantry and cupboard items for general savings on your groceries and small home necessities.

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Join a club

See if there is a coffee lovers club or something similar in your area and if there are any perks to joining it. Some specialty “appreciation” clubs sometimes have access to the things they are appreciating at a better price.


Coupons, coupons, coupons

Spend a few moments of your time each week to check out what’s on offer in your local stores and what can you find coupons for. Not saying that you have to get into extreme couponing, but a couple of minutes can translate in big savings in the long run.

If you are a little lazy and prefer to shop online anyway, apps like Cently or Honey (when applicable) can find any available coupons and automatically stack them for you. Some apps might only give you a cashback, but that can translate to couple of free boxes of pods in the course of the year.


And the glorious reusable K cup

There are multiple benefits to purchasing reusable K Cups. The upright cost is small, you have full control over what goes into your cup, the said cup costs you now mere cents per serving, and to top it all off, you are creating less waste and saving the oceans.


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