Are K Cups Recyclable?

Are K Cups Recyclable?Ever wonder about the environmental impact of your favorite Keurig or pod based coffee maker? While they make delicious coffee, the plastic cups start to pile up quickly over time. This only contributes to plastic waste in landfills across the world. The responsible thing to do is to dispose of the plastic correctly. But are K Cups recyclable? The answer depends mostly on how clean the K Cup pod is.

Why Wouldn’t the K Cup be Recyclable?

Almost no recycling plants in the world have an effective way of processing anything with food waste. This is why things like pizza boxes are not recyclable, though it’s made of easy to process cardboard. The grease from the pizza soaks the cardboard and can not be removed effectively.

That begs the question, are K cups recyclable?

K cups are still full of coffee when you’re done brewing. That would be considered as food waste. In this state, it is not recyclable. However, this is not a problem, because with simple and quick cleaning, the K Cup can reach a recyclable state.


How To Clean a K Cup for Recycling

To clean your K Cups for recycling, you must first wait about an hour after brewing to allow the K Cup to cool. If you handle the pod sooner, you may burn yourself on the hot contents within.

After sufficient time cooling, carefully remove the plastic on the top of the pod. The plastic on the top of the cup is not recyclable and can be discarded in the trash.

Empty the coffee grounds into the trash, or compost bin if you have one. Make sure you remove as much of the grounds as possible before rinsing the pod. This ensure the coffee grounds will not clog up your plumbing. Make sure the pod is thoroughly rinsed with no grounds inside.

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The cleaned plastic pod is now ready to be recycled, but where and how?


Where to dispose of the K Cups for Recycling

Most cities have a recycling service available that will readily accept the K cups if they are cleaned properly. Curbside recycling services in large cities also accept cleaned K Cups.

Alternatively, you can find facilities that allow drop off for no charge if no such service is available. Contact your local waste management for the best way to recycle your pods if you’re not near a recycling facility.


Are K Cups recyclable?

The answer is a resounding yes. With a little cleaning and some research you can properly clean and dispose of your K cups and help the environment out in the process.

While most people wonder are K cups recyclable, you’ve taken the initiative to find out. Next time you enjoy your K cup, feel good knowing you’re now contributing to making the world a better place, one cup at a time.

Please share this article with your friends and family to spread awareness of how to recycle the K Cups in order to reduce plastic waste in your community.

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