Do K Cups Expire?

Do K Cups expireDo K Cups expire? Do K Cups go bad? These are common questions from new Keurig users.

As with most things you can pick up at your local supermarket it can get a little bit confusing how much time do you exactly have to enjoy your brew. Obviously, these little guys can come at a pretty hefty cost, so it would be a shame for them to go to waste, right?

Sell-by date : Do K Cups Expire?

Ok, always, always, always ignore this one, at least when it comes to the topic of the freshness of the product. It is more or less invented for supermarkets so they know when to sell the item at the latest so you can enjoy full “peak freshness” in your home afterward. The only time to pay attention to it is if the store offers great discounts for items that have passed this date, outside of it, it means almost nothing, especially for something that is a pantry or a tabletop item.


Do K Cups Go Bad By The Expiry Date?

So, technically, K-cups and other pods should be able to last forever if the packaging and the vacuum seal have remained intact …in theory. In practice, that date is more of a guide until when you should expect that drink will still taste nice. When it comes to your tummy and your health, expired K-cup should have no effects, at least when it comes to plain tea and coffee ones.

If you don’t see a date stamped on the box or on the cup, estimates that coffee pods should last 3 to 8 months, tea pods and hot chocolate 6 to 12, and cider 8 to 12 months past the printed date.


Design of K Pod Packaging

The secret to the longevity of the cups is that they are packaged with nitrogen so they don’t get exposed to air until use – this is supposed to make them also space mission friendly.

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These pods are also designed to block out all moisture and light, allowing the product to keep its freshness for the maximum amount of time. As long as the seal is not removed, everything should be okay.

However, if the seal is damaged, and if you can see the product inside the cup, discard it straight away and don’t even try to salvage it. On the other hand, if the drinks are past their written or projected expiry date but the seals are intact, you can always test one for flavor – if you are fine with it, you will be able to use the other leftover pods as well.


Proper storage of K Cups

Like all coffee in general, pods also like to live in a dark, dry and cool place, and make sure that they are not exposed to drastic temperature changes. If you can also put them into a container with a good air-tight seal, it won’t hurt at all even though the pods do all of the work when it comes to protection from oxygen.

If you want to display them on a counter on one of those fancy K-cup holders, be realistic about your levels of consumption and don’t take to many out at the time. If your place is not a half-way stop for half of your state, you will not need a tower that is as tall as you – a small that can be nested right next to your machine will do just fine.

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