The 12 Best Compostable K Cups : The Flavours That We Loved!

Best Compostable K CupsKeurig coffee machines are a great way to make coffee. Within minutes, you can brew up a great coffee with just a k cup. However, it’s the simplicity of K Cups that also has stirred some controversy. Many K Cups are not recyclable or compostable, making them bad for the environment. Luckily, there are plenty of K Cups on the market these days that are compostable. So before you get rid of the Keurig, consider buying compostable K Cups instead. There are plenty of compostable K Cups on the market that are not only flavorful but compostable. Here are some of the best compostable K Cups with great flavours.

Best Compostable K Cups

Boyd’s French No. 6 Coffee 100% Compostable K Cups

Boyd's French No. 6 100% compostable K cups

Boyd’s French No. 6 100% compostable K cups

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With a sweet yet rich flavor, Boyd’s French No.6 Coffee K Cup delivers not only on being delicious but also friendly towards the environment. All of Boyd’s K Cups are compostable and organic, so no need to fret about your coffee being harmful to the planet.

In fact, Boyd’s has arguably been ahead of the game when it comes to creating coffee that is not only great tasting but environmentally friendly, as they were one of the first brands to have USDA organic coffee. The great news is that Boyd’s also strives for quality.

And the French No.6 Coffee is definitely a brew that is excellent in taste. It is full of flavor and has a hint of smokiness to it. With a bold intensity, Boyd’s French No.6. Coffee is the perfect environmentally friendly coffee to kickstart your morning.

Tayst Medium & Heroic Biodegradable K Cups

Tayst Coffee Roaster Medium and Heroic Biodegradable K Cups

Tayst Coffee Roaster Medium and Heroic Biodegradable K Cups

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Save the environment and enjoy a good brew at the same time by choosing Tayst Coffee Roaster. All their K Cups are biodegradable, so it’s a good choice for those who love coffee but also don’t want to harm the earth. The company notes that “Life’s too short for crappy coffee” and I’d have to agree.

Thankfully, Tayst Coffee Roaster makes coffee that is far from crappy. The medium and heroic K Cup is especially tasty. Made with beans from South America, you can expect the Medium and Heroic flavor by Tayst Coffee Roaster to be full of flavor and high quality. With a bold taste and a nice smooth texture, the brew is quite enjoyable. It is definitely one of the best compostable K Cups out there for those who prefer a medium roast.


Cameron’s Coffee Kona Blend

Cameron's Coffee Kona Blend Compostable K Cup Pods

Cameron’s Coffee Kona Blend Compostable K Cup Pods

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Have you ever had Kona coffee? If not, it is absolutely something you must try. Kona coffee is is a type of coffee that uses beans from Hawaii. And Kona coffee is most certainly a memorable coffee. With a slight sweetness to it, Kona coffee is quite tasty whether you’re drinking it in the morning to get up or decaf in the late afternoon to relax.

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Cameron’s Coffee Kona Blend thankfully delivers on offering a Kona coffee that is just as sweet and rich in flavor as one you could get in Hawaii itself. With just a slight touch of chocolate to it and a note of nuttiness, the Kona blend is truly quite good. And the best part is that it’s also compostable. With a real coffee filter instead of the usual plastic cup and the brand being certified as compostable, you can expect to have a drink of coffee that is not only tasty but better for the earth.

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SF Bay Coffee Cinnamon Crumb Cake

SF Bay Coffee Cinnamon Crumb Cake Non Plastic K Cup

SF Bay Coffee Cinnamon Crumb Cake Non Plastic K Cup

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Perfect for enjoying with a freshly baked coffee cake, the Coffee Cinnamon Crumb Cake by SF Bay is delightfully sweet and tasty. Made by a family-owned company, you can expect a coffee that is made with care and love. All the coffee is made with 100 percent Arabica beans, so you can have a high-quality roast.

Additionally, every cup is packed fresh and with ground coffee, something that many traditional K Cup brands do not do. The Coffee Cinnamon Crumb Cake is sweet but not too sweet and comes with a nice brown sugar flavor in it. And with the K Cups being made from plant-based materials, this coffee is compostable and non-plastic K Cups. Thus, it’s not harmful to the environment.

With sweet flavors, high-quality coffee beans, and a compostable K Cup, you can expect the SF Bay Coffee Cinamon Crumb Cake to be both excellent in its taste and eco-friendliness. If you choose SF Bay as your daily earth-friendly pick-me-up, you can be sure you’re enjoying one of the best compostable K Cups that are available on the market today.


Organic Coffee Co. French Roast Eco-Friendly K Cups

Organic Coffee Co. OneCup, French Roast, Eco-friendly K-Cup Pods

Organic Coffee Co. OneCup, French Roast, Eco-friendly K-Cup Pods

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Organic, strong yet rich in flavor, and made with high-quality beans, The Organic Coffee Co. delivers on creating a French Roast that is not only eco-friendly but also delicious. Started 40 years ago, the company definitely has experience in making excellent brews that are not only high quality but also ethical and environmentally friendly.

Made with great beans, the french roast is a strong and rich roast with a smoky flavor. Thus it’s an ideal choice for those who need a strong brew. With organic beans from Central and South America grown at altitudes of 3000 or higher, all the coffee is roasted until the oils rise to the surface. This ensures a strong flavor to the coffee, making it quite tasty for consumers.

With K Cups being made from corn byproducts, all K Cups by The Organic Coffee Co. are compostable. But not only are Organic Coffee Co. K Cups compostable, but every purchase helps donate to a program by the brand called “Community Aid.” This program helps aid communities where the coffee beans are purchased in issues like poverty and education. So not only can you be sure your purchase is helping the environment, but also the communities where coffee beans are grown.

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OneCoffee Organic Breakfast Blend

OneCoffee Organic Breakfast Blend 100% Compost K Cups

OneCoffee Organic Breakfast Blend 100% Compost K Cups

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With high-quality beans from South America, OneCoffee brings many great coffee K Cups to the market. All K Cups from them are compostable, so you can be sure your coffee is safe for the environment. With an exposed filter on the K Cups, you can expect OneCoffee K Cups to emit a beautiful aroma after being brewed.

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Plus, there are hand-drawn illustrations made by a Canadian tattoo artist on each box, adding a bit of charm to the brand. Overall, you can expect quality and uniqueness with OneCoffee, and their breakfast blend is no exception. With strong yet not overly bitter flavors, the breakfast blend comes out quite good. With a deep and vibrant taste, you can expect some truly excellent coffee from this flavor. Perfectly balanced with strongness and sweetness in the coffee, this is a coffee almost anyone can enjoy.

I especially enjoyed how smooth the brew came out. It made the perfect texture for drinking coffee in the morning. OneCoffee Organic Breakfast Blend is quite a delight, and perhaps one of the best compostable K Cups to try that’s on the market online right now.

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Ethical Bean Fair Trade Organic Coffee Pods, Classic Medium Roast

Ethical Bean Fair Trade Organic 100% Compostable Coffee Pods

Ethical Bean Fair Trade Organic 100% Compostable Coffee Pods

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Ethical Bean thankfully lives up to its title by producing some of the most environmentally friendly and ethical coffee K Cups out there. With K Cups that are 100 percent compostable, you can expect to have a brew that is friendly towards the environment. Best of all, the coffee K Cups are also fair trade. This is excellent because it shows that Ethical Bean not only cares about making coffee that is kind towards the environment but also towards the farmers that make it.

With organic beans free of pesticides and harmful chemicals, you can expect a truly healthy and ethical brew. Best of all? It’s also delicious. With a nice balanced acidity and a good mix of flavors, you can have a coffee that truly delivers on both taste and its caffeine boost. It has a nice light taste to it and it has a strong flavor but yet it is also not too bitter. With a nice simple texture and a hint of almond taste to it, you can expect a quality brew from Ethical Bean that is sure to help you wake up in the morning.


GLORYBREW The Noble Extra Dark Roast

GLORYBREW Noble Extra Dark Roast 100% Compostable Coffee PodsCheck It Out

If you like your coffee black but also want to help the environment, then you simply must try GLORYBREW. Not only is it 100 percent compostable but it is also Rainforest Alliance Certified, meaning that the coffee is made ethically and does not harm the rainforests or the communities nearby. GLORYBREW is also BPA certified, so you can expect brews that are free of petroleum-based plastics.

Well all the coffee made by GLORYBREW is tasty, you can expect the Noble Extra Dark Roast to be extra delicious, as it has a rich flavor to it. It has a nice acidity to it and is free of bitterness. There’s even a slight note of chocolate to it. It really is one of the best dark roasts out there that also just so happens to be made with compostable K Cups. If you want a dark roast that is not only delicious but also good for the earth, pick GLORYBREW.


Oakland Coffee Works Fourth Wave Blend Organic Coffee

Oakland Coffee Works Fourth Wave Blend Organic CoffeeCheck It Out

Oakland Coffee delivers on creating a great K Cup that is also compostable. The company has a passion for both the environment and making good coffee, so you can expect high-quality K Cups that are produced ethically. The brand boasts producing coffee made with great beans from small farms in Central and South America.

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And the Fourth Wave K Cup certainly was made with care. It comes with beans that were hand-picked from Peru and Honduras. It was made to have a nice and smooth texture, and it definitely does live up to that. With a nice rich flavor, you can expect this brew to be quite tasty.


Beaniac Organic Full On French Roast

Beaniac Organic Full On French Roast

Beaniac Organic Full On French Roast

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The brand beaniac is perhaps one of the best compostable K Cups you can buy. With a nice rich taste to their French Roast, you can expect the coffee to be quite delightful. The K Cup is certainly high quality, as it was made with great beans from farmers who are committed to sustainable farming practices.

With a nice texture to it and a brew that is brilliantly dark, you can expect anyone who enjoys dark roasts to fall in love with these K Cups. The French Roast by beaniac is truly tasty and will be enjoyed by almost any coffee snob out there. With its nice simple flavors and a coffee taste that manages to be strong but not too strong, it is certainly an enjoyable brew.


Faro French Vanilla, Light Roast

Faro French Vanilla, Light Roast, 100% Compostable K Cups

Faro French Vanilla, Light Roast, 100% Compostable K Cups

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Perfectly light, perfectly flavorful, the Fari French Vanilla Light Roast is quite tasty. Anyone who loves a light roast will certainly enjoy this brand. And of course, Faro K Cups are also compostable. So you can expect your cup of coffee to be not only excellent in taste but also harmless to the environment. It’s a nice and slightly bold tasting brew with a flavorful taste to it.

As it is a light roast, the coffee certainly won’t be overpowering and it is free of bitterness. Yet the coffee is not flavorless either. It has a nice strong taste to it and a rich texture. The Faro French Vanilla is one of the best compostable K Cups out there for those who would like a light roast.

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Lititz Coffee Co Arabica, Medium Roast Coffee

Lititz Coffee Co Grade A Arabica Environmental K CupsCheck It Out

Lititz coffee is absolutely delicious and also environmentally friendly. With a nice taste to their medium roast, you can expect a coffee that is quite good in flavor. Made with grade A beans, the coffee is quite tasty and also strong. The brew comes out nice and smooth and is definitely a drink you will want to have in the morning. It’s delightfully strong yet not bitter. And it just so happens to be compostable. So you can enjoy your coffee and know that you’re also being friendly to the earth.

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