Top 3 Under the Cabinet Coffee Maker [Great Space Saver NOT to miss]

If you haven’t heard of the under cabinet coffee maker, you gotta check them out as they are great space savers!


The Black and Decker under cabinet coffee maker truly revolutionize the way coffee maker can be placed in the kitchen. It saves your space on the kitchen counter top totally since it is mounted under the cabinet instead.



Why get a under cabinet coffee maker?

under cabinet coffee makersIn modern times, clutter is a thing of the past. Everyone strives to be compact and useful in their every day purchases. The biggest offender when it comes to house clutter is easily the kitchen.

It doesn’t matter the size of someone’s kitchen, counter tops tend to collect a little bit of everything. However, the counter top is the most important aspect to any kitchen.

It is of utmost importance to keep counters as clutter free as possible. What jumbles up counter tops the most? Appliances – from juicers, to toasters and coffee makers – rule the kitchen.

Save space on your counter

With appliances being the main emphasis to any kitchen, finding ways to keep it clear and compact is key. One of the biggest appliances for counter tops are coffee makers.They tend to be bulky and simply put, always in the way.

So there has to be solution, right? Of course! The modern trend of java lovers is under cabinet coffee makers (AKA under counter coffee makers ).

These types of makers are great space saver and keep counters accessible. They mostly mount directly to the bottom of any cabinet for ultimate spacious living.

Regain kitchen space with the following choices for the great space saver coffee maker!

Suitable for RV (Recreational Vehicles)

But their usage of these mountable coffee makers are not limited to just the kitchen in the house. These types of units are perfect for places with tight space like RV’s and campers, even boats. They are truly limitless as to where they can be attached and used.

Best Under the Cabinet Coffee Makers

#1. Black + Decker SCM 2000 BD SpaceMaker Under Cabinet Coffee Maker

BLACK and DECKER Under Cabinet Coffee maker - it is compact and a great space saver

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Unique Benefits of the Black + Decker

It saves your space by mounting under the cabinet

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BLACK and DECKER Under Cabinet Coffeemaker with Thermal CarafeThe Black and Decker under cabinet coffee maker truly revolutionize the way coffee maker can be placed in the kitchen. It saves your space on the kitchen top totally since it is mounted under the cabinet instead. This may be unconventional. In fact, this is probably the 2nd under cabinet coffee maker you can find in the market.

It is easy to mount the coffee maker under the cabinet

One look at this space saver coffee maker may lead you thinking that the process of attaching it to the cabinet would require a high level of competence or specialized technician. But it is actually pretty easy to mount to under the cabinet.

It has optimal heat retention to keep coffee hot for hours

This model really has many great features. But the thermal carafe reigns king. The biggest concern with people considering these makers is how will the coffee stay warm without the traditional hot plate?

Black + Decker took that concept and created their double wall thermal carafe for optimal heat retention. The only complaint most noted is that the unit will leak if overfilled. But this is the same for any coffee pot. Thus, it is recommended to not overfill, as spillage is possible.


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It keeps ugly, messy power cord lines from sight

Another attractive feature that stands out with this model is the cord hook mechanism. Not only do other coffee makers take up counter space, but the cord is always an issue as well. They get bent and end up tangled with other appliances. This hook provides a tucked away look, which keeping the device plugged in and ready to brew.

It pours coffee without removing the carafe

BLACK+DECKER Under Cabinet Coffeemaker has a 8 Cup Double Wall Thermal CarafeThe pour button allows for instant cups of coffee without ever removing the carafe. This is especially unique because it prevents spillage that can normally occur when using a conventional glass carafe. It truly gives the user access to everything with the push of a button.

It is suitable as an under the counter coffee maker for RV

This coffee maker comes with a carafe lock to keep the carafe in place. This is a great feature to prevent the coffee from spilling out of the carafe and thus makes it great for use in the RV.


Key Specifications of the Black and Decker under cabinet coffee maker

The features discussed so far are really the very outstanding features of the Black and Decker under counter coffee maker. But it also has many of the convenient features found in other coffee makers.

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Other key specifications include:

  • Sleek black and silver coloring for modern look that matches any kitchen
  • Carafe locks into place on the unit
  • carafe has a 8 cup capacity
  • Digital clock
  • Programmable choices, for coffee at desired time frame
  • Detachable water reservoir, for easy filling and cleaning
  • Auto Shut off feature for safety precautions
  • Pour button with “sneak-a-cup” feature so the brewing cycle is not interrupted


BLACK+DECKER Under Cabinet Coffeemaker - what is in the box

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#2 Brewmatic Under Counter Coffee Maker


Brewmatic Coffee Maker
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Unique Benefits of the Brewmatic under counter coffee maker

 It saves your space by mounting under the cabinet

The Brewmatic coffee maker is also a under cabinet coffee maker. And it is probably the only 2nd such under counter coffee maker in the market.  

It is hooked directly to your water line

What makes it stands out from the Black and Decker is its water line hook-up. One of the biggest issues with traditional coffee makers is filling the water reservoir. There is almost always water on the counter from pouring into the tank. This feature eliminates that mess and truly sets the user free with constant access to hot water.

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Key specifications of Brewmatic Coffee Maker

Other key specifications include:

  • Stainless steel pot and unit for optimal modern kitchen look
  • Single Cup Capacity. This maker provides instant hot water since its directly hooked to the water line. This gives access to making a single cup of coffee for on the go. It also allows users to add hot water to hot chocolate or soups without the need for a microwave.
  • 3 Brew options. This maker has an overall capacity of up to 12 cups, but also offers a half brew and quarter brew capacity for the single cup usage
  • Digital clock and programmable features for the perfect cup whenever desired



#3 Brew Express Programmable Recessed Coffee Maker

Brew Express BEC-110BS 10-Cup Countertop Coffee System
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Unique Benefits of Brew Express

It is a mountable coffee maker

Okay, the Brew Express is not technically a under cabinet coffee maker. However, it is still a space saver coffee maker as it can be mounted onto the wall. In fact, it is probably the only one of its kind in the market.

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Even if you do not mount it to the wall, the recessed design makes it small in size and can sit back further on the counter for optimal space.

It hooks up to the water line directly.

Like the Brewmatic coffee maker, Brew Express hooks up to the plumbed line directly. This means there is no need to measure the water anymore. You can also avoid the need to wipe the water spills while topping up the water tank. Simply choose the desired cup brew, and the Brew Express will dispense the proper water amount.

It is suitable as an under the counter coffee maker for RV

This model’s key feature is the carafe lock. This one of a kind feature keeps children safe from burns and spills. It also provides safety during travelling in RV’s so that the carafe doesn’t dislodge from the maker.


Key specifications of Brew Express

Beside the above unique benefits, other features include:

  • 10 cup capacity carafe
  • Night-Light directly above the carafe so any sleepy riser can easily pick up and pour
  • Sneak-a-Cup feature, so the brew cycle will pause for those needing coffee sooner
  • Faster brew time than traditional makers, in about half the time
  • Single Cup basket, for users who don’t have a need for a full pot
  • Thermal carafe for less heat loss


Video of Brew Express in action


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Should I buy an under counter coffee maker?

These three space saver coffee makers are great choices for any coffee lover. They truly set themselves apart from not only themselves, but standard coffee makers. These models vamp up the modern technology of coffee models and truly give a new light to appliances. While all three have great features, whichever one is chosen, the morning cup of joe will never be the same. Hope this post has helped you make a decision on which under the cabinet coffee maker to buy for your rv or home! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to