Smallest Keurig Coffee Maker [5th One GREAT for CAMPING!]

smallest Keurig coffee makerDo you want to buy the smallest Keurig coffee Maker? You have come to the right place. Read on to find the right coffee brewer to buy.

Why Get a Small Keurig Coffee Maker?

The invention of the Keurig pod system has really changed the way we make coffee. The convenience of using coffee pods and not dealing with messy coffee powder make coffee brewing easy and time-efficient. Who wants to measure the amount of coffee powder to use or clean up the coffee powder spillovers?

However, space is not a luxury for you. Perhaps you have a small counter top in your kitchen to put your Keurig machine. Or maybe you stay in a small living space such as the dorm room and have to place the coffee brewer on your desk.

A small Keurig coffee maker is the only option. So that you can still enjoy the benefits of the Keurig K-pod system and the wide variety of Keurig pods.

Small Keurig Coffee Machine

#1. K-Mini Plus: A Slimline Keurig Brewer [Recommended]

Keurig K-Mini Plus Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer

Keurig K-Mini Plus Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer

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Keurig K-Mini Plus is our favourite. It is the slimmest Keurig single serve coffee maker and yet is packed with features.

It has a slim design of 4.5 inches wide. It measures just 12.1 inches tall and 11.3 inches deep. Hence, you can easily slide this slimline Keurig into any small spaces. And it is light with a weight of 4.6 pounds.

This Keurig single server is really meant for personal use by a single person. Hence, its water tank only holds a cup of water. Filling and cleaning the water tank is easy because it is removable.

Despite a small water tank, it can still brew any cup size from 6 to 12 ounces. You can also fit a travel mug by removing the drip tray. That means you can easily bring this coffee maker on travel  as well!

And it brews really fast in just 2 to 3 minutes.

There’s also the option to make a stronger brew if you want a great caffeine dose to work through the night.

And if you wish to go decaf on any days, it comes with the Keurig K-Cup Universal Reusable filter so that you can choose to use your own ground coffee.

One nice thing you will appreciate is that it comes with features to keep your desk or counter top tidy. Keurig K-mini Plus comes with a storage unit and can store up to 9 K-pods. So there’s no need to get a separate K-pod storage.

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And, it has a cord storage to tuck the 26 inches cord into the back of this coffee brewer.

Most importantly, we can get so busy that switching off the coffee maker may just slip our minds. There’s no need to worry. This coffee maker will switch off after 90 seconds of non-activity. Thus it also save you energy.

So when you buy this Keurig K-Mini Plus, you get all the above features for just under $100!

Keurig K-Mini Plus Coffee Maker

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Features of this Personal Keurig at a glance:
  • Slim and compact 12.1” H x 4.5” W x 11.3” D
  • Light : 4.6 pounds
  • Single cup coffee maker
  • Brew fast in 2 to 3 minutes
  • Can brew 6 to 12 ounces
  • Strong brew option
  • Compatible with K-Cup reusable filter: allows you to use your own ground coffee
  • Removable water tank with 12 ounces capacity
  • Removable drip tray to accommodate tall travel mugs
  • Integrated storage unit for 9 K-cups
  • Integrated cord storage
  • Energy saving : auto shutdown in 90 seconds after last brew.
  • Comes in multiple playful colors

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#2 Mini K15: A Compact Keurig

Keurig mini K15 Coffee Maker

Keurig mini K15 Coffee Maker

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Keurig Mini K15 is another small Keurig coffee maker. K15 is the predecessor of K-mini Plus. Like the K-mini Plus, it has these same features

  • Brew fast in 2 to 3 minutes
  • Single cup coffee maker
  • Compact size : 10.8″H x 6.9″W x 10.7″D
  • Light weight : 5 pounds.
  • Compatible with K-Cup reusable filter
  • Removable drip tray
  • Energy saving : auto shutdown in 90 seconds after last brew.
  • Comes In multiple playful colors

However, it is not as slim with a width of 6.9 inches. However, it is slightly shorter in height and depth. It measures 10.8 inches tall and 10.7 inches deep. Well with these measurements, you can definitely say it is a compact Keurig. Just like a box!

And it also weigh slightly heavier.

Despite it still being compact, this Keurig 1 cup mini brewer is definitely not our favourite for the many features it lacks over K-mini Plus.

Can only brew 6, 8 and 10 ounces

It can doesn’t come with the 12 ounces brew option.

Water tank cannot be removed

K15 has a pour over water tank. So it’s not as easy to clean as compared to K-mini Plus

No Storage Pod Unit

Although it seems to be bigger in size than K-mini Plus, it does not come with storage pod unit for keeping K-pods.


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#3 K130 : Smallest Commercial Keurig Brewer

Keurig B130 Deskpro Coffee Maker

Keurig B130 Deskpro Coffee Maker

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The Keurig K130 Brewer is another small Keurig machine. But it belongs to the Keurig commercial coffee brewers.

Like the K-mini Plus, K130 also has some similar features:

  • Small Keurig though not the smallest : 10 inches x 7 inches x 11 inches.
  • Light weight at 7 pounds
  • Automatically turn off
  • Removable drip tray
  • Single use water tank
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K130 may not be the smallest Keurig machine but this coffee brewer do look better appearance-wise. And it features a mug sensor which will not dispense coffee until it detect a mug in the tray.

But we do not really like this model as it is lacking in other features:

  • It can only brew up to 8 ounces, much less option than the K15
  • Water tank cannot be removed. So it is not easy to empty and clean. It does come with a drainable water tank. But that only make it easier to empty. Which I think is not necessary since it will still be light with its one-cup water filled up. So we can easily turn the machine upside down to empty the water.
  • Only available in one color.


#4 Keurig K250 Coffee Maker [Runner-up]

Keurig K250 Coffee Maker

Keurig K250 Coffee Maker

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I have rated Keurig K250 as runner-up solely because it is slightly bigger than the above models.

But frankly, I think it is still considered pretty compact. It measures only 13.7 inches tall and 15 inches deep.  And it has a width of 9 inches. Weightwise, it is only 7.5 pounds.

If you can spare just a little more space, Keurig K250 would be a better option for many reasons.

Keurig K250 has more brew options. It can brew K-pod sizes of 4, 6, 8 and 10 ounces. It also can make K-Mug and K-Carafe ( 26, 28 and 30 ounces ). So you can use this brewer to serve a family of four coffee lovers at a time.

The water tank also has a larger capacity of up to 40 ounces. That means you can brew 6+ cups before you need to refill. The water tank is also detachable so it is easy to refill and clean.

More importantly, this coffee maker can brew a cup of coffee in just under 1 minute.

Should you need a strong coffee, you can use the strength control setting to make a bolder coffee. It is also compatible with the K-Cup Reusable coffee filter. So you have to option to use your ground coffee. You can also use this coffee maker as a hot water dispenser.

To top it up, this Keurig K250 belong to the latest Keurig 2.0 series and thus have the high altitude setting. This means it can be used in places as high as 5000 feets.

This coffee brewer also comes with water filter and descaling alerts. All these are reflected in the black and white touch screen display which is easy to navigate.

Also when you buy the Keurig K250, you also get these items:

  1. 4 K-Cup pods,
  2. 2 water filters,
  3. 1 water filter handle
  4. 1 bottle of descaling solution for extending the brewer’s lifespan
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Keurig K250’s features at a glance:
  • Light at 7.5 pounds
  • Compact : 7 H X 9 W X 15 D inches
  • 7 brew size options from 4 ounces up to 30 ounces (enough for 4 persons)
  • Large water tank of 40 ounces
  • Brew extremely fast In 1 minute
  • Strength control
  • Compatible with K-Cup reusable filter
  • High altitude setting – able to use it a place up to 5000 feets
  • Water filter alerts – remind you that you forgotten to add water filter. Certainly, this will affect your coffee taste.
  • Descaling alerts
  • Can use as a hot water dispenser
  • Comes In multiple playful colors


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#5. Portable Battery-Operated Mounchain Filter Coffee Machine [Best Keurig for camping]


Mounchain Filter Compact Portable Travel K-Cup Coffee Machine

Mounchain Filter Compact Portable Travel K-Cup Coffee Machine

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This Mounchain Filter coffee machine is the most portable Keurig coffee maker. It is not made by Keurig but it is compatible with K-pods. It is also the one of the cheapest Keurig coffee makers.

This mini Keurig coffee maker only measures 8.3 inches with a diameter of 2.8 inches.  With these dimensions, I guess it has just taken over the throne of the smallest K-cup coffee maker!

Basically it is shaped like a tumbler, so you can easily fit it in your backpack too. And it is not heavy. It weighs only 359g.  So you can easily bring it along whether you are camping, hiking, or just travelling on the road.

The plastic used in this coffee maker is food-grade and FDA approved. So you can rest assured that it is harmless.

Its water tank can hold up to 150ml (5 ounces) of water, just enough to make you a cup of delicious Americano.

This is an electric coffee maker that runs on 2 Triple AAA batteries. It is really easy to use. Just add hot water, insert the K-pod and press a button.

That’s all you need to make coffee in a few minutes.

Besides K-cup capsules, you can also use ground coffee with this handheld coffee maker as it comes with a reusable k-cup.

If you must have coffee even during your hiking trips, consider getting this smallest K cup brewer.

Mounchain Filter - best keurig for camping

Mounchain Filter – best keurig for camping

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Which Smallest Keurig Machine Should I buy?

We have just seen 5 smallest Keurig machines. Which to buy really depends on how much space you have.

If you are looking for a small Keurig for desk in your dorm room, then Keurig K-Mini Plus will be more suitable.

But if you like to have more features, Keurig K250 will be a more preferred option. 

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