Best Keurig With Reusable Coffee Filter [Top 7]

Keurig coffee makers are really convenient with their K-Pod technology. However, sometimes, you may just want to reduce the plastic waste. So it will be great if you can do away with the K-pod and still enjoy the convenience. Or maybe you just want to sample some unique coffee grounds you have discovered in your supermarket trips. And it is possible with Keurig Reusable filter. However, not all Keurig models are compatible with it. In this post, we shall list the best Keurig with reusable coffee filter.

Best Keurig with Reusable Coffee Filter

Keurig K-Elite

Keurig K-Elite is compatible with the Keurig Reusable Coffee Filter. Though it’s not the prettiest machine you’ve ever seen, its styling is fairly neutral. This style won’t appeal to every person. It’s quite large, with a massive 75 ounce water reservoir, which partly explains the size.

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The machine has 11 buttons on top, including an on/off button. I prefer simplicity to overcomplicated machines that have too many options. At least there is no touchscreen to confuse things. Of those 11 buttons, actually 5 are for selecting the size of your coffee. There was also a blue backlit light on the buttons, which made them look really nice in the dark. Hot water is also available, and you can choose the strength of your brew.

Here are the Keurig Elite’s best features:

  • It brews rather quietly, which is a major plus! .

  • Coffee will be ready in under a minute, so it’s fast.

  • The device has an “auto-on” and “auto-off” feature. Therefore, you can pre-program the machine to turn on at your preferred time and automatically turn off two hours after it was last brewed.

  • There is an iced coffee setting that lets you brew your coffee at just the right temperature to pour over ice!


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Keurig K250

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Keurig K250 is the perfect Keurig for users who want the option of most cup sizes, along with portability.

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Here are the plus points for K250:

  • There are four brew cup sizes available for K-Cup – 4, 6, 8, and 10 ounces

  • Three sizes of brew can be made using K-carafe pods – 22, 26, and 30 ounces

  • If you need an extra caffeine boost, choose the strong brew option.

  • A water dispenser that dispenses hot water

  • Brewing time of less than one minute

  • Water tank with a capacity of 40 ounces

  • Compact and slim, measuring 12.5″H x 15.3″W x 11.7″D

  • Touchscreen control panel with intuitive interface

  • There are 8 fun colors to choose from

  • A high altitude setting which is helpful if you need to use the coffee maker at altitudes of up to 5000 feet.

Keurig K575

If you think K250’s water tank is too small, consider Keurig K575. It has a huge 80 ounces water tank that is removable and it is also compatible with Keurig K-cup reusable coffee filter

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Other plus points include:

  • Brews 5 K-Cup sizes – 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 oz.

  • K-carafe pods can be used to brew a carafe of 22 ounces, 26 ounces, or 30 ounces

  • Brews rapidly. Under 1 minute for K-Cup and 3 minutes for the carafe.

  • Stronger coffee can be made by using any K-Cup option with brew strength control

  • There are 5 temperature settings to adjust the brew temperature.

  • On-demand hot water dispenser

  • A color touch screen that is extra large

  • You can program your brewer to turn on automatically at set times, so that it will be ready when you are;

  • You can program it to automatically turn off at set times to conserve energy

  • High altitude setting

K-Duo Plus

Keurig K Duo Plus is a different Keurig with reusable coffee filter. This is a dual keurig coffee maker which can make single K-cup or a carafe of coffee. It has a sleeker design that allows you to fit it into tighter spaces. The Keurig water reservoir can be placed on either the right or left side of the machine, making an even better fit. Yes, you read that right. For easy refilling, the water reservoir is easily removable and multi-positional.

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On the go and need that single serving? It’s no problem. There is an allowance of 8 inches for your favorite travel mug on the K-Duo Plus. Don’t worry that your drip coffee will cool off after you switch to brew your own cup. Featuring a 12-cup thermal carafe, the K-Duo Plus keeps your coffee at the ideal temperature for up to 2 hours.

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It’s also the perfect choice if you want to automatically brew drip coffee before rising from the bed using the Programmable Carafe Auto-Brew. The Strong Brew option lets you brew a strong single cup OR a strong carafe for those days when you need that extra boost. Additionally, Keurig automatically shuts off five minutes after you’ve finished brewing, saving you money and energy.

Keurig K-Select

If you need a Keurig with reusable filter but a modest water tank capacity, K-Select is an option to consider. . This model has a 52-ounce tank. It brews in 1 minute and is quiet, just like the K-elite.

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Other nice features include

  • Makes 4 brew cup sizes – 6, 8, 10 and 12 ounces.

  • Strong brewing option

  • It can accommodate taller travel mugs up to 7.4 inches tall with a removable drip tray

  • The finish is fingerprint-resistant

  • Programmable automatic power down feature

  • Descaling alert

  • High altitude setting

  • Easy-to-use buttons

  • Available in 9 different color schemes

K-Mini Plus

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K-Mini Plus is the slimmest Keurig compatible with K-Cup Universal Reusable filter. With a slim design of 4.5 inches wide, the slimline Keurig can easily fit into any small space. At 4.6 pounds, it is also quite lightweight. It’s really intended for individual use by a single person. As a result, it has a small water tank. This will be a great option if you are looking for a Keurig for college dorm.

Although it has a small water tank, it can still brew any size cup up to 12 ounces. If you remove the drip tray, you can also fit a travel mug. Brewing takes just two to three minutes. In case you want a stronger dose of caffeine throughout the night, there are also stronger brew options.

You will like the fact that it comes with features that keep your desk and counter top clean. Keurig K-mini Plus features a storage unit where up to 9 K-pods can be stored. Therefore, there is no need for a separate K-pod storage. Additionally, it has a cord storage that lets you tuck the 26-inch cord into the back of this coffee maker.

In addition, we can get so busy that we forget to turn off the coffee maker. No worries. After 90 seconds, it will shut off. That will save you energy, too.

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Mini K15

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Keurig Mini K15 is another small coffee maker made by Keurig. It is the predecessor to the K-mini Plus. It has the same features as the K-mini Plus

  • It takes 2 to 3 minutes to brew

  • Makes one cup of coffee

  • Compact size

  • Light weight

  • Drip tray that can be removed

  • The system shuts down automatically after 90 seconds after the last brew.

  • It comes in a variety of playful colors

With a width of 6.9 inches, it is not as slim. It is, however, shorter in height and depth. Height is 10.8 inches and depth is 10.7 inches. Keurig’s 1 cup mini brewer is still compact, but we don’t like it for the many features it lacks compared to K-mini Plus. It can only brew six, eight, and ten ounces. It does not include the 12 ounces brew option. It is not possible to remove the water tank. This model is equipped with a pour-over water tank. Compared to K-mini Plus, it is more difficult to clean. In spite of its larger size than K-mini Plus, there is no storage pod unit to keep K-pods.

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Common FAQs on Keurig Reusable Filter

What is the Keurig K-Cup Reusable Filter?

Keurig’s K-Cup reusable filter has 2 fill lines, one for K-cup and another travel mug brew sizes. But you have to fill it up with ground coffee. So you have to deal with messy coffee.  A good thing is that this Keurig reusable filter is dishwasher safe and of course BPA-free.

How to use reusable coffee filter for Keurig?

Which is the Best Keurig With Reusable Coffee Filter?

Personally, I like Keurig K Duo Plus as it can make both carafe and single serve K-cups. In addition, it’s really stylish with its stainless steel exterior.

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