How To Make Iced Coffee With Keurig [Easy & Hard Ways]

Having an iced coffee is a favorite thing to do, whether with friends or alone especially in the summer! However, it can get expensive spending at least 5 dollars for this iced coffee in the cafe every time. It’ll be really convenient if we can just make a strong iced coffee at home, preferably with a pod coffee maker, without dealing with messy coffee powder. A nice pod coffee maker to use is the popular Keurig. Now comes the questions. Can you make iced coffee with Keurig? How to make iced coffee with Keurig?

Can You Make Iced Coffee With Keurig?

Yes you can make a delicious and flavorful iced coffee with any Keurig coffee maker. You can also do it using the special Hyperchiller or a Keurig iced coffee machine covered below.

If you already have a Keurig model without the iced coffee function, you can still make iced coffee with these steps:

How To Make Iced Coffee With Keurig

Keurig iced coffee recipe

What we need:

  • A K-Cup, ideally with dark toast.

  • Thermo cup

  • Ice

  • 2 teaspoons of milk sweetener (optional, depends on your taste preferences)

  • 2 cups of caramel syrup or sugar (Optional)

Let’s get started with the preparations.

Set up the Keurig.

Once the Keurig is turned on, we need to add enough water, then place our chosen K-Cup in the machine. The dark roast K-Cup has the best flavor, and iced coffee has a stronger flavor if it is done properly. This drink can however be made with any of your preferred K-cup.

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Make the iced coffee

Add 4 large ice cubes into your thermos or cup, and slowly pour the brewed coffee over the ice.

Add sweetener such as milk or cream

You can add 4 ounces of cold skim milk or vanilla cream if you wish. Doing so will also help the ice melt more slowly. If you like your coffee sweet, adding sugar or caramel syrup to your coffee will make it sweeter. For those vegetarians who don’t want to drink cow’s milk, you may still enjoy this drink by adding coconut milk or even almond milk instead.

How create a rich flavour for my iced coffee?

To make an even better flavoured iced coffee, here are more tips.

Add coffee ice cubes

These coffee iced cubes need to be prepared in advance. We prepare it by brewing the coffee from the K-cup and pour into an ice cube tray. It takes about five hours to freeze the ice cube tray. After they are frozen, you can add them to freshly brewed coffee from the Keurig.

Add coffee ice cubes to your milk for ice lattes

When making Iced Coffee Latte with a Keurig milk frother, you can use the “cool down” steam option for milk. You can add some ice coffee cubes to your milk and stir them together. Finally, you can add the cold milk foam to your freshly brewed coffee.

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How To Make Iced Coffee With Keurig Without Ice Melting?

Skip the step of having ice cubes in your cup when you pour your freshly brewed coffee. Instead, use the iced coffee cubes. So when the iced coffee cubes melt, you get a lesser extent of the water from the melting ice watering down your coffee.

Faster Ways to Make Iced Coffee

Chill your coffee with Keurig Hyper Chiller

Here’s a better way to chill your freshly brewed coffee in less than a minute without dilution. Use the HyperChiller Iced coffee maker. In less than ONE minute, it can turn up to 12.5 ounces of hot coffee into iced coffee. With HyperChiller’s Iced Coffee Maker, hot coffee is exposed to a large surface area of ice within the machine while being protected from dilution by 2 layers of stainless steel which are food grade material.

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In just three steps, you can make delicious iced coffee:

  • Brew your coffee into the HyperChiller

  • Swirl the coffee inside for 60 seconds to chill it

  • Fill your regular glass with the coffee and enjoy

You can do these steps twice before refreezing. Put it back in the freezer when you’re done.

Use A Keurig Iced Coffee Machine Such As K-Elite

Now, there are a few Keurig iced coffee makers with the iced coffee function, such as Keurig K Elite and K Slim. This will be the most convenient method to make iced coffee without watering down your coffee.

Iced coffee can be made directly from these machines, as they have the iced coffee button. With one press, you will get your strong and flavorful iced coffee. If you wish, you can add some vanilla cream to get a sweeter taste. The Keurig makes it easy to enjoy an excellent iced coffee when you want at home, thanks to its straightforward operation.


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