Which is the BEST Keurig Commercial Coffee Maker for Office?

Best Keurig Commercial Coffee MakerYou like the Keurig brewing system for its convenience and large beverage variety in its K-cup ecosystem. But you now need a Keurig for your office? Which should you buy? Should you get a commercial-use Keurig coffee machine? In this article, we will help to you find the best Keurig for an office.



What is a commercial-use Keurig coffee machine?


Commercial-use Keurig machines are ones that can withstand a large amount of brewed coffee cups each day. They can brew roughly 10 times more than a typical home-use brewer.

When thinking about purchasing one for your office, it is a good idea to consider your needs and your employee’s needs. The best way to have a productive day is to make sure your employees and yourself have the coffee that you deserve. Before you buy, make sure to ask yourself what you need from your coffee maker.



Should I buy a Keurig Commercial or Home use coffee maker?


When deciding what kind of Keurig coffee maker to have at your establishment, it is best to look at the number of cups of coffee that is made throughout the day.

If you brew more than 10 cups of coffee a day, a commercial-use Keurig might be best for you. Less than 10 cups a day, you might want to stick to a home-use coffee machine.

Some of these Keurig are  direct plumbed coffee maker. This means they hook into your water pipes, which means that professional set-up may be required. Because they go right into the water pipes, all you have to do is add your coffee and press start. Commercial-use coffee makers are also able to handle the high demand for coffee by being quicker between brews. Commercial brewers can usually brew the next cup rather quickly instead of having to wait.

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Keurig home-use coffee makers are meant for smaller uses. If you have a business that rarely makes coffee or maybe only a couple people drink coffee, an at-home coffee maker would be best. At-home coffee makers utilize a reservoir system instead of a direct water line system. This means that it will have to be refilled after so many cups of coffee. They also take longer to reset after each brew.



What to consider when buying a commercial-use coffee brewer?


Once you have set your mind to get a commercial-use coffee brewer, you need to decide which one to get.

Every machine has its own special features and specifications. Do you need an extra large reservoir or would you rather have a direct water line into the machine? Do you want hot water on demand or the ability to program the machine?

Once you have decided on the basic functions you definitely require, the search will be easy.

And luckily, Keurig offers numerous choices with unique features to meet your needs.



Which is the best Keurig for Office use?


After deciding that a commercial use coffee machine is the way to go, the next step is to decide which machine will deliver what you want.

In these review, we wish to present to you 3 coffee makers from Keurig commercial series that offer unique features for different types of businesses. I’m sure you will find a suitable one amongst the three, no matter what your needs are.

To give you an idea of what each one of these consumer use machines offer, here is a quick rundown.



Keurig K3000SE


K3000SE is a commercial grade Keurig coffee brewer. It offers four brew sizes to meet the needs of multiple people. What makes Keurig K3000SE special is that it has an automatic K-cup ejection system. Once a K-cup is used, it will spit the pod out into the built-in disposal can.

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Each person is also able to choose the strength of his or her coffee. This allows for a more personal touch.

This brewer is also capable of brewing back-to-back cups with only a 60-second wait. This means more people can get their coffee in a shorter amount of time.

Because it is meant to brew a large amount of coffee, it has a direct water line system. This avoid the need to have someone constantly checking if the water has run out and requires refilling.


Keurig K 3000 SE Coffee Commercial Single Cup Office Brewing System

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Keurig K150P


Although still impressive, Keurig K150P is meant for a small to medium sized business. It features five brew sizes and is fully programmable with its touchscreen interface.

The system features an adjustable water temperature mode and an automatic On/Off system, making it easy to meet the needs of several different people.

A huge 90 ounces reservoir tank is available for this coffee system. But you can also install this Keurig onto a direct line. It boasts that it is plumbing ready when you take it out of the box.

Another key feature is that it has a internal water tank that can be drained when necessary.

In addition, the touchscreen interface also gives instructions in three different languages: English, Spanish, and French.  A great plus if you have multiple nationalities in your workplace!


Keurig K150P Commercial Brewer


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Keurig K145 Office Pro


Out of the three models, Keurig K145 OfficePro is meant for a small business with a lower number of employees or a small office. I would say less than 30 would be best.

It offers three cup sizes and a 60 second brew time. After two hours, it will automatically turn off. The drip tray is removable to accommodate larger size mugs or travel mugs.

Unlike the previous two models, this model only has a reservoir that will have to be refilled. There is no direct water line set-up.

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Keurig K145 OfficePRO Brewing System

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Which Keurig is best for my office?


Each commercial-use Keurig has its own special features so it really depends on your office or business setting.

For a small business, less than 30 employees, I would recommend the Keurig K145 Office Pro because it is smaller and would not require any sort of professional installation.

A small to medium business, about 30-50 employees, the K150P would likely be best. You have the option of being on either a reservoir or direct water line.

For a large business, greater than 100 employees, I would recommend the Keurig K3000SE. It has a direct water line and can handle back-to-back brews with ease. The ejection disposal system makes clean-up a lot easier, which is nice when you have a large group of people.

The choice of a Keurig coffee maker is one that should not be taken lightly. The best way to bring harmony to your business is to have the perfect coffee machine.


Keurig stands behind all of their products and has great customer service. Remember it is up to you to decide what is best for your business or office needs. Hopefully, this review has cleared up many questions that you may have about purchasing a commercial-use or at-home use Keurig coffee machine.






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