Keurig K Mini Plus Review [10 Benefits to Own this Coffee Maker]

Have you been smitten by the Keurig line of coffee makers? With the all-new Keurig Mini Plus, you’ve got more reasons to be so. The Keurig Mini Plus came as an upgraded version of the Keurig Mini K15 coffee maker. But it took the coffee making game a notch up. The new Keurig coffee maker ditches the old bulky design to bring out the most compact single cup brewer till date. The machine brings in some drastic and interesting changes to its size, brewing skills, and aesthetics. Read our detailed Keurig Mini Plus review to know what’s in store for you.

Keurig K-Mini Plus is most probably the best you can ask for. It should be your top choice if you need a single serve coffee maker.




Keurig K Mini Plus Review: Who is it for?


Is the Keurig Mini Plus for you?


We have an answer to that.

This coffee maker is a perfect choice for single cup coffee candidates. The maximum water that the single serving coffee maker can hold at a time is 12 ounces.


So it can brew only a single cup at a time. Need another cup? Fill the reservoir again and brew another cup. So the machine can be your best choice if you’re the only coffee drinker at your home and like to brew a fresh cup every time you need coffee. Also, with the portability it offers, it’s also the best personal keurig coffee maker for travelers.


Keurig Mini Plus Review - one of the most compact coffee makers to buy.

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Want a large water tank? Try the Keurig K-Elite instead. This is great for large family of Keurig lovers.


10 Benefits of Keurig K-Mini Plus


What makes the Keurig Mini Plus a great choice for coffee enthusiasts?


There are numerous factors that make it so.


This Keurig machine boasts of its long list of amazing features. Let’s have a look at the top features of this single cup brewer.



  1. Perfect for single cups

One thing that the Keurig Mini Plus excels at is brewing a single cup. This small single serve coffee maker is specially designed for a single cup of joe. So if you’re the only and not-so-frequent coffee drinker at your home, you can’t ask for a better choice than this.

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  1. Easy and strong brews

Brewing a cup with the Keurig Mini Plus is as easy as it gets. Just turn the machine on, insert a K-Cup, and turn the lever down. The brewing starts immediately.

Also, the machine features a Strong Brew mode. This always comes in handy when you need a stronger and bolder coffee.

keurig k-mini plus offers strong brew

  1. Variable brew size

If your coffee demands keep flipping between a small and a large cup, this machine can help. With the Keurig Mini Plus, you get to choose the size of your single cup. The machine would let you brew anything between 6 to 12 ounces cup. Fill the reservoir with as much water as you need and brew your desired size with perfection.



  1. Travel-friendly

Like commuting with your cup of joe?

Nothing seems working better than this Keurig machine for the cause. It weighs less than 5 pounds and measures 11.3″ by 4.5″ by 12.1″. This makes it quite an easy machine to carry.

Also, it’s removable drip tray allows the brewer to fit in with the travel mugs up to 7″. Isn’t it the perfect coffee maker for travelers?

travel friendly, compact keurig coffee brewer

  1. Removable drip tray

The Keurig Mini Plus features an easy-to-remove drip tray. This is a great advantage for easier emptying and cleaning. Also, the drip tray can hold up to a full cup if you forget to put a cup under the nozzle. And like we mentioned, you can use it with travel mugs as well.

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keurig k-mini plus fit a large travel mug

  1. Pod storage container

Another amazing feature of the coffee maker is the pod storage container. The cylindrical container can store up to 9 K-Cup pods. So you can always keep your Keurig equipped with an adequate supply of coffee for your next brew.

Kmini plus has enough storage to store 9 K-cups


  1. Removable water reservoir

The Keurig Mini Plus lets you easily remove its water reservoir. Cleaning and filling become really easy with that feature. And there are more benefits to the feature as well. You can fill the reservoir with the right amount of water as per your desired coffee size. Just fill your mug with the right amount and pour it into the detached reservoir.

Keurig Kmini plus has a removable water tank. It is easy to clean and refill


  1. Auto shutoff

There’s always a risk of forgetting to turn off your coffee maker when in a hurry. But the Keurig Mini Plus saves you all those concerns with its auto shutoff feature. The machine automatically turns off after 90 seconds of a brew. This feature keeps the machine safe against damage and saves you a lot of energy!

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  1. Highly compact and easy to store

The Keurig Mini Plus is one of the most compact coffee makers to buy. It’s less than 5 inches wide and with such a tiny footprint, it takes negligible space in your kitchen. The storage of the machine isn’t a big issue either. You can wound up the wire into the machine and store it in any corner.


10 Simple and easy UI

Can a coffee maker’s user interface be any easier than the Keurig Mini Plus?

The machine has just two buttons. There’s a Power button that turns the machine on. And the other button that you get is the Strong which brews you a bolder cup.


Drawbacks of the Keurig K Mini Plus


One big disadvantage with the Keurig Mini Plus is that it needs to be refilled for each cup. Once you fill in the water, the machine takes about a couple of minutes to heat the water. So, in case you wanted to brew two cups, you’ll have to fill the reservoir again after brewing a cup. Also, you’ll have to wait for another 2-3 minutes for your second cup. Hence, the machine is best suited for people who need a single cup most of the times.


How to use a Keurig mini plus

How to clean Keurig mini plus

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  • Very compact with a tiny footprint
  • Stores up to 9 K-Cup Pods
  • Extremely travel-friendly
  • Very simple UI
  • Ingenious cord storage


  • Lacks bells and whistles
  • Brews single cup only

Keurig Mini Plus vs Keurig Mini K15


Keurig Mini Plus vs Keurig Mini K15Keurig K Mini vs K Mini Plus – which is better? 

Both the Keurig Mini Plus and the Keurig Mini K15 are amongst the most compact Keurig 1 cup mini brewers. However, with a width of 4.5 inches, the K-Mini Plus scores higher as compared to 6.9 inches wide K15. Also, the smaller body of the K-Mini plus gives you more variation in the brew size. The K-Mini plus offers you 6 to 12 ounces of coffee sizes while the K15 produces 6 to 10 ounces of it.


Keurig Mini Plus and Keurig Mini K15 feature auto shutoff and removable drip trays to accommodate travel mugs. But, again the K-Mini Plus has an edge. It can fit in up to 7” tall mug while the K15 limits the height to 5.2”. Additionally, the Keurig Mini Plus offers a removable water reservoir and a Pod storage container as well.



 What type of pods you can use with Keurig K-Mini Plus?


The Keurig Mini Plus is compatible with all types of regular K-Cups. You can use both branded and non-branded K-Cups with the machine. However, the brewer doesn’t work with K-Carafe, K-Mug, Vue Pods. Pods from other brands such as Nespresso Pods, CBTL Pods, and Verismo pods definitely won’t work either.


Can Keurig Mini Plus use reusable K-Cup Filter?


Yes, you can use Keurig’s reusable K-Cup filter with Keurig Mini Plus.  This reusable filter allows you to use ground coffee powder. That means you can choose to buy cheaper ground coffee. So it definitely brings down your per cup cost to half and keeps the waste in check.



Should you buy the Keurig Mini Plus?


Need an amazing little single cup brewer?


The Keurig Mini Plus is most probably the best you can ask for. The machine looks beautiful with its sleek and slim body decorated with a chrome accent on matte black finish. And that’s not the only reason to buy it.

The Keuring Mini Plus brews a single cup yet gives you immense options of brewing sizes. It’s equipped with handy intelligent features like pod holder, neat cord storage, auto shutoff, and a strong brew mode. It’s also extremely travel-friendly as its quite compact and has a removable drip tray to fit in your travel mug.

All in all, the Keurig Mini Plus should be your top choice if you need a single serve coffee maker. It doesn’t fail if you like your coffee fresh and storage is never an issue. Also, it’s a gem of a machine for commuters. Should you buy it? Hope this Keurig K Mini Plus review has helped you in making that decision.


Keurig Mini Plus Review - one of the most compact coffee makers to buy.

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