Hamilton Beach Brewstation Review [6 benefits to own this 47900]

The Hamilton Beach Brewstation is the first drip coffee machine with an internal carafe. We think the Hamilton Beach Brewstation is bridging the gap between traditional drip coffee and the pod machines which are currently all the rage. We think traditional drip coffee is due for a bit of a reboot, so we’re pleased to see a more modern option for this type of coffee on the market. Keep reading the Hamilton Beach Brewstation review to find out if it is a right fit for your kitchen.



Hamilton Beach Brewstation review

The first thing you will notice about the Hamilton Beach Brewstation is that it doesn’t have a carafe, despite being a drip coffee machine.

Hamilton Beach brewstation 47900 - a 12 cup coffee maker coffee dispensing machine

Hamilton Beach brewstation 47900

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It has a water tank on the side which is removable. The water tank has measurements on the side, which is always a handy feature.

Hamilton Beach brewstation 47900 - removable water tank

The filter is hidden under a flip up lid, which can be opened at the press of a button. Directly below the filter is the “carafe”, which is actually an internal tank.

Hamilton Beach brewstation 47900 - simply add coffee to filter on top and water to internal tank

Hamilton Beach brewstation 47900 - enclose brewing system with internal heater

On the front of the machine there is a clock surrounded by a number of buttons. There are four different ways to make your coffee, including an iced coffee option, and coffee for between one to four cups. There’s the keep warm setting which will keep your coffee warm for up to four hours. And of course, maybe our favourite thing about this machine, its ability to program your coffee up to 24 hours in advance.

Hamilton Beach brewstation 47900 - programmable controls and multiple brewing options

The Hamilton Beach Brewstation is easy to use and mainly works like a normal coffee machine. You put your beans in the top, select the option you want and then start the machine. Dispensing coffee is easy, simply press your mug against the bar at the back of the dispenser.

Design of Hamilton Beach BrewStation 47900

We personally like the styling of the Hamilton Beach Brewstation. It’s black and sleek, and it moves drip coffee out of the diner, letting drip coffee join the ranks of the many pod coffee machines on the market. Although there’s something classic about a drip coffee machine with a glass carafe, we can’t help but think a bit of futuristic and sleek styling might be a good thing for drip coffee.


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6 Key Benefits of the Hamilton Beach Brewstation

1. Modern and Professional

We’re not going to lie, we like the lack of carafe here. You’re still getting that drip coffee but the machine looks modern and professional

2. Programmable up to 24 hours in advance

A very big plus. Nothing better than waking up or getting into the office with a coffee already to go!

3. You can make a whole round of coffee up to 12 cups.

Obviously all drip machines can make a round of coffee, but if you’re tossing up between the Hamilton Beach Brewstation and a pod coffee maker, then this is a very real consideration. There’s nothing wrong with a good pod machine, but there’s no denying it can be a bit of a pain to make coffee for a group of people. The Hamilton Beach Brewstation is a 12 cup machine. So no problems making coffee for a crowd here.

4. No more coffee spillage.

By having everything inside the machine, and the coffee coming out at the press of a button, you’re eliminating the chance of spills

5. No chance of breaking your carafe.

We’ve all been there. Maybe the lid is slightly broken from that time you dropped it in the sink so your carafe is constantly leaking. Maybe your cat knocked it off the counter,  so you have to buy a new one. But with the Hamilton Beach Brewstation, this whole problem is eliminated!

6. You can make a cup of coffee with one hand.

It’s hardly the most important point on the list, but still, it does make life a bit easier and so we had to mention it.


Hamilton Beach brewstation 47900 - fits travel mug
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Potential Shortcomings of Hamilton Beach Brewstation 47900

You’re all getting the same coffee

Obviously, this isn’t a problem only limited to the Hamilton Beach Brewstation. But part of the reason pod coffee machines have skyrocketed in popularity is the ability to make the coffee that you want, whether that be decaf, strong or vanilla. With the Hamilton Beach Brewstation, everyone’s getting the same brew

Emptying for a fresh brew requires 1 more step

Despite all of our comments above about the drawbacks of a classic glass carafe, at least emptying it was straightforward.

If you want a fresh batch, with the Hamilton Beach Brewstation, you just have to pour any remaining coffee into a glass until the coffee tank is empty and THEN start making a fresh batch.

Can’t deny the old system was easier here! It’s not a fatal flaw by any means, but we would recommend keeping this in mind when filling up the water tank.

It’s on the bigger end of the scale, in terms of size and weight.

You’ll need space to open up the lid to access the filter. It’s definitely not the most portable machine, so we wouldn’t recommend it if you have the intention of storing it and removing it when needed. It wasn’t a problem for us but worth considering if you haven’t got that much space in your kitchen or kitchenette.

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Hamilton Beach Brewstation 47950 vs 47900

Hamilton Beach Brewstation 47950 Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach Brewstation 47950

Hamilton Beach Brewstation 47950 is a different SKU for brewstation 47900. They have all the same feature and exact design. The only difference is their color scheme.


Hamilton Beach Brewstation 48464 vs 47900

Hamilton Beach Brewstation 48464 Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach Brewstation 48464

Hamilton Beach Brewstation 48464 looks very similar to brewstation  47900 too.

They have almost the same features except for some differences.

  1. Brewstation 48464 doesn’t come with a water reservoir. It only has the coffee reservoir. To brew coffee, you can pour water directly into the coffee reservoir. Brewstation 49700 has both the coffee & water reservoir.
  2. It doesn’t have the ice coffee button. The iced coffee function is shown on the LCD screen after pressing the brew options button.


Is Hamilton Beach worth the buy?

 The Hamilton Beach Brewstation is currently retailing under $50. We think that’s very reasonable considering the features and about right taking into consideration the above points. Obviously you can find both cheaper and more expensive options, depending on your budget, but we think the Hamilton Beach Brewstation is very reasonably priced.


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Video of Hamilton Beach Brewstation in action


Is Hamilton Beach coffee maker suitable for me?

If space is a big consideration and you don’t really need to serve lots of coffee you might be better off looking at other options. We do like the Hamilton Beach Brewstation, but if you’re generally just making one coffee for yourself at a time, then many of the features here are going to be wasted on you. If that’s the case, we recommend you get a single serve coffee maker.

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If you are constantly making coffee for a crowd, we would recommend a drip coffee machine in general, and the Hamilton Beach Brewstation is an update on a classic, with some excellent features and sleek styling. It’s easy to refill, it can make lots of coffee and also keep it warm for hours! If these are what you need, then we would definitely consider the Hamilton Beach Brewstation a good addition to your kitchen.

Hamilton Beach brewstation 47900 - a 12 cup coffee maker coffee dispensing machine

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