Different Types of Keurig Machines [17 Categories]

The Keurig pod system is a marvelous invention that have brought convenience to coffee making at home. The Keurig company has been around since 1990s and have introduced countless models over the years since both in the commercial and consumer market segments. In this post, we like to classify the different types of Keurig machines so that you can have an easier time to narrow down on the coffee maker that suits your needs.

Different Types of Keurig Machines

Over the years, Keurig have bought to market well over 80 models to serve different needs both in the commercial and consumer markets. Most of these models are upgrade of predecessor models while some new ones are targeting new market segments. At present, there are over 20 choices available in the market. We attempt to classify them into different types of Keurig based on their market segment.

Small Keurig Coffee Makers

If you are living in small apartment with limited kitchen counter spaces, these small keurig coffee makers will help you to save space. Some model type has really slim built and are great if you don’t want the coffee maker to have too big a footprint. Check this link for such small keurig coffee makers.

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Programmable Keurig Coffee Makers

If you like your coffee makers to have some programmability, these programmable Keurig coffee makers can serve your need. You can set the time for the machine to wake up or shutdown. There are also model which allow you to set time to automatically brew.

Dual Keurig Coffee Maker

While Keurig pod system is really convenient to use, you have to make a cup at a time. Sometimes, you just need to make 1 whole pot at once. This list contains such dual keurig coffee maker which comes with a carafe.

Keurig With Reusable Coffee Filter

Let be honest. These convenient pods cost a bit more expensive than ground coffee powder. And perhaps you are concerned about these plastic and aluminium waste created from the pods. Keurig has introduced the reusable coffee filter which can helps to save money and go a bit more eco-friendly. If these are what you are looking for, check out this list of Keurig with reusable coffee filters.

Large Keurig Coffee Maker

Refilling water tank can be a hassle, especially when you are busy in the morning. If you like to avoid that, there are these large keurig coffee makers which have water tank anywhere from 40 ounces to 90 ounces capacity.

Keurig With Water Line

If you want to eliminate water refilling totally, then go for these type of Keurig with direct water line hooked up to the tap.

Keurig With Water Filter

Water is the main ingredient for coffee and the purity of water can affect the taste. And if you are using direct tap water, the water purity is even more crucial. Water filter can help to reduce such impurities in the water source so that it won’t affect the taste of your coffee. If you are picky about coffee taste, check out these list of Keurig with water filter.

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Keurig With Strength Control

Maybe you have a late night preparing powerpoint slides or rushing your projects. And you have a important meeting to attend in the morning. The normal coffee just cannot work. You need extra strong coffee. This list of Keurig with Strength control option gives you that flexibility to have a stronger coffee when you need them.

Keurig With Hot Water Dispenser

You may not always want to drink coffee. Sometimes you just want hot water from the coffee machine. Or maybe you want to make tea with it. If hot water function is important to you, check out this list of Keurig with hot water dispenser.

Keuig That Makes Iced Coffee

During the hot summer, hot coffee may not be the best coffee you want. You want brewed coffee cold. Well you can add ice to the coffee. But you get a diluted coffee which may not be to your liking. You could alternatively adjust the coffee strength if the machine has a strong button. Or you can follow these series of steps to make iced coffee with a Keurig.

But if you want a convenient push of a button, check out this list of Keurig that makes iced coffee.

Keurig With Milk Frother

Normal black coffee is really nice. But some just like to have milk-based drinks like latte or cappuccino. You could buy a milk frother separately to froth the milk. But you can also buy Keurig with milk frother integrated.

Keurig With Temperature Control

Hot coffee is really nice. But different people like their coffee to come out at slightly different hot temperatures. These list of Keurig with temperature control will give you this flexibility to adjust the temperature.

Keurig With Largest Cup Sizes

In Keurig, the options are 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 ounces for single K-cup. There’s also 22, 26, 30 ounces options for K-carafe pods. You may not always want to drink a 6 ounces of coffee. Maybe you want more. Having more options will give you flexibility to decide how much coffee you want to drink today. If you like more options, check out this list of Keurig with largest cup sizes.

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Keurig With Travel Mug Compatibility

Do you like to bring coffee on the go in travel mugs? If there’s you, then check out this list of Keurig with travel mug compability to accommodate taller mugs.

Keurig With Touch Screen

If you think buttons are too dull and like touch screen for a look of sophistication, there are Keurig with touch screen digital display available too.

High Altitude Keurig

Maybe you stay in a place at high altitude. Or maybe you want to bring a coffee maker with you to the mountains motel for your vacation. This list of high altitude Keurig can be worth considering.

Keurig for Office

Coffee is a necessity in the office. This helps keep you alert and increase productivity. If you are the one buying this coffee maker, check out these Keurig coffee machines for office.

Which Is The Best Type of Keurig Coffee Maker?

Keurig offers many options that cover different consumer needs. Many models have features that cut across the categories presented above. Depending on what you need, go for the model that best suit your needs. Hope this post has helped you find the best type of Keurig coffee maker to buy.

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