Can Coffee Make Me Fat?

Coffee as a beverage is not only a popular breakfast favorite. For busy individuals be it professionals or students, coffee is consumed for an extra boost of energy whenever needed. Other people even tend to take more than one cup within the day when situations are dire. In situations that call for a constant energy boost, can drinking multiple cups of coffee result into a higher calorie intake? Will this action contribute to a person’s weight gain? The main question at hand, can coffee make you fat?

Can Coffee Make Me Fat?

Considering the basic form of black coffee, it is not high in calories. Taking it plain will not result to extra pounds on the scale. However, black coffee is naturally bitter in taste. To overcome the bitterness, people use sweet additives to enjoy their coffee. This means the calories in your sweet coffee is now spiked up.

In the market, coffee comes in different forms. It is sold brewed, instant mix and ready to drink with added sugar. There is also a range of novelty flavored variants that tickle the taste bud of the consumers and they typically contain high sugar content. This, too, is where the extra calories come from. The sweeteners, syrup and creamers mixed with your coffee is just going to added in a lot more calories.

Coffee and Caffeine

Many people don’t just take in 1 cup of coffee in a day. Most people take in multiple cups of coffee, especially during work days. Although the effects could vary from person to person, a heavy amount of caffeine can increase blood sugar levels. When this happens, it will spike insulin which is a storage hormone. If the body is insulin resistant, it will most likely store fat mostly in the belly’s mid section.

Insulin resistance will also make losing weight difficult. It can also increase blood pressure which is definitely unfavorable.

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Enjoy Coffee without the Guilt

What can be done about the situation so you can enjoy your cup of joe in peace? Take everything in moderation. When consuming your brew, cut down on the sugar and creamers. If you can drink it, black coffee is preferred.

There are also decaffeinated coffee variants in the market, you can also opt for those if it suits your taste. So in the end, you can get your coffee energy boost without worrying about the extra pounds.

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