Does Coffee Cause Acne?

Drinking a cup of coffee has been a part of our daily routine, and millions of other people’s daily routine. Drinking it in the morning helps give us that boost of energy that we need to give us enough fuel to get through a productive day. On the other hand, drinking it during late evenings helps recharge our mind and body from an exhausting day, and gives us even more energy to stay up late and finish off our tasks. Other times, we just have a cup of coffee for the sake of it. It has been a standard practice for most of us to grab a cup of coffee when we hang out, or catch up with family and friends. Basically, coffee is a part of our lives in all these different ways. so, some may be concerned about this question. Does coffee cause acne?

Does coffee cause acne?

Coffee has been linked to being a factor to a number of health problems, and because of that some of us may worry that coffee may also be a factor to our acne breakouts. As much as we love having our coffees, many of us are starting to cut off our caffeine intake due to this. But is this claim true? Is there any evidence that suggests that coffee actually causes acne?

Why coffee may be causing your acne breakouts?

More energy, lack of sleep, and stress

It is common knowledge that coffee contains a lot of caffeine, which helps make us feel more alert and active, especially when we take our cup of coffee during the night. This means that the more energy we get at night, the less sleep we are going to have. Having little to no amount of sleep, may lead to stress, and we all know that stress is a trigger that leads to acne breakouts.

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Sugar is a problem

The amount of sugar you add to your coffee may also be a factor to that. Diets that are high in sugar may increase the amount of insulin released in your body, which contributes to the development of acne.

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Dairy Products

Another thing is the milk you mix in your coffee may somehow play a role in triggering your acne. Cow’s milk, or dairy products are said to increase the level of certain hormones that are also linked to causing acne.

Coffee isn’t the problem

These may be a couple of reasons why we may link drinking coffee to causing acne. Although there is no direct evidence that shows coffee as the main reason behind breakouts, it’s important to drink coffee in moderation, in order to avoid all these complications. Despite all these claims about coffee having negative effects on us, there are still some positive effects coffee can give us.

Benefits of drinking Coffee

Gives us a boost

Drinking coffee helps improve our energy level and performance, for us to be able to be productive, and avoid slacking off during the day.

Burn Fat

Caffeine can be found in a lot of fat burning supplements. It can boost your metabolic rate, which would make it easier for you to lose some weight.

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It can help avoid different kinds of diseases

Coffee also contains several nutrients to fight off the risks of Type 2 Diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Colorectal Cancer, and Liver Cancer.

Should I stop drinking coffee to avoid acne outbreaks?

There will always be pros and cons to certain things. It is up to you to find the right balance that works best. Coffee isn’t really something to be worried about when it comes to causing acne. Just make sure you drink the right amount of caffeine, and look out for the amount of sugar and dairy milk you mix into your coffee to avoid all these links that may lead to acne breakouts, then you’re good to go. So to all you coffee lovers out there, go grab a cup of coffee and enjoy your day!

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