6 Shocking Uses of Coffee You Gotta Know!

coffee-grainsCoffee is a beverage most of us cannot do without. Did you know it has many more functions in addition to being a stimulating drink? Here are some really creative and unique things you can do with your coffee, other than just drinking it.


Odour Mask


As you know, coffee has a strong sweet smell. For this reason, it can be used in your refrigerator to mask the smell of the other foods.

It is easy. take fresh ground coffee and put it in an empty bowl. Leave this bowl inside the refrigerator and after a day, all you will smell will be sweet fresh coffee.


Reset Your Smell Senses


Every girl knows that shopping for the perfume can be really challenging. Why? After you smell the first, you cannot tell it from the others.

Coffee can be of immense help here. Next time you are shopping for perfume. Carry a few grains of coffee. After smelling one perfume, smell the grains. Research has shown that the coffee smell is so strong that it will restart the brain neurons responsible for smell.


Improve Your Crops


If you have a small backyard with orchids and vegetable coffee should be your best friend. Coffee has the dual effect of increasing soil aeration and providing nutrients for plants.

Used coffee provides nourishment to the worms in the soil which in turn provide oxygen required for plant growth.  Additionally, coffee reduces acid in the soil and adds essential nutrients like potassium and calcium to the soil.


Protect Your Crops


Besides improving your crops, the strong odor of coffee keeps pests and pets away from your garden. The fragrance, though pleasing to us, irritates the insects because they have higher sensitivity. However, care should be taken not to add coffee to roses as they only grow in soils with high acid content. For the sake of your flowers and plants, do not throw spent coffee in the bins again! They need it!


Therapeutic Purposes


Ground coffee is neither too rough nor smooth making it perfect for therapeutic purposes. Rough skin or beard, no problems just use coffee. Apply ground coffee on the face slowly rubbing the area, wait for fifteen minutes and rinse it off. After repeating this severally you will be amazed by the results.


Wash Off Stains


Additionally, used coffee can be used to clean utensils. The toughest of stains can easily be removed by rubbing the stained surface with coffee.


Coffee when creatively used can solve many solutions in our homes. From today purpose not just to drink coffee but instead use it in its totality.


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