How Coffee Is Made In Different Countries

Coffee is a drink loved by almost everybody A cup of coffee in the morning really gives you a boost to your attention levels. But different countries make their coffee in various different ways. Of these countries, there are some really unique coffee which stands out.




Coffee in France has a great role to play in french society. They make Café Au Lait in their beautiful cafes which is coffee served with hot milk.



Vietnamese love their coffee being heavy thick and creamy. Their coffee is made of condensed milk, egg yolks, sugar and Robusta coffee. So if you need to like to have a coffee and fill your stomach at the same time, you gotta try these Vietnamese styled coffee.



The people of Ireland love their coffee prepared with Irish whiskey, a layer of whipped cream and sugar. And it must be served hot.



The people of china love it as “coffee with tea”. It’s prepared by mixing three parts of coffee and seven parts of milk tea. Their drink can be prepared hot or cold. The choice is yours. If you are in for a cup of coffee with tea, then try it the Chinese way.



Greece serves iced coffee. It’s called Frappe which means a chilled beverage in this country.



Italians called their coffee, Espresso. Its prepared in a very short time and topped with a thin layer of cream. If you need a quick cup of coffee in a hurry, then Italy is your right place to be.



Turkish coffee is very strong. It’s made in traditional small cups with coffee grounds settled at the bottom. Turkish coffee is enjoyable so try and get one cup soon.

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