5 Ways to Improve your coffee



Almost everyone has at one point tested a cup of coffee somewhere either it in a restaurant or a house of a family or a friend and wondered “what a great coffee?”. Well, even you can make your coffee to have such great taste with the sweet flavor and the right amount of every ingredient. You only need to learn how to make your coffee that nice. Here are some ways to improve your coffee to have the most desirable taste and flavor:


 Get Fresh Beans


There are different ways that you can get fresh beans. First you can research on where to find the best-roasted beans or you can roast them your own. You can ask your family, friends, colleagues or neighbors close to you if they have any idea on a reputable company they can recommend that have the best-roasted beans. You can also find online and find out from different testimonials.

Secondly, if you decide to roast the beans on your own, you can use a special popcorn popper, a metal bowl, and a heat gun or simply place your green coffee beans in your oven’s metal tray. Heat the beans and watch them carefully as they crack and take them out when they are ready. Unlike the wine, the more the coffee beans age, the lower their flavor quality.


Keep the Coffee away from the air


Another common mistake unknown to many coffee lovers is that the coffee flavors deteriorate when the coffee beans are exposed to the air. You can avoid degrading your coffee beans by storing them in an opaque ceramic or airtight container with a lid and keeping it in a kitchen cabinet. If you are ordering from a store, avoid buying the coffee beans that do not have a roasted date on them.


Make Sure your Water is Clean and Free of any Impurities


Water as an ingredient of a good coffee is in most cases overlooked. If your water has impurities such as chlorine or particles that give it a different taste or odor, it will affect the taste of your coffee. You should also make sure that your water is hot enough for efficient solvency in extracting oils and flavor out of the coffee grounds.


 Know the Best Coffee to Water Ratio


Most people get it wrong when balancing the coffee and water by either putting too large coffee amount against water or vice versa. The recommendable standard ratio of coffee to water is between 1:15 or 1:18. However, in different circumstances such as cold coffee, the ratio for coffee could be twice the standard ratio while for a moka pot (stove-top coffee maker), the ratio depends on the type of brewer. A French press works well with the standard ratio.



Get a Good Coffee Maker!


Lastly, a good coffee machine really helps to give you that extra edge in brewing the perfect coffee. You may think that is going to cost you a bomb. But the truth is that there are really good coffee brewing / espresso machines at various price points.


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