When can I Drink Coffee After Wisdom Tooth Removal? How about before extraction?

when can i drink coffee after wisdom tooth extraction

When can I drink coffee after wisdom tooth removal?  These questions are crucial to coffee addicts, just like me.

Tooth extraction in adults is a surgical operation, albeit a small one. And doctors usually give you a list of recommendations. They will tell what to eat or drink, how to care for a wound, and an oral cavity. In the next few hours, the restrictions are more rigorous. Sometimes we need to be careful a few more days until everything heals.

But treatment is always stressful, and many people worry: Can I drink coffee after wisdom tooth extraction? Let us figure out this out

When can I Drink Coffee After Wisdom Tooth Removal?

When a dentist removes a wisdom tooth, a wound remains in the mouth, and it bleeds. Usually, the doctor puts a gauze swab to form a blood clot that will close the wound.

We can drink water, but have to be careful so as not to wet the area too much.

But it is best not to drink coffee and other drinks containing caffeine for at least three hours to close the wound.

And there are reasons for this.

  • Caffeine can increase the vessels of the muscles. Therefore, bleeding may intensify, and the wound will close more slowly.
  • Caffeine increases blood pressure, and the injury bleeds longer. Also, a protracted wound can open again.
  • When caffeine reaches the stomach, it tends to form more acid for digestion. But since you are not likely able to take food in the coming hours due to the pain, this increased acidity can cause heartburn, nausea, or even vomiting. And the vomit may get on the wound, irritating it, causing more pain.

Things To Note When Drinking Coffee After Tooth Extraction

It is best to discuss this with the dentist. Because wisdom tooth extraction operations are of varying complexity, only a specialist knows better. If we need to return to work or study after the surgery, and we cannot concentrate without coffee, we should consult it with the doctor. In most cases, we can drink our favorite drink in three hours.

If we are going to drink coffee, it is a good idea to make sure that it has cooled sufficiently since excessively hot liquid can soak a protracted wound. Besides, it activates nerve endings, and the pain becomes stronger. In the first day or two, it is also advisable not to eat too hot food at all and not to drink hot drinks.

It’s also advisable to avoid drinking coffee with any spices, including cinnamon, lemon, pepper as they can increase blood circulation or cause pain when they get into the wound.

How Much Coffee Can I Drink After Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Dentists recommend not to expose the body to large doses of caffeine and limit it to one or two cups per day. If the surgery is in the afternoon, one cup will be enough.

If you are more sensitive to coffee effects and are unable to sleep, it is best to cut further on the caffeine intake.

Else, we will not be able to sleep and rest, and we will feel the pain.

It’s best to just not to drink coffee so that we can fall asleep easier and let our body to recover.

How to drink coffee after tooth Extraction: through a straw or from a cup?

There are various recommendations on the Internet. Some experts advise drinking all drinks through a straw so that the liquid does not get on the wound. Others are for drinking from a cup. If the dentist recommends using a straw, we can ask him why he thinks so.

Some people agree that we should not use a straw as this will create a vacuum in the mouth, and this causes blood flow to the gums. Abrupt consumption can damage a protracted wound, prevent a blood clot from forming or tear off the scab, causing bleeding and pain.

One way to drink coffee after tooth extraction could be from a small cup. A small sip at a time can help to make sure that the drink does not get into the wound. A small amount of liquid on the wound shouldn’t be a problem. It should be easy to gently rinse the mouth with the product recommended by the dentist, and everything will be alright.


Can I Drink Coffee Before Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

This question may be as important too.

Many advise not to drink too much before surgery. We can have a light breakfast, brush, and rinse our teeth. Now how about coffee?

Doctors do not recommend drinking coffee before removing the tooth as it often reduces the effect of anesthesia and shortens the period of its action. If we had a strong coffee on the day of surgery, it is better to inform the doctor.


  • It is recommended to drink coffee at least 3 hours after tooth extraction.
  • Caffeine can cause increased bleeding from the wound.
  • If we have to drink coffee, try drinking coffee from a small cup, and not using a straw.
  • We should not add any spices, including cinnamon, lemon, pepper, as they can increase blood circulation or cause pain when they get into the wound.
  • And it is advisable to rinse the mouth after drinking coffee.








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