Can Coffee Cause Headaches?

Coffee helps us to awaken our minds and enhance concentration in our work. Coffee is also said to have a lot of benefits for the body, like it can clean our stomach and helps to detoxify the toxins from our body. There are also studies indicating that coffee may lower the risk of type 2  diabetes. Coffee is a good antioxidant in our bodies. Some research says that coffee can boost our mood, give us more energy, and makes us smarter. There may be many good benefits from coffee. But how about if we drink too much coffee every day? What will happen to our bodies? Can coffee cause headaches? And why does coffee gives me headaches?

Can Coffee Cause Headaches?

Yes. Coffee can cause headaches. A lack of coffee can also cause headaches.

Why Does Coffee Gives Me Headaches?

Too much coffee or too much caffeine intake

Consuming a large amount of coffee can cause headaches in our bodies. Since coffee has caffeine, too much coffee can be alarming to our health. Too much caffeine can cause headaches and cardiovascular disease. Too much of anything is no good. The same applies to coffee.

Coffee can dehydrate us and can cause headaches

Coffee can cause headaches due to dehydration. Caffeinated drinks like coffee have a mild diuretic effect on our bodies. Drinking coffee can makes us urinate more because of the caffeine. The caffeine in coffee can increase blood flow to our kidneys and this stimulates more release of water through urine. The more we lose fluids from our bodies, the more dehydrated we gets. Headaches can happen because of this dehydration.

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Coffee affects sleep and can cause headaches

Coffee may cause headaches due to the effect it has on our sleep. If we consume coffee at night, it can interfere with our sleep at night, and could also be a problem for our health. Coffee intake 6 hours before bedtime, could reduce sleep hours and can lead to sleep disturbance. If we consume caffeine before bedtime, we may experience headaches and body fatigues on the following day because of inadequate sleep.

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Caffeine withdrawal headaches

We can also have headaches from the lack of coffee. Caffeine withdrawal or what you call, quitting from drinking coffee can cause reactions from our bodies. The most common symptom of caffeine withdrawal is a headache. We all know that caffeine is a psychoactive drug that could also affect our minds and behavior. The more we’re so dependent on coffee, the more our bodies tell us that we want another cup of coffee. Headaches may happen every time we quit drinking coffee.

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Caffeinated Drinks Can Cause Headaches

Aside from coffee that has caffeine, there are lots of beverages that have also caffeine. They too could trigger our headaches.

Be Mindful of Your Coffee Intake

Coffee has 40 mg of caffeine in 100 grams per serve. We sometimes forget to check how much caffeine coffee has.  Because we are so dependent on drinking coffee, our bodies may suffer from headaches and other body pains. Coffee is good when we drink moderately. But if too much coffee, our bodies may experience headaches and other signs of coffee dependency. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to