REVIEW: DeLonghi Prima Donna S Deluxe [12 Things I Like]

With a name like Delonghi Prima Donna, we expect nothing less than a grandeur design fit with bold features from this highly renowned espresso machine. But, can the Prima Donna live up to its name? Let’s take a look at the Delonghi Prima Donna Review to find out.

Delonghi Prima Donna Review : What I like about it?

DeLonghi Prima Donna S Deluxe Fully Automatic Espresso Machine (ECAM28465M) with Lattecrema System

DeLonghi Prima Donna S Deluxe Fully Automatic Espresso Machine (ECAM28465M) with Lattecrema System

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1 Fully Automatic Design

The Delonghi Prima Donna has a fully automatic design that allows us to enjoy the luxury of being served the finest cup of coffee, or latte, by a simple click of a button. When we experience the luxury of this nature, the thought of manually brewing our coffee, then heating the milk and adding it to the brewed coffee is but a distant memory. After all, who doesn’t like the sound of convenience at your fingertips? The automatic design of the Prima Donna allows us to slowly ease into our morning, without the hassle of going through 5 different steps, to enjoy our morning coffee.


One Touch Intuitive Display

One Touch Intuitive Display

2 Stainless Steel Finish

Stainless steel appliances are like what diamonds are for women. They are of the highest standard and value, and they also look good on our countertop, providing our kitchen just the right amount of sophistication it was prior lacking. We love the full stainless-steel finish. It gives the Prima Donna a very contemporary look that oozes class and elegance. When we wake up in the morning, we’re not sure whether the thought of a freshly brewed cappuccino gets our pulse racing or whether it’s the mere display of the Prima Donna, adorning our kitchen countertop.

It stands out in the right way and epitomizes luxury on a large scale. If we think about the benefits of a stainless-steel coffee maker itself, we can’t help but praise Delonghi for its choice of material.

Stainless steel is corrosion resistant and non-porous, which means that lingering microorganisms can’t make their way through it. Not only are we representing luxury, but we’re also looking after our health.


3 Water Reservoir

We love that Delonghi incorporated a water reservoir with the Prima Donna, which is a feature that most coffee machines don’t celebrate. The Prima Donna not only has a water reservoir but a substantially large one at that. With a 2L water reservoir, we can quickly brew up a strong espresso before rushing off to work.

The reservoir makes a world of difference in hurried situations where filling up the reservoir can seem like a dragged-out Monday. We want convenience, and we want our lives to be made easier, and the Prima Donna does just that. It caters for our next 10 cups of coffee that we will be having after a demanding week.


4 Water Filter

The Prima Donna comes with an integrated water filter, which is not the general coffee machine standard, but it makes the espresso machine that much more attractive. The water filter system carefully cleans the water in the water reservoir and ensures that it is free of impurities and contaminants before it starts the brewing process. The result is a freshly brewed cup of coffee that has a distinctly fresh taste that only filtered water can give.

While most people believe that a water filter means routine filter check-ups and replacements, we believe that it’s the least trouble we can encounter for our wellbeing.

5 Integrated Burr Grinder

We always wondered what it is about coffee at a coffee shop that tastes so much better than any cup of coffee we stirred up at home, and we think we’ve found the answer, an integrated burr grinder. Now, we all know that a grinder takes the coffee beans and grinds the coffee, but there’s something extra special about a burr grinder. It’s a very precise grinder that takes the coffee beans and grinds them slowly into even pieces. This creates a more refined, flavorful, and rich coffee taste.

We also love how convenient it is to have an integrated grinder. We can add in whole coffee beans, and the Prima Donna will carefully grind it into the finest form and produce a cup of coffee that will always be better than your average cup of coffee, made without a grinder.

All we have to do is sit back, read our magazine, and let the machine do the rest.

an adjustable steel burr grinder for total control of the grind & beverage strength

an adjustable steel burr grinder for total control of the grind & beverage strength

6 Bean Hopper

The bean hopper on the Prima Donna plays one of the most important roles; it holds our espresso beans and gradually feeds it into our grinder. The Prima Donna’s bean hopper is so impressive that it can hold up to 250 g of coffee beans. This is just as much coffee beans as coffee machines from exclusive coffee hangouts in town. With so much coffee beans at our disposal, we can easily produce up to 25 shots of espresso and entertain guests on a Friday night.

We’ve always wanted the pleasure of having a coffee machine with large capacity, and the Prima Donna fits right in with our rather busy lifestyle of entertaining friends and family.


7 Patented Latte Crema System

The patented latte crema system is where the Prima Donna gets interesting. The crema system is designed to add rich, creamy foam to our lattes and cappuccinos. Fitted with a removable milk container, we can effortlessly create a world-class crema drink with the touch of a button.

After the milk dispatches into the boiler, we can then add our frother, which customizes the amount of froth we’d like. The Prima Donna’s frother can be customized up to 3 levels, creating the perfect milk-based beverage, whether it be a creamy latte or an indulgently creamy mocha.

For a latte lover like myself, this was the selling point of the machine. We love starting our days with a strong, velvety latte, topped with several layers of froth, and the Prima Donna starts us off on just the right note.

De’Longhi LatteCrema System gives you perfectly layered espresso beverages, topped with dense, rich & long-lasting foam

De’Longhi LatteCrema System gives you perfectly layered espresso beverages, topped with dense, rich & long-lasting foam

8 Dual Heating System

One of the many features that we love about the Prima Donna is the dual heating system. With two heating elements, one can focus on brewing while the other boiler takes care of steaming. The result? A consistent temperature between shots and your espresso is produced much quicker than a coffee machine with one boiler system.

Gone are the days of having a freshly made cup of coffee taste like it has been standing out in the cold. Coffee with inconsistent temperature is a complete put-off, even for us coffee lovers. The Prima Donna, however, ensures that a perfectly good cup of coffee never goes to waste and can be enjoyed long after it has been made.


9 Cup Warming Tray

The Prima Donna understands the importance of having a warm beverage served warm, so much so that they’ve incorporated a cup warming tray into the espresso machine. Although the Prima Donna dispenses hot espresso from its dual heating system, the temperature of our coffee can significantly decrease, depending on the type of cup we’re using. That’s where the cup warming tray comes in. It heats our cup so that we get hot, specialty drinks each time.

This is perfect for nights when we find ourselves curled up on the sofa, watching old movies, and drinking our favorite hot beverage. After all, nothing tastes good served cold.


10 Memory Function

When we think about how much information we store each day, we can’t help but get our head in a whirl. Luckily, the Prima Donna has enough memory to store the recipe our most famed drinks. There’s a way we like our cappuccino, not too strong, with several layers of froth, and there’s also a way that we like our latte served, velvety, rich, and creamy. With the Prima Donna’s advanced memory bank, we can store up to 4 of our customized specialty drinks.

Something is fascinating about getting our drink right the first time, using just the right amount of coffee beans, water, and milk. But everyone’s worst nightmare is being unable to remember how to produce their perfect drink. Luckily, the Prima Donna takes care of that, and you can rest assured that every cup of your specialty drink will be as good as the first.


11 Coffee Strength

Mild, firm or extra durable, our coffee preference tends to change from time to time, depending on our mood. The Prima Donna gives us the right fix that we need, and it allows us to customize our coffee strength at any time.

We like this feature of the Prima Donna, which gives us added flexibility. As coffee enthusiasts, we know that all coffee isn’t the same, and the Prima Donna gives us the luxury to produce a cup of coffee that will suit even a tea lover’s taste buds.


12 Energy Efficient

When we first laid eyes on the Prima Donna, we were obsessed. It only dawned on us later that an espresso machine of its magnitude surely takes up a lot of space and electricity. However, we were pleasantly surprised to find out that this is not the case. The Prima Donna is energy efficient. It has an input power of 1450 watts and low consumption.

After use, it also cleverly shuts off with its automatic turn off function. This is a huge benefit for a machine of its kind. It also acts as a safety measure for the probing hands of overly playful kids. Therefore, we protect our Prima Donna, and the kids, of course.


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Who is this DeLonghi Prima Donna S Deluxe suitable for?

The Delonghi Prima Donna machine is equipped with impressive features that remind us of high-end espresso machines that we see at trendy coffee shops. It boasts incredible and convenient features such as being able to make specialty drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, and hot chocolate, and it is easily customizable to suit our every need. We think the Delonghi Prima Donna is suitable for a single profession or a couple with no kids. While we do think it boasts features that kids would undoubtedly enjoy, it is not that practical for a big family. With the feature to store only 4 customizable specialty drinks, it would bring up some mayhem in a large household. Who gets to store their customized drink, and who doesn’t?

On the other hand, it is also perfectly suited for a single person who can enjoy the luxury of spoiling themselves to fine, carefully crafted coffee without sharing the Prima Donna’s memory bank.

Also, its sleek, crisp design makes it more appropriate for a household of adults as we’re not too sure whether kids would behave around a machine of this nature.

Its elegant, simple, and contemporary design would look good in a bachelor’s pad, and we know that it would be put to good use and looked well after.


3 Key benefits of this DeLonghi PrimaDonna S De Luxe

1 Easy to Operate

One of the best features of the Prima Donna is that it is easy to operate. Its fully automatic design makes our job as simple as pressing a button and letting the machine go to work.

We don’t have to fuss about the amount of coffee we are brewing because guess what? There’s a button for that.

What about how much froth we want on our cappuccino? You guessed it. There’s a button for that as well.

The Delonghi Prima Donna makes your job of making a cup of coffee, a walk in the park.

2 Easy to Clean

When it comes to cleaning a coffee machine, this is where all the fun disappears. We often struggle with cleaning a coffee machine and almost always end up with milk clinging to the milk container and frother. Talk about a dairy mess. Luckily, the Prima Donna is so easy to clean, and it doesn’t take us longer than 5 minutes.

Being a Prima Donna, the machine comes with an automatic, self-cleaning function. Once we are done brewing our coffee, the machine prompts us to clean the system. The entire process is automated and does the cleaning for us. If we prefer to be more thorough, we can remove the milk container and clean it manually, as well as the frother. Cleaning has never been such a pleasure.

3 Professional Standard

The Prima Donna accords with the standard of a professional restaurant coffee machine. With its dual heating system, it produces a quality blend of coffee at the right temperature, unlike an ordinary coffee machine.

It can also be used to make specialty drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, and mochas. The patented latte crema system is a bonus that allows us to enjoy creamy and velvety warm beverages from the comfort of our home.

DeLonghi Prima Donna S Deluxe Fully Automatic Espresso Machine (ECAM28465M) with Lattecrema System

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Shortcomings of Delonghi Prima Donna Deluxe


We understand that if we want a machine as mighty and powerful as the Prima Donna, it will most likely take up space. However, the size of the machine comes across as quite bulky and stands out in our modest-sized kitchen. If we had the luxury of space, I suppose this shortcoming would not be a huge issue, and we would have made peace with its size.


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Should I buy Delonghi Prima Donna S?

We would highly recommend anyone to buy this coffee maker. If you’re a latte, cappuccino, Americano, or even a tea type of person, then the Delonghi Prima Donna is your long-lost coffee maker. It brings luxury, convenience, elegance, and more importantly, customized specialty drinks into your life. With one simple touch of a button, you can be served with a fresh, bold brewed espresso on those rather vanilla mornings.

DeLonghi Prima Donna S Deluxe Fully Automatic Espresso Machine (ECAM28465M) with Lattecrema System

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