Delonghi ECP3420 Review [6 Benefits to get this Espresso Maker]

The Delonghi ECP3420 is a small, pump espresso machine that can make lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, or any other espresso beverage you may desire! It makes single and  double espresso shots, froths and steams milk, and is easy to take apart and clean. In this Delonghi ECP3420 review, I’m going to present the key benefits to help you gauge if it is the right machine for you!

Delonghi ECP3420  Review: Who is this espresso machine suitable for?

Are you looking to make espresso in the comfort of your own home?

Does the idea of being able to make a latte at home for much cheaper price than your local Starbucks excite you?

Are you new to espresso making?

Do you have a certain budget for this espresso maker?

If you have answered yes to any or all of the questions, then the Delonghi ECP3420 is the right budget espresso machine for you!

Any coffee lover is bound to appreciate the beauty and quality in this machine, as well as fall in love with the delicious espresso that you can make with it!


DeLonghi ECP3420 Espresso maker

DeLonghi ECP3420 Espresso maker

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Who is this espresso maker Not for?

This espresso maker is a semi-automatic espresso maker. This means you need to tamp your own coffee grounds and manually froth milk. If you want total convenience to make espresso automatically, try Delonghi Magnifica XS instead.

If you also want to make milk-based drink automatically, consider the Delonghi Magnifica ESAM3500. This super automatic espresso maker can make cappuccino and latte automatically.

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Delonghi ECP3420 Espresso Machine: The Design

Delonghi ECP3420 comes with a very sleek linear design and takes up a small footprint with its compact size.

Its water tank is removable and can hold a decent 37 ounces of water. The water tank is compatible with the use of water filters to remove impurities in water.

A convenient storage is included to keep your coffee filters. For those who like to use a large coffee mug, the drip tray is removable to allow more height clearance below the coffee sprout.

Delonghi ECP3630 vs ECP3420 vs ECP3220

DeLonghi ECP3420

DeLonghi ECP3420





















You may come across these models when checking out the ECP3420.

  • Delonghi ECP3630
  • Delonghi ECP3220R
  • Delonghi ECP3220W

At a glance, they look like an exact copy of Delonghi ECP3420.

Indeed, when you examine their specifications, you will see that they all have the same features and have the same design. The only difference lies in their color scheme.

 6 Key Benefits of Delonghi ECP3420

1. It makes authentic Italian espresso

With its powerful 15 bars pressure pump and 1100 watts power, this espresso maker have the necessary pressure to extract the espresso from the coffee and gives you a rich thick tasty crema. 

2. It allows you to use both ground coffee and ESE pods.

It can make you single or double shot with its filter holder. In fact, it also allows you to use Easy To Serve (ESE) pods. With this pod, you don’t have to deal with messy coffee powder.

3. This is a beginner friendly espresso maker

It is controlled by the rotary dial on the front top panel. This only gives you 4 options – On, Off, steam and brew. Basically, this espresso is stripped off all the fancy customization. If you are new to espresso making, you certainly want to keep things simple. The less variables, the better.

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In the end, the only thing you need to master on this espresso maker is just tamping and frothing milk.

4. You can make steam and froth milk

With its attached manual frother, you get the ability to froth milk foams for your cappuccino and latte.

5. It is fast

Its self priming operation and stainless steel boiler makes starting up really fast. You don’t have to wait too long for the water to heatup.

With its rapid cappuccino system, there is also no need to wait for reheating when you make multiple cups. The system will maintain the optimal temperature so that there is no delay.

6. It is easy to clean

With its simple linear design and flat smooth surface, cleaning this machine is easy. Just wipe the exterior with a cloth. In addition, the drip tray, water tank, filters are removable and dishwater safe. 

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Potential Shortcomings of the Delonghi ECP3420 espresso machine

It is a very basic semi automatic espresso maker

Delonghi ECP3420 is really a very basic semi automatic espresso maker. If you want to have a more advanced semi-automatic espresso machine with built-in grinder, take a look at the Delonghi La Specialista. This comes with really advanced features and has a built-in grinder.

 Unable to program drink

The espresso maker doesn’t come with the ability to program drinks. If you want to have more sophisticated features, check out the higher end models such as Delonghi Magnifica ESAM3300 Superautomatic espresso maker. It allows more customization of your drink and even comes with an integrated grinder.


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Should I buy the Delonghi ECP3420 Espresso Machine?

Overall, the Delonghi ECP3420 is an attractive piece of machinery able to produce decent quality espresso drinks. It has a sleek design, wonderful features, and the Delonghi brand is well-known Italian brand among coffee lovers.

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More importantly, this is easy to operate and offers a less than steep learning curve for beginner to espresso making.

With a price of less than $150, it is really value for money.  Consider the time spent at long queues and add up the pricey $5 coffee over the year.

You would easily get your money back in less than a year when you buy this Delonghi ECP3420  espresso maker.

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