REVIEW: Delonghi Eletta Automatic Espresso Machine [9 Key Benefits]

‘A cup of coffee a day keeps the stress away’ .. They say. And if you’re one of those people who can’t fuel up without your cup of coffee, then we must introduce you to this wonderful espresso maker – The Delonghi Eletta. Keep reading this review to find out if this Delonghi Eletta Cappuccino Top is for you.

What is the Delonghi Eletta Cappuccino Top?

Delonghi Eletta ECAM45760B Cappuccino Top Digital Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Delonghi Eletta ECAM45760B Cappuccino Top Digital Super Automatic Espresso Machine

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The Delonghi Eletta is a digital automatic espresso machine that brews a wide range of coffee types. It ensures you have a fresh, rich and tasty beverage each time. The latte cream system this product has makes the richest layered coffee beverages for each cup you make, automatically brewed for maximum convenience. It’s the kind of coffee maker that you would want in your house to add that luxury feeling of being served your coffee with no effort and in no time, that tastes exceptionally scrumptious, just like no other coffee!


Delonghi Eletta Review: Why am I writing this?

I’m somebody who really enjoys drinking coffee. ALL types of coffee. And I really like my drink to be of perfect quality, I don’t only drink to wake up in the morning or boost my energy. In other words, I find delight in drinking a cup of coffee that is faultlessly made. This is is why I decided to shop for a coffee maker that’ll be a fit for my needs. 8 months ago, I found this product, and its key features caught my attention. It is equipped with settings that looked engaging for me. I looked for the reviews, and the customers seemed pretty satisfied with the product. I was also attracted to the fact that it gives me multiple choices for coffee types. So, I decided to buy it, and honestly, I don’t regret it. Throughout these months, it has really been up to my expectations, alongside to providing me with a mouthwatering coffee daily. And this is why I decided to write this Delonghi Eletta review, and to help you decide if you wanna buy this product.


What do I like about this Delonghi Eletta Automatic Espresso Machine?

This Delonghi Automatic espresso machine has a lot of top-grade features, and there are some properties that I particularly enjoy about this product. So let me share them with you!

1) Coffee making made easy

Nobody is clumsier than me when I wake up in the morning, coffee is the only source of energy I have at this time of the day. So, of course, I won’t be spending so much time on making my coffee. And that’s what makes me like this product, as you can make your cup of coffee with just a press of a button. Also, it really helps in family gatherings and friends’ meetings as you don’t have to spend the whole time being a busy bee in the kitchen preparing beverages, just press a button for each cup and you’re supplied with the tastiest coffee drinks!

One Touch Intuitive Display

One Touch Intuitive Display

2) Easy cleaning

This machine takes like half of the time to be cleaned compared to other coffee makers. I don’t have to clean it after every brewing process. So, this allows me to have nothing to do everyday morning except that I drink my cup of coffee and head off for work. No worries about spending extra time cleaning. Also, the milk carafe does the cleaning work for itself. You only have to wash thoroughly it once in a week or so.

3) Rich taste

I’m one of those people who really enjoy the strong, rich taste of coffee, and this coffee maker allows me to relish this taste everyday. This tasty, rich, foamy cappuccino gives me the same out-of-this-world-feeling every single day!

Consistent Brewing Every Time

4) Little time filling it up

This coffee maker has a huge capacity for beans and water. You can also refrigerate the leftover milk. This saves me a lot of time filling it with the ingredients as they last long inside.

5) Perfect consistency

To be honest, I’m not one of those people who can’t manually make my coffee with the perfect consistency every time, I mess up a lot. This is why this coffee maker is helpful for me as it automatically brews each cup of coffee to ensure the optimum temperature, richness and consistency, making my coffee taste the same as that of popular coffee shop brands.


Should you buy the Delonghi Eletta ECAM45760B?

The answer is yes, If:

  • You don’t have much time or energy to spend

If your day is already full of responsibilities, then you don’t have to add another 20 minutes to your daily routine for making coffee. This coffee maker will do it for you, all you have to do is press a button and then enjoy your luscious cup of coffee, nothing more!

  • You enjoy the rich coffee taste

If you want to flex on your friends with how your coffee tastes better and richer than any of theirs, then this is made for you. This coffee maker will provide you with full-flavored coffee like nothing you’ve tasted before. It brews espressos that taste so strong, and the LatteCrema system will add the richest long lasting foam, so you’re dispensed a palatable, creamy cappuccino.

creates perfectly layered espresso

  • You like everything perfect, specially your coffee

If you won’t drink your coffee until it is of perfect quality and measures, then I guarantee you, this one is for you. This coffee maker makes sure every cup of coffee you drink is exceptionally fresh, the cream is so rich, the foam is long-lasting, and your cup will automatically be brewed to dispense you a beverage of optimum temperature, richness and density.

  • You don’t want to wash your coffee maker daily

This coffee maker doesn’t take you a lot of time to be cleaned. The milk carafe automatically cleans itself using steam, and doesn’t require any daily cleaning. Just wash it every week. Periodic descaling or internal cleaning of the brew unit is also easy.

  • You like more than one type of coffee

This is definitely the right choice for you if you enjoy various types of coffee and don’t want to buy a coffee maker that only makes a single type of coffee. Most of the other espresso machines brew only plain espressos. However, this coffee maker brews a versatile range of coffee types. You can have a classic basic plain espresso, a cafe latte, a macchiato, a foamy cappuccino and a standard coffee, all in one coffee maker! You can also use your choice of regular or decaf coffee.

Right Temperature Right Away

  • You usually invite friends and family over

If you’re that kind of a friend who usually gathers the squad in his/her house, then this will be a life saver for you. Apart from brewing coffee so quickly, it is also so easy to use, so the guests can actually help themselves with no trouble at all. Or even if you do it for them, it won’t be time-consuming at all, you just have to press a button. Alongside with all of that, they’ll have to choose their favorite type of coffee from the wide range they’re offered.

  • You like working with digital machines

Some people just don’t enjoy the process of spending a lot of time trying to perfect their coffee manually and watching videos to teach them how to do it, and if you’re one of those people, then yes, this product is suitable for you. It is called ‘the super digital automatic’ and it is really what it says. You choose your desired type of coffee and that’s all you have to do, no manual processes involved.

Delonghi Eletta Cappuccino Top

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9 Key Benefits of Delonghi Eletta Super Automatic Espresso Machine

  • Freshness guaranteed for each cup: Nobody really enjoys a cup of coffee that tastes like it’s aged a lot. This is why this coffee maker grinds fresh beans every time using the integrated burr grinder equipped with adjustable settings to ensure that your coffee is as fresh and enjoyable as possible. You’re also free to use pre-ground beans.
  • Extra creamy beverages: The LatteCrema is a latte cream system that creates the perfect layers of creamy foam over your beverages. The rich, dense, foam that will last in your drink until you finish it creates a lavish coffee beverage that meets your satisfaction, and pleases your taste buds.
  • Creates coffee with the perfect measures: Each time you make a cup of coffee, it is going to be automatically brewed to the optimum temperature, richness, consistency and density creating a glorious cup of coffee. You can also always customize the settings to make sure it’s the cup of coffee you’re craving.
  • Offers you a versatile range of coffee types: Despite being called an espresso machine, it actually offers you a wide range of beverages other than just plain espresso. Macchiatos, Cafe Lattes, Cappuccinos, and of course standard coffee drinks, are all made options besides the classic espresso, thanks to the milk froth. You don’t have to shop for more than one coffee maker for the different types of coffee or just keep drinking the only type of coffee you can make, because this coffee maker has got your back on all types of coffee.
  • Huge capacity for storing the ingredients: There is no time for refilling your ingredients once or twice a week. This is why this coffee maker stores a large amount of water and beans so you don’t have to keep refilling. You can also refrigerate the leftover milk in between uses.
  • Quite an easy cleaning process: This coffee maker takes a very short time to be cleaned compared to its rivals. The milk container also cleanses itself by steaming.
  • Easy to use: This product is digital and automatic so all you have to do in the coffee making process is choose a type of coffee that you like and then press a button. Coffee making can’t be more easy, can it?
  • Screen displays: It is provided with a screen that displays the whole brewing process. This can be very useful so you monitor what’s happening with the preparation of the drink and tells you if there is a prompt to do something (Insert an ingredient, etc..)
  • Definitely a time saver: After all what I’ve listed above, you can conclude that it is totally a time saver. It is operated so easily, it brews so quickly and gets clean in no time.


Video of Delonghi Eletta Cappuccino Top in action

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Now, does this product have any drawbacks?

Let’s be honest with each other, ALL products have drawbacks, and this one too. However it’s just a minor issue which is that it doesn’t work well with dark roast coffee beans.


Who is this Delonghi Eletta Automatic Espresso Machine Not For?

If you are an aspiring Barista looking for a espresso machine to practise your espresso-making or even latte art skills, then this is not for you. You may want to check out the Delonghi La Specialista Espresso Machine instead.

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Should you be buying Delonghi Eletta Cappuccino?

-I think everyone will enjoy this product. And this is not just my opinion, it’s the reviews of many others too. Also, the features that this product holds makes it a fact that this machine is of a premium grade.

– It is of superb quality and and is the type of machine that meets up to your expectations.

-The topnotch facilities are like no other and are truly very useful.

-You’re dispensed a mouthwatering coffee beverage, and you can also choose the type of coffee you want.

-The operation is totally automatic and doesn’t require any effort.

-In a nutshell, this product is exactly what you expect it to be. It makes your coffee tasty, rich and the operation is very quick and easy.

So the answer is yes, you can’t have more of a coffee maker than this product offers you.

Delonghi Eletta Cappuccino Top

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