Delonghi EC702 Review [13 Benefits to OWN one]

Are you looking for an entry-level semi automatic espresso machine to make espresso at home? Read the Delonghi EC702 review. This espresso maker may be the right one for you.



Delonghi EC702 Review: Who is it for?

The Delonghi EC702 15-pump-bar espresso maker is suitable for first-timers looking for a semi automatic espresso machine to try their hands at being a barista at home.

You want to get an espresso maker with a steam wand so that you can make both espresso and cappuccino at the same time.

Beside being able to use ground coffee, you also want the flexibility to use coffee pods when you are in rush for time and want to avoid the messy coffee powder.

More importantly, you also have a tight budget for this coffee maker.

Delonghi EC702 Review


Who it is not for?

Like all other semi-automatic espresso makers, this machine involves dealing messy coffee powder. If this is not your thing, go for a superautomatic espresso maker. One good recommendation will be the Delonghi Magnifica ESAM 3500.

13 Benefits of Delonghi EC702 Review

1. 15 Bar Powerful Pump

The Delonghi EC702 espresso maker is equipped with a 15 bar pump. Hence, it is powerful enough to deliver the optimal brew pressure of 9 bars for extracting espresso with a nice brown crema.

2. Versatile Patented Filter Holder

Its patented filter holder can hold 3 types of filter baskets. With the 3 types of baskets, you can choose one espresso shot, two espresso shots or an easy serving coffee pod.

If you like convenience especially during the morning before work, you can use the coffee pods. In that way, you will avoid dealing with the mess of ground coffee spilling over from the filter holder.

When you are in the mood to practise being a Barista, you can then switch back to grinding coffee and tamping the coffee grinds into the filter holder.

3. Steam Wand

Besides espresso, you can also make cappuccino and latte with the Delonghi EC702 using its attached steam wand to froth skimmed milk.

One nice design feature of the steam wand is the clip on it. Besides using the clip to turn the steam wand, it can also hold the milk pitcher in place during the steaming of the milk.

4. Self Priming Operation

With this espresso machine, you do not have to wait very long for it to heat up to the right temperature for your espresso extraction. It comes with a self priming operation which allows it to heat up quickly.

5. Stainless Steel Boiler

The Delonghi EC702 uses a stainless steel boiler. This means that it will be able to last for a long time of use.

6. Dual Thermostats

The Delonghi EC702 controls the two different temperatures of water for espresso extraction and the steam for frothing milk with two thermostats respectively. This ensures that you get the two different optimal temperatures for espresso extraction and steaming milk.

7. Compact

It has a small foot print of 11 inches ( 27 cm ) by 9 inches ( 22 cm ) and a height of 12 inches ( 30 cm ). Hence, finding a space in your kitchen to place this espresso maker should not be too much of a headache.

8. Sturdy Built

The Delonghi EC702 is made more durable with a sturdy stainless steel case. It is also very stable with a broad base and heavy weight of 13.6 pounds. Hence, unlike lighter machines with small bases, you do not need to hold on to the machine while fixing the filter holder with one hand.

9. Automatic Flow Stop

The espresso maker will automatically stop when the right amount of espresso is dispensed. That means that once you press to start the espresso extraction, you can proceed with other tasks.

10. Cup Warming Tray

The espresso taste can be affected by the temperature gradient between warm espresso dripping out of the outlet and the cold cups. For this machine, a cup warming tray is provided at the top for pre-warming your cups to reduce this temperature gradient.

11. Large Removable Water Tank

Its water tank has a capacity of 44 ounces ( 1.3 litres ). With a large water tank capacity, you will be able to make more cups of coffee for every top up of the tank. So less hassle for you.

The water tank is removable and accessible from the side. Hence, making topping up the water tank very convenient.

12. Ease of Cleaning

It is easy to clean this machine as the drip tray and water tank are removable. The steam wand can also be easily removed and cleaned too.

13. Simple Controls

Last but not least, it is easy to learn to operate the Delonghi EC702 with its simple controls. There are only 3 buttons.

The first one switches the machine on and off. Second button is to start making espresso. If you want hot water, pressing this second button and opening the steam knob at the same time will dispense hot water from the steam wand. The third button will bring the boiler to the ideal temperature for steam production.

For each button, there is a corresponding light which will light up when the machine is ready.



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Potential Shortcomings of Delonghi EC702 Review

Messy Coffee Pucks

This espresso maker does not come with a solenoid valve. Hence, the water in the coffee puck in the filter holder cannot be drained. This results in a wet coffee puck which makes it difficult to knock out of the filter holder.

No Clipping Mechanism For Filter Basket

There is no mechanism to clip the filter basket into the filter holder. Hence, when you are knocking out the coffee puck from the filter holder, you have to turn a lever upwards and hold onto it to lock the filter basket in place. I find this movement rather awkward.

Fixed Plastic Tamper

This tamper is made of plastic and fixed to the machine. It is difficult to use it to properly tamp the coffee grinds. I prefer to use a separate stainless steel tamper.

Low Height Clearance

One thing I do not like about this machine is its low height clearance for both the steam wand and filter holder. The steam wand is rather low. So you cannot use a large milk pitcher. You also cannot use large mugs. If you like to drink from large mugs, you have to transfer the espresso from the cup.


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Delonghi EC702 Review – Should you buy it?


The Delonghi EC702 is one of the best budget  espresso machine for beginners looking for their first Barista experience at home.

Unlike the higher end espresso machines, the learning curve to operate this machine is low with its simple controls.

The DeLonghi EC702 is well made and durable with a broad base, stainless steel case and stainless steel boiler. The stainless steel case also gives it a stylish look.

It has a large water tank, allowing you to make more cups of coffee for each refill.

Cleaning it is easy with the drip tray and water tank removable and accessible from the front and side respectively.

In addition, it is compact and has a low height. Thus, it is ideal to be placed under your cabinet.

With its versatile filter holder, you also get the option between coffee pods and coffee powder. You also get a steam wand to froth milk for your cappuccinos or lattes.

Given its low price, the Delonghi EC702 is a good starting point to start your coffee-making journey at home.

Delonghi EC702 Review

DeLonghi EC702 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Maker


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