Best Kona Coffee Beans : The 9 Flavors That We Love!

Coffee beans from Hawaii are famous world-wide as the crown jewels of the coffee cornucopia. They are prized for their bold flavors, and coveted for their rarity; consuming a item of such value is truly a privilege. In this post, we will share some of the best Kona coffee beans that we have really liked..

Best Kona Coffee Beans

Kona Coffee Tea Peaberry

Hand sourced from sustainable farms, these beans are single origin. This 100% Kona bean is roasted medium (full city) and has distinctive chocolate and cocoa flavors. The coffee and tea company offers light, medium, and dark roasts in a variety of flavors including cedar, dark chocolate, hazelnut, strawberry, brown sugar, and peanuts. Each bag contains 14oz, and the vacuum packaging is resealable.

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Barbarossa Coffee Hawaiian Kona

The maritime veteran behind Barbarossa Coffee, named after the famous pirate, sailed the world for years discovering the delicacies of various cultures. The Hawaiian Kona blend is the fruits of Ozzy’s labor. Barbararossa successfully blends the flair of Central America with the charm of the islands. 100% Kona beans are combined with other high-quality Latin American beans to produce a nutty, floral flavor profile, which is then followed by a clean, honey aftertaste.

It is supplied by smaller farms which have signed Fair Trade agreements. Served medium to dark, this brew will delight you with its robust flavor and low acidity, characteristic of Barbarossa coffee. Whole beans are available in 2.2lb bags. It can be used for drip coffee makers, espresso machines, French presses, Aeropresses, pour overs, and Moka pots.

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Good As Gold

Packaged in fully compostable and biodegradable pods, each sip of Good as Gold offers a multitude of pleasures. These single-serve, environmentally-friendly pouches combine Hawaii and Latin America beans.

A more even, medium roast is achieved by using advanced air roasting techniques, and they help to bring out the full flavor and aroma of these beans. Kona beans are grown on volcanic soil, so they have unique flavor characteristics. These beans are floral in flavor and have a slight aftertaste.

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Kona Gold

We also have an award winner with the “extra-fancy” category, Hawaii’s highest classification for blemish-free and moisture-heavy coffee beans. This coffee is 100% Kona coffee. The Kona Gold Trading Company sourcing beans comes from solely Kona region farmers and from farms of single origin, single estates. These guarantee a pure Kona coffee product.

Coffee beans are picked by hand, wet-processed, then sun-dried before air-roasting to produce a crisp, aromatic coffee. The combination of molasses and brown sugar is complemented by fruity undertones for a perfect combination. The whole bean is available in 16oz bags.

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Hayman Finest World

This coffee is classified as “extra-fancy” and is made with only 100% Kona beans. It is, therefore, most luxurious and purest of its kind, worthy of high end boutiques and coffee houses. The Hualalai and Mouna Loa coffee bean plantations of the Kona region produce coffee beans of high quality thanks to the ideal climate and soil conditions. Your taste buds will be seduced and lulled into your morning ritual by the smooth taste of caramel. Hayman Finest World Coffee roasts to order and ships within hours to ensure the highest level of freshness.

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Morning Glory Farms

Located at 1500 feet above sea level, this family-owned farm is located in the heart of the Kona coffee belt. Farmers at Morning Glory Farms grow more quality coffee beans because of their high altitude. Morning Glory Farms produces 100% Kona beans of a single origin and does not use pesticides or herbicides during the cultivation process. In Hawaii, this coffee was roasted with airbed methods so as to avoid burnt edges, producing a rich, dark chocolate with a brown sugar taste that is rivaled only by its scent.

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The Coffee Store

This Pure Ecstasy Kona is another capsule form of coffee grown in two different locations in Kona and finally roasted in Maui. In this blend, first-grade beans grown at high altitudes are blended with fancy-grade beans grown on lower slopes for an unparalleled blend with 100% Kona quality. To ensure quality and preserve freshness, fresh beans are hand selected, wet-processed, and finally artisan roasted in small batches.

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Sea Island Coffee

This 2010 Great Taste Award winner is a great secret indulgence, or it could make a thoughtful gift. Greenwell Estate Private Reserve Hawaii Kona is cultivated on a rather small private estate that uses high-quality land and efficient agricultural methods to produce a superior coffee, full of personality and grace. For the ultimate coffee enthusiast, these beans are medium roasted, ethically sourced, and display notes of spice, hints of red wine, citrus with a finish of milk chocolate aftertastes.

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Belux Coffee Roasters

We conclude our list of best Kona coffee beans with this gem from Mauka Honaunau. These 100% Kona beans are grown in volcanic soils rich in nutrients, hence their high quality. Coffee growing at altitudes between 460 meters and 520 meters above the sea level is hand-picked and hand-washed before being medium roasted to produce a flavor profile that is rich in milk chocolate and nut flavors.

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Kona Coffee Beans FAQs

Why are Kona beans so expensive?

Hawaii is the only place where Kona beans are grown. There is only so much coffee that Hawaii can grow each year due to a lack of space. In order to keep the crop growing, growers must price their products higher so that they can continue earning income. There are many coffee brands that mix beans from other countries with Kona beans in order to keep their claim to be Kona. For a blend to be legally labeled Kona, only 10% of its beans must come from Kona. Usually, a product that is designated 100% Kona carries a higher price tag; however, you will be receiving a product that has been grown purely in Hawaii.

What makes Kona coffee so special?

Hawaii has volcanic soil that is highly fertile. Additionally, it is located in a perfect climate for growing coffee beans. When it comes to producing premium quality coffee beans, soils, climate, and altitude all play an important role. There can be differences in taste and strength between growing beans in one part of the island and growing beans elsewhere on the island, among other factors. Kona beans are certainly among those rare commodities loved by consumers, who are always willing to try them.

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What is a “Peaberry” coffee bean?

Coffee grows in two halves within one shell, like peanuts. A “Peaberry” bean exhibits this rare mutation, resulting in only half of the beans maturing, allowing them to absorb nutrients without sharing. The peaberry is extremely rare as only 5% of all harvested beans are made into peaberries. The extra nutrients they receive during the growing period may cause peaberry beans to have a sweeter and more distinct flavor.

Where can you find the best Kona beans?

Kona beans are grown on the volcanoes Hualalai and Mauna Loa in Hawaii (beans grown on other parts of the island are not Kona beans). The plants thrive under ample sunlight, adequate shade, and adequate rainfall in perfect coffee-growing conditions. The soil in this location produces top-quality coffee beans that coffee lovers cherish.

When buying Kona coffee, what should I consider?

Before you buy Kona coffee, you should know a few things. It can be misleading to use the phrase “Kona roast” since it does not necessarily mean Kona beans are present. A “Kona style” coffee may contain no actual Kona beans unless specific percentages are stated on the packaging. “Kona blend” contains Kona beans, however, only a 10% amount of kona beans need to be present legally to qualify as this type of product. Using 100 percent Kona beans is the best option, but usually the most expensive. These are the best and most authentic Kona beans available.

Which is the Best Hawaiian Kona Coffee Whole Beans?

Hawaii can’t possibly become a more enchanting utopia than it already is. But when you taste this incredible Kona brew, you’ll find plenty of reasons to want to visit the island and experience some of its local flavors. We hope the magical world of Kona coffee has interested you enough to continue exploring it for yourself and you have found your favourite amongst this list of best hawaiian Kona coffee beans. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to