Best Low Acid Coffee Beans : The 10 Flavors We Like!

If you tend to upset your stomach or have sensitive teeth, you should pay more attention to the acidity in your coffee. But that does not mean that you should stay away from your coffee from now on. The options we’ll provide you with below are not only low in acid but also velvety smooth when drinking. So you may still enjoy your cup of Joe without hurting your stomach. Without further ado, here’s our list of low acid coffee beans which we really like!


Best Low Acid Coffee Beans

1 Maverick Midnight Ride

One might be tempted to put on the spurs and do a Clint Eastwood impression just by reading the name. Among low acidity coffees, Maverick Midnight Ride is a great choice. The beans are grown organically without using chemicals or pre-treatments to lower acidity. With 85% less acidity, this dark roast delight is made using slow roasting techniques. The coffee has been praised by sufferers of gerd for its compatibility and noted as enjoyable without any nasty side effects. It is perfect for Keto as well as Alkaline diets. A 16 oz re-sealable bag of ground coffee is available.

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2 Leiva’s Coffee

By ordering from Leiva’s coffee, you not only get single origin coffee which are organically grown, but you are supporting a family-owned business dedicated to building the community. Besides offering some of the best paid jobs in the region, Leiva’s Coffee also contributes to provide free education as well as clean water to the village in Guatemala. In addition, the company practices Fair Trade. This low acidic coffee is flavored with vanilla, blueberries, and chocolate. Each batch of Leiva Coffee is hand-roasted medium level. It is available as ground coffee in 12oz bags.

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3 Artizan Coffee Company

Artizan Coffee Company’s cold brew blend is roasted in an interesting way. In order to achieve a malt-like and dark chocolate cupping with low acidity level, different coffee beans are separately roasted at different temperatures before they are blended together. A great coffee for iced drinks and cold brews, as its name suggests. Organically grown USDA certified beans are used by Artizan Coffee Company. They are certified Kosher and GMO-free, and also practice Fair Trade. Whole beans and extra ground beans are available in a 12oz bag and roasted medium to dark.

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4 Trücup Coffee

The gentleness and flavor of Heart of Bold will excite those with coffee sensitivities. This is a great alternative to those sensitive to caffeine. By combining water and steam technology, acidity can be reduced and the pH level raised without the use of chemicals, while still preserving the taste and aroma. The bean is roasted medium-dark and is made from the finest Arabica coffee beans. The result is a smooth yet full-bodied flavor. The medium ground coffee in a 5 lb bag is suitable for drip makers with flat bottoms, cone-shaped drip makers, and pour-over methods.

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5 Lucy Jo

A new company, Lucy Jo’s, joins our list of family-owned and operated businesses. Green beans are sourced from Brazil and Indonesia, two locations that are renowned for producing high quality green beans. This low acidic coffee still gives you pleasant flavors along with hints of spice without upsetting the stomach, making it a favourite of Lucy Jo’s patrons. The Lucy Jo’s medium-dark roast uses only Arabica beans and they are organic USDA certified. Their roasts are made in small batches to keep freshness and quality consistent and are available in an 11oz bag

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6 Simpatico Nice

It makes a smooth dark roast that is enjoyable as a regular coffee or decaf, avoiding the negative effects. The coffee beans used by Simpatico Nice Coffee are grown by small families in high quality growing regions without herbicides, pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers. Nice Coffee stands behind its products and invites you to experience the smooth milk chocolate tones that will leave you wanting more. This 99% caffeine-free option is water pressed without chemicals. To ensure freshness, this dark roast coffee is roasted daily in small batches. They are available in bags of 2 and 5 pounds.

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7 The Chosen Bean

When the name “The Chosen Bean” appears, there is a certain amount of assurance. Beans are chosen from hundreds of samples and only three percent makes it to the roasting stage. This selection allows excellent quality, so when you sample it, you can expect nothing but the best. Their products are made with only the finest organic coffee beans from Guatemala, Ethiopia, Sumatra, and Mexico. Combining light-medium together with dark-medium roasted beans, this batch is low acidic and full of flavors such as chocolate, cocoa, spices, berries, and sweet orange. These are available in whole bean as well as grind and they come in re-sealable bags of two pound, five pound, and twelve ounce quantities.

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8 Bones Coffee Company

Bones Coffee Company is one of the best brands to try when you are looking for more in your cup of coffee. The company specializes in flavoured coffees and offers an array of tasty flavors, including salted caramel, sinn-o-bun, smores, strawberry cheesecake, pumpkin slice, and maple back. It’s easy to spend countless hours exploring the wild concoctions that Bones Coffee Company has to offer. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about the acidity level that comes with it.

The Maple Bacon flavor by Bones Coffee Company combines medium roast coffee beans with maple bacon flavor. The delicious aroma of this small batch roast will have you waking up early so you can enjoy it. Coffee beans are sourced from Brazil, 100 percent Arabica, guarantee high quality. This product is keto and vegan friendly. Beans can be purchased whole or ground in 12oz resealable bags

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9 Don Pablo Coffee

For those who love coffee and spirits, here is one for you. The pairing of Kentucky bourbon and specialty grade coffee beans gives you many flavors as you take a stroll on the wild side. Fine bourbon is infused into coffee beans as they are matured in oak barrels. The beans absorb every drop of the liquid before being dried, roasted until a medium-dark colour and a perfect caramelization has been achieved.

Rich caramel, butterscotch, honey & cocoa flavors with lingering cocoa tones will tickle your taste buds and get you revved up. The low acid coffee is available in 12oz bags packaged in collectible foil canisters.

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10 Puroast Coffee Vanilla

Compared with green tea, Pure Roast Coffee boasts 70% less acidity and 7 times more antioxidants. You’ll not only feel better, but also enjoy it since it offers a smooth and tasty alternative to other heavy acidic coffees. A selection of other flavors is available in the Puroast range, including butterscotch toffee, pumpkin spice, and toasted chestnut. Special roasting techniques are employed to develop coffee with a strong personality and enhance the flavor. This coffee is available in 12oz bags.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Low Acid Coffee Beans

Are there any benefits to low-acidity coffee?

Coffee with low acidity can be beneficial for people with Gerd and other sensitivities such as acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, and sensitive teeth. The low acidity minimizes reactions such as heartburn and indigestion. Diarrhoea and irritable bowel syndrome are common symptoms for those who cannot tolerate high levels of natural acids like in coffee. The risk of these occurrences can be reduced by drinking low acidity coffee.

How else can low-acidity coffee benefit you?

Additionally, low-acid coffee can benefit your teeth. Higher acid levels in coffee can gradually erode tooth enamel, according to studies. Drinking coffee that has a lower acidity can protect your teeth from future tooth damage, keeping your smile healthy and bright.

Cold brew vs. Iced coffee: what’s the difference?

A cold brew is made by soaking coffee in water overnight to draw out the flavour, then consuming it without adding hot water. Iced coffee is usually brewed hot and diluted with ice and milk before being chilled.

Do low-acid coffees have a more bland taste?

Coffees with lower acidity levels were typically bland and had a lower flavor profile. With today’s roasting techniques, coffee suppliers are able to produce delicious coffee even with lower acidity levels, meaning that enjoying a cup of good quality coffee does not have to risk negative consequences.


Which is the Best Low Acid Coffee Beans?

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