Best Coffee Beans For Cold Brew : 10 Flavors We Love!

Many people have become accustomed to drinking cold brew coffee. As the coffee grounds are submerged in much cooler water, cold brew takes longer to brew than other methods. Many of the flavor profiles associated with various types of beans are influenced by how the beans are roasted, the date when they are picked and their inherent characteristics. We have tried many cold brew coffee beans, and this post will share our list of the best coffee beans for cold brew that we love!

Best Coffee Beans For Cold Brew

Stone Street Colombian Coffee Bean (Single Origin)

This is one of the best cold brew coffee beans that we taste. Dark roasts are especially suited for this brewing method, since coarse beans allow for a slower extraction of flavor, and this results in a rich and smooth taste in the end. With this single origin roast, you get to taste a unique set of flavors, since mountainous terrain and high altitude make this area of South America the ideal growing environment for coffee beans to flourish. Due to its low acidity, this product is easier on the stomach, making it ideal for people with a high sensitivity to acidity. Despite having a slight sweetness, it is well balanced in terms of other flavors, and its boldness is well-balanced.

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Cooper’s Cask Guatemalan Coffee Beans

These are single origin Guatemalan coffee beans which brew a batch of cold brew with a relatively subtle caramel and milk chocolate flavor that doesn’t overpower the coffee. This batch of coffee is indeed well balanced, and the beans were roasted and ground specifically for this method. Another important point to note is that it uses less coffee grounds to prepare cold brew, 6 ounces to every 32 ounces. Of course, if you’re a professional cold brew maker, then personal preference will determine what’s right for you. Cooper’s Cask is the perfect choice for those who love a bold cup of coffee that still retains the lighter attributes of a medium roast, yet its flavor profile is well-balanced.

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Those who are trying cold brew coffee for the first time will appreciate the pre-measured coffee grounds that come in individual coffee bags. The result is an easy and quick way to make coffee without having to worry about having left over grounds. As compared to other cold brews, this one steeps for just 12 hours, whereas others ask for 15 or more. However, along with other brews, this can be kept in your fridge for some time so you can enjoy it before it goes bad. With the chicory and the signature New Orleans spices, this is a very balanced blend of richly flavorful coffee. Alternatively, you can make a hot cup of coffee with the bean bags if you want to satisfy your coffee craving.

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Produced by sustainable means and sourced ethically, Bizzy Cold Brew coffee provides a fresh approach to flavors and multiple choices for people with different preferences in flavors and tastes. The blends come from Nicaragua and Peru, and you can choose between a Sweet Smooth Blend and a Dark Bold Blend. Because this is a multi-origin coffee, the beans have a world of different flavors due to the regions in which they are grown. Both regions include the chocolate tones and nutty notes that are typical in South America. There are instructions and clear guidelines on the packaging and it’s useful for those who are inexperienced in brewing cold brew, giving specific instructions and explanations of what to do to get the best-tasting finished product. But the experienced brewer is free to make a more potent brew or one that is lighter. There is a brewing time of anywhere from 14-20 hours, depending on the strength desired, and a fridge life that’s even longer. It has a rich, smooth, full-bodied flavor and is extremely easy to prepare.

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Dark Brazilian Cerrado

Cerrado is another our favourite on this list of best coffee beans for cold brew. With this single origin coffee, you get a powerful, smooth flavor profile and taste when using the cold-brew method, with no bitter aftertaste left behind. Due to its climate as well as environmental factors, Brazilian coffee beans is one of the best in the world, which gives it its nutty taste as well as rich hints of chocolate, so a cold brew of that same quality can be obtained. During the roasting process, the beans for Cerrado are partially sun dried. This is a traditional method of drying used in the coffee process that gives it a distinct taste from other roasts and blends. Following roasting, the beans are packaged immediately after they are roasted, thus preserving freshness, resulting in a high quality taste in the final product. The roast is medium-dark, so although you will taste the overall coffee flavor, it will be softened by the sweetness of the chocolate and the richness of the nutty hints.

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Koffee Kult Dark Roast

Koffee Kult cold brew coffee beans are roasted in smaller batches. This ensures each bean receives the attention it needs to produce the top quality flavor. Although this company offers a variety of coffees, this dark roast coffee beans is one of their best-rated blends due to its multi-origin nature and blend of powerful, smooth and clean flavors. You can get whole beans of coffee and grind them yourself, as the beans are packaged shortly following roasting in order to ensure their freshness as well as to ensure their flavor profile is not compromised. The important point to note is that this particular coffee was not specifically formulated for cold brew. Nevertheless, it is still suitable for cold brewing. In general, it is typical to use one part coffee to eight parts water when making cold drinks, but you can change this ratio according to your specific taste. You’ll be able to enjoy cocoa and cinnamon aromas as you indulge in this  dark roast from Koffee Kult and prepare it to suit your taste buds.

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Verena Street Nine Mile Sunset

This dark roast offers a wonderful balance of fresh complexity and comforting full-bodied taste, without any bitter aftertastes. Cold brewing this coffee can bring out its full flavor qualities. Verena Street coffee is responsibly sourced and sustainably made because they believe in protecting the regions that are responsible for creating the unique flavours of coffee beans. Their beans are roasted in small batches, to ensure that every bean gets a full roasting. It is roasted at a range of temperature, contributing to it having a bold, rich taste. This is the perfect cold brew blend for those with a darker palate, so that the pure taste of coffee is balanced with the regional tastes of every region in the coarse roast mix.

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Volcanica Tanzania Peaberry Coffee

This coffee has a unique aspect in that it is arguably two coffee beans that evolves into a single coffee bean, which gives it a brighter flavor profile and a smoother taste, which is evident when cold brewing, which can dull some bean flavors. Due to the shape of its combined two beans, the peaberry roasts a lot more evenly than other beans, leading to more pronounced aromas and flavors, although not for everyone’s taste.

The Volcanica Tanzania blend comes from Mount Kilimanjaro slopes. This coffee bean is a medium roast, that enhances the peaberry taste. With its acidity, it distinguishes itself from other roasts, but its flavor is more intense, so some may not enjoy. Packing of the beans immediately protects their freshness, and preparation ratios remain the same, although the medium roast may  not be strong enough for the dark roasters. To produce a bolder cup, a larger amount of coffee is suggested per unit of water.

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 Death Wish Coffee

If you are finding for something with a lot of caffeine, don’t be fooled by this dark roast blend’s packaging or name, as it makes a perfect cold brew coffee. In addition to the fantastic caffeine content that comes from the slow roasting of both Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, this cold brew coffee also offers hints of cacao and cherry which will make a mouthwatering start to your day.

Those who purchase Death Wish Coffee beans can grind it themselves and discover its rich aromas while brewing it according to their preferred preferences. With a high caffeine content of 200%, and a robust aroma and flavor, this blend will do well with a ratio of 8 part water for every 1 part ground coffee, depending on what you desire for your cold brew. Whichever style of cold brew you prefer, this slow-roasted, small batch blend will provide the smooth taste you have been looking for, without bitterness or ugly aftertastes. Definitely the best coffee bean for cold brew!

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Tiny Footprint Coffee

Last on our list of best coffee beans for cold brew is this Tiny Footprint. With a subtle fruity and floral flavor, this blend is a combination of light roast with dark roast coffee beans, making them perfect for cold brew. This company is carbon negative, as a percentage of every pound of coffee purchased is used to plant trees and in other ways to protect the natural habitats.

It is made using cocoa beans from Ethiopia’s highlands, which makes it ideal for those who desire chocolate notes, since the cocoa bean’s rich and silky flavor makes it one of a kind in its own right. A combination of light- and dark-roasted beans, as well as Ethiopian beans, this results a cold brew coffee that is bold in flavor and more bitter than a typical brew. Because lighter roasts are used, the coffee has a more acidic flavor. However, the cold brewing method eliminates this characteristic, and you end up with a complex brew.

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What should I know about cold brew made with coffee beans?

Grind size

If you use finely ground coffee to make cold brew, you will have over extracted the coffee’s bitterness, which is not pleasant to drink. You will get better results by grinding your coffee coarsely, which allows the flavors to be extracted slowly, resulting in less coffee in your cup.

Roast Type

Although roast type isn’t necessary to create a great cold brew, taking into account that lighter roasts and medium roasts do not contribute acidity to the final beverage should be taken into account. For cold brews, dark roast coffee is preferred because it retains the most amounts of its original flavor and makes the drink more consistent.

If the roast is light, ensure you soak the grounds for a long period of time so you can get hints of flavor which characterize these beans. Using cold brew will alter the acidic or salty characteristics of the beans, but medium roasts can keep the balance in flavors that distinguish the bean by region or blend as well as roasting method.

Which is the Best Coffee Beans For Cold Brew?

While this list of these beans are suitable for use in cold brew systems, the choice of flavor, caffeine strength, and caffeine concentration depends entirely on personal preferences. This post, we hope, provided you with some inspiration and a general idea of how to choose the best coffee beans for cold brew. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to