Arabica vs Robusta Coffee Beans

As coffee lovers, we may be particular with our choice of coffee. Arabica and Robusta coffee beans are two coffee species where the majority of the coffee production in the world comes from. They’re probably not new to you because we can see them in some coffee shops.

What’s the difference between arabica vs robusta coffee beans? Let’s further discuss their differences below.

Arabica vs Robusta Coffee Beans

Arabica coffee is said to be the first-ever coffee bean ever consumed. It is also the most popular type of coffee bean that makes up 60 % of the world’s coffee production according to the International Coffee Organization. It has an irregular shape and appears to be larger than Robusta coffee beans.

Robusta coffee is mostly grown in some parts of South East Asia, also in West and Central Africa. It makes up 25% of the world’s coffee production. Robusta coffee beans  are circular in shape and  are smaller than Arabica beans.


Arabica beans are more delicate and more difficult to plant and grow since it has specific weather and altitude requirements. In harvesting, the cherries of arabica coffees are picked, when it fully ripens. The flesh is removed and leaves the bean. Before it’s sold, the beans are washed and dried with a humidity level of 10-12%.

Unlike Arabica, Robusta is said to be remarkably hardy since it’s more likely to survive either in high or low altitudes and resilient against pests and diseases.

In harvesting, the coffee cherry is picked when it has matured (from green to bright or dark red), The dry method of process also known as “unwashed” is the process of drying the beans in the sun for 15-20 days. While the wet method process uses water to remove the skin from the coffee cherries and extract the beans before they are dried.

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Arabica has lesser caffeine content compared to Robusta. However, it has a higher level of acidity that makes it sweeter. It also has a mild, smoother, and sweet taste with flavor tones of chocolate, sugar, and fruits.

Robusta coffee is twice more caffeine than Arabica. If you are trying to avoid caffeine, then it’s not a good choice. It also has a lower acidity level which means, it is less sweet in taste or bitter. Also, It is said to taste earthy and have a rubber and grain-like flavor with a nutty aftertaste.


Arabica coffee beans are more expensive than Robusta coffee. It is because it’s more delicate and harder to plant and grow. Although it’s pricier, most coffee drinkers would still prefer Arabica because of its taste.

Robusta is cheaper than Arabica at around half its price. Aside from the fact that Robusta coffee is easier to farm, it is also said to have lower quality than Arabica considering its taste. But if you prefer higher caffeine and a bitter taste, then this is the coffee for you.

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