Top 8 Best Coffee Makers Under 100 [5th ONE NOT TO MISS]

Coffee is an every man’s drink. Construction workers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, secretaries, rich, poor, middle-class—all types of people find something in coffee, whether it’s an exquisite, gourmet coffee, or a coffee intended to warm and comfort the drinker. Because of its importance and ubiquity in global culture, inexpensive machines must exist. In this guide, we will look at 8 of the best coffee makers under 100 dollars.

Quick Tips for Choosing the Best Coffee Makers Under 100

When buying a coffee maker under $100, you need to take into account your individual needs.

If your goal is to have a reliable and consistent stream of coffee to help you work throughout the day, you may be better served by buying a coffee maker with a higher liquid capacity.

However, if you’re shooting for high-quality, gourmet coffee, more advanced and technologically impressive machines may be for you.

The value found within a coffee maker and the price you’re willing to spend on one depends on your lifestyle.

Factors you should consider when deciding what coffee maker to buy include: ease of use, time needed to dispense coffee, quality of the product, any special functions of the machine, and brewing capacity/size.

A good coffee maker exists on a spectrum of these factors, the optimal combination being unique to you.

Top 8 Best Coffee Makers Under $100

Here are 8 different coffee makers with different strengths, depending on your needs.

#1 Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker

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First up to bat is the Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker . This coffee maker finds its niche for daily use in its simplification of morning routines and ease of use.

To brew coffee with a Keurig, you do not have to use and measure from a tin of coffee grounds. Instead, you use pre-measured, ready to use “K-Cups.” K-Cups come in 6, 8, and 10 oz sizes and a variety of flavors.

One of my favorite parts of the Keurig K-Classic is being able to brew other beverages, like apple cider and hot chocolate. It works with all hot drinks. The ability to use K-Cups rather than measuring grounds with a traditional coffee maker cuts down on time spent making coffee in the morning.

This coffee maker not only benefits the user in its dispensing speed and ease of use, but also has a large brewing capacity.

Coming with the Keurig K-Classic is a detachable water reservoir, the source of water used to make the coffee. It comes off the side of the Keurig effortlessly and can be reattached after being filled. This water reservoir can carry up to 48 oz of liquid, allowing you to make as many as 6 cups of coffee without refilling it.

The process of putting a K-Cup in, hitting a brew button, and waiting for the coffee to dispense can take as little as one minute. The Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker is a natural choice for the working person.

#2 Sboly Espresso Machine

Sboly Espresso Machine with Milk FrotherCheck It Out

If gourmet variants of coffee are more your speed, then check out the Sboly Espresso Machine. This coffee maker is recommended for anyone interested in brewing strong types of coffee, like espresso, lattes, or cappuccinos.

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The Sboly is small enough to fit on desks at work, messy kitchens at home, or anywhere you’re interested in brewing at. Unlike many espresso makers, the Sboly is simple to use, with only one knob necessary to operate it. In just two minutes, the Sboly can give you four shots of steaming and polished espresso.

In addition to its functionality when making espresso, a carafe is included to allow you to make lattes and cappuccinos. Perhaps the centerpiece of the Sboly’s success is its integrated milk frother. If you’re ever been enchanted by baristas using frothed milk to make wonderful, foamy coffee, look no further. When making a cappuccino, you can easily include frothed milk in less than 40 seconds using the Sboly’s frother. For the refined palette, the Sboly.

#3 Mueller French Press

Mueller French PressCheck It Out

Next up is the Mueller French Press. French presses are appealing for two main reasons: their ability to be used in unfamiliar environments and the robust flavor of french pressed coffee. Many french presses are marketed to hikers and campers. This is among the best. The Mueller press is durable, strong, and operable in the outdoors, with little access to electricity or technology.

Another factor that makes the Mueller press a great choice for campers is its two-layered stainless steel coating. This walling insulates the coffee maker, guaranteeing that a freshly brewed pot of coffee will be hot for as much as an hour.

On the side of flavor, french presses, like the Mueller, allow you access to strong and intense coffee at a low cost. Traditional coffee makers often create weaker blends of coffee because of their use of filters. For some people, that style is preferable. But, for those who enjoy powerful and deep blends of coffee, the Mueller is a good choice.


#4 Hamilton Beach Commercial Stainless Steel Coffee Urn, 60 Cup Capacity

Hamilton Beach Commercial Stainless Steel Coffee Urn, 60 Cup Capacity

Hamilton Beach Commercial Stainless Steel Coffee Urn, 60 Cup Capacity

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Here’s the Hamilton Beach Commercial Stainless Steel Coffee Urn, 60 Cup Capacity! The Hamilton Beach Coffee Urn is designed to serve crowds, so it’s ideal for businesses and large gatherings. The Hamilton Beach is simple to operate, requiring only a cursory knowledge of how to brew coffee. A on button is displayed when the coffee is ready, making it easy to see when to serve the crowd at a moment’s notice.

The Hamilton Beach is massive. It can brew a cup of coffee a minute, and when used at maximum capacity, can brew and hold 60 cups of coffee. The spigot attached to the urn can be pulled with one hand, making the contents of the urn easy to access for anyone. A heater is built into the urn, keeping the coffee at its tastiest temperature over long-periods of time. A glass window is in the center of the urn, allowing the operator to notice when coffee supplies are getting low. The Hamilton Beach Coffee Urn is a crowd-pleaser.


#5 Viante Mini Coffee Maker with grinder built in

Viante Mini Coffee Maker with grinder built in

Viante Mini Coffee Maker with grinder built in

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Viante Mini Coffee Maker is an artisan brewer in the hands of a normal person. One of the greatest ways to experience a warm cup of coffee is when you’re tasting fresh ingredients. When coffee grounds are stored in bags for long periods of time, go through extensive shipping and industrial processes, much of the flavor that makes coffee so wonderful is lost.

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Viante’s Mini Coffee Maker proposes an economical solution. Built into their coffee maker is a bean grinder. This grinder allows you to insert whole beans, unhampered by industrial cutting processes and cut them down for your usage at the time when you want to use them. The grinder is simple and allows you to access high-quality flavor in just minutes.

Another key advantage of Viante’s coffee maker is your ability to select a flavor intensity. Naturally, whole beans carry an intensity that is often lost in pre-ground beans. This factor can be unattractive to some users. As a result, Viante included the ability to select the intensity of the coffee produced, allowing an accessible, mild, medium, or strong cup.

This is truly a coffee maker for any coffee aficionado, no matter their preferred taste. Of course, the Viante can be used with normal pre-ground beans if you prefer them. The Viante Mini Coffee Maker is small in stature, enabling its storage in tight spaces and reducing clutter in the kitchen. It can fit into small cabinets, to the side of stove tops, or anywhere you need it. The Viante comes with a carafe capable of holding four cups of coffee, in spite of its small size. The Viante Mini Coffee Maker is tiny but mighty.

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#6 Posame Programmable Coffee Machine

Posame Programmable Coffee Machine

Posame Programmable Coffee Machine

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Posame offers their Programmable Coffee Maker for those who need to plan ahead. This coffee maker carries a few benefits that distinguish it from the competition. The primary benefit and the main selling point of this product is the programmable timer it carries with it.

 If you want coffee right when you wake up in the morning, you can program the Posame coffee maker to finish brewing at the time when you normally get up. Or, if you want coffee when reading in the afternoon or evening, you can set the timer to allow a fresh cup of coffee accompany you.

This product is particularly useful to students who need to budget their time carefully. Safety is another focus of the Posame programmable coffee maker. It comes with an anti-drip system, ensuring that when pouring coffee, hot bouts of liquid don’t spill onto your skin or clothing. Posame’s coffee maker also has a carafe warming plate that maintains the freshness and temperature of freshly brewed coffee, while turning off two hours after usage to prevent fires or electricity waste.

In a world where it’s easier than ever to forget the small things, Posame has your safety in mind with this coffee maker. Like the Hamilton Beach Coffee Urn, Posame’s coffee maker has a very large capacity. If the Hamilton Beach urn is made for huge crowds, the Posame coffee maker is designed for house parties and home gatherings. The Posame programmable coffee maker can hold 12 to up to 15 cups of coffee at a time. Posame’s coffee maker is a scheduled and disciplined machine.



#7 BELLA (14436) One Scoop One Cup Coffee Maker

BELLA (14436) One Scoop One Cup Coffee Maker

BELLA (14436) One Scoop One Cup Coffee Maker

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For the environmentally conscious coffee lover is the BELLA One Scoop, One Cup coffee maker. The One Scoop, One Cup is a compact coffee maker designed to produce one cup of coffee at a time. While this is not convenient for some families and for large gatherings, BELLA more than makes up for it with the quality of the product produced. BELLA’s concentration on creating the perfect cup of coffee, rather than many cups of coffee, shows. The flavor of the One Scoop, One Cup coffee maker is rich and complex, featuring bold and exotic flavors at the forefront.

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If you want to taste a high-quality cup of coffee, but do not care for french presses or whole beans, then BELLA’s machine is for you. Featured with the One Scoop, One Cup is a permanent, reusable filter. One of BELLA’s goals in creating this coffee maker was to cut down on paper filter usage. A metal, dish-washer safe filter is included within the One Scoop, One Cup. The drip tray on this coffee maker is adjustable, allowing you to accommodate different mug and tumbler sizes. The One Scoop, One Cup, is one cup of joy.


#8 BLACK+DECKER’s Brew and Go

BLACK+DECKER Brew 'n Go Personal Coffeemaker with Travel MugCheck It Out

BLACK+DECKER’s Brew and Go is just as the name implies: ideal for the traveler. If you have a busy morning, then BLACK+DECKER has you covered. Not only does this single-serve machine easy to use in the morning, but comes with a specially fitted travel mug.

BLACK+DECKER includes a 15 oz. travel mug with the purchase of the Brew and Go’. In fact, the Brew and Go’ is designed to pour directly into the travel mug, without a carafe or any other middleman. Immediately after brewing, the Brew and Go’ shuts off the heat to prevent disasters. As far as convenience goes, the Brew and Go’ gets you out the door.

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Which is the Best Coffee Machine under 100 dollars?

Each of these coffee makers has a purpose, fulfilling a role for individuals who have unique needs. For some, the convenience of a Brew and Go’ or a K-Classic is ideal in the morning. For others, Posame’s programmable coffee maker and its high capacity, or the Hamilton Beach coffee urn work just right to satisfy thirsty crowds.

For the refined, BELLA, Viante, Mueller, and Sboly have you covered. In my personal usage, none fits better than Viante’s Mini-Coffee Maker. The taste of just ground beans, the smoothness of the product and the powerful, jaw-dropping flavor all make it a product with the right fit for me.

Going through multiple cups of coffee in the morning is not an abnormality in my household, and it’s comforting to know that each cup of coffee brewed will be one with impeccable style and flavor. The ability to grind my own beans involves me in the process of creating a truly magnificient carafe full of coffee. Its ease of storage, use, and intensity are all musts in my life—and so the Viante is the one for me.

Viante Mini Coffee Maker with grinder built in

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Take a look at all of these excellent machines, examine your own needs. Good results don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Hope this review has helped you decide on the best coffee maker under 100 to buy. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to