Gaggia Classic Pro RI9380 Review [4 Unique Benefits!]

The Gaggia  Classic Pro RI9380 espresso machine is an update on the Gaggia 14101 Classic. Gaggia has kept all the great points about the previous machine and only updated the machine with a quieter operation and a bit more modern style built.

The Gaggia RI9380 really does make a great espresso and in an exceptionally well-priced machine. We would have liked Gaggia to have thought a bit more about the usability of the machine. But if you’re willing to get this espresso maker set up right (especially with a good coffee grinder), and you’re willing to take the time to learn how to make a great espresso, this machine might just knock your socks off!

Keep reading for our full review of the Gaggia RI9380 Classic Pro espresso machine.


Gaggia RI9380 Classic Pro Espresso Machine: What do we like?

The Gaggia RI9380 is tagged as being an “entry level” semi-automatic espresso machine. Which it definitely is, but we think it may be being a bit modest!

For an entry level machine, it can basically pull a professional espresso! You can’t expect anything less from an Italian espresso machine.

It’s been restyled and although we still prefer a more classic design, it did look quite good on the counter.

Gaggia RI938046 Classic Pro Espresso Machine

Gaggia RI938046 Classic Pro Espresso Machine

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The portafilter (where the coffee beans go!) is commercial-grade and comes with a 3-way solenoid valve. The solenoid valve means the coffee grinds are easier to remove after use. And obviously a commercial style portafilter (one of the most important parts of a coffee machine) is the way to go.

Commercial style Portafilter

Commercial style Portafilter

The Gaggia RI9380 heats up fast which is always nice, and has a simple and easy to use control panel.

It also includes unpressurized filter baskets which are better than pressurized filter baskets. But you will need to have a good coffee grinder. If you’ve got these things, this is a definite plus.

They throw in a few pressurized filter baskets as well. But apart from maybe your first few pulls, the unpressurized basket is the way to go.

Filter baskets

Filter baskets

The Gaggia RI9380 comes with a commercial steam wand, with the steam knob on the side. Which is a nice addition to the updated model and with the right practice, it will allow you to make pretty latte art.

Gaggia RI938046 Classic Pro comes with commercial steam wand

Gaggia RI938046 Classic Pro comes with commercial steam wand


Gaggia RI9380 Classic Pro Review : The Design

The Gaggia RI9380 Classic is not the most elegant of Gaggia espresso machines. It could just be personal preference. But we always like a bit of the classic aesthetic in our espresso machines. The Gaggia RI9380 doesn’t really have any of that.

Having said that, it’s stainless steel, and it feels very professional. And still looks good in the kitchen.

It comes with three big switches – on/off, brewing and steaming. They may not have been the design choices that we would have made. But at the same time, they’re functional, easy to use and understand.

3 Rocker Style buttons

3 rocker style buttons

Definitely better than having to navigate a touch screen for five minutes!

It has a HUGE 72 ounce water reservoir at the back, which is a major factor to its big size.

Huge 72 ounces water tank!

Huge 72 ounces water tank!

Again, if you had asked us, we might have gone with a slightly smaller reservoir to try to accommodate the fact that this machine is destined for home use. But Gaggia obviously felt that a bigger water reservoir is worth the space trade-off.


4 Unique Key Benefits of Gaggia Classic Pro

1. It makes truly authentic Italian espresso.

Sure, great espresso at its heart is about the beans.

But if your machine can’t extract the flavor from the beans, even the best beans in the world aren’t going to make the best coffee.

The Gaggia RI9380 is a powerful machine that can make you just that great shot.

This machine is not kidding around and makes a great espresso – actual cafe style coffee. Seriously!

2. It has the professional features of commercial-grade espresso makers

The use of these commercial grade features – the portafilter, the unpressurized filter baskets really helps to make great espresso. Gaggia is always committed to making the best coffee possible, and you can tell it by these details.

3. This is a quality machine.

We may complain a little bit further below, but Gaggia are known for making long-lasting coffee machines that seldom fail. And we couldn’t imagine anything would be different with the Gaggia RI9380.

It feels sturdy and strong, and almost all of this machine (save a few parts like the water reservoir) is made of stainless steel!

4. You get a commercial-grade steam wand too!

Commercial steam wands may not be the easiest to use, but it’s a nice touch and another skill to learn. If you’re investing in a professional style espresso machine anyway, you may as well learn all the skills you’ll need!


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Potential Shortcoming of Gaggia Classic Pro Espresso Machine

Short height clearance under coffee sprouts

There is very little space under the coffee spouts. If you want a big mug of coffee – too bad!

The Gaggia RI9380 leaves you a whole 2.75 inches (7 cm) under the coffee spout.

If you wanted to make a big mug of coffee, you’ll have to make the coffee in an espresso cup and then transfer your shot to the mug. Kind of a hassle.

A big on the bulky side

The machine is big and bulky. It measures about 8 x 9.5 x 9.5 inches and weigh 20 pounds. If you’ve got the space, this isn’t going to worry you too much. But you’ll be giving up a lot of precious bench space to the machine if you’ve only got a small kitchen.

Difficult to see the water level

We’re not sure we’ve ever encountered this problem before. Usually the water tank is TOO visible! But in this machine, the water tank is partly covered by the drip tray. So it’s basically impossible to get a good view of how much water is in the machine.

No integrated grinder.

You’ll have to buy a grinder, and to really get the best out of your machine, you’ll want a good quality burr grinder.

Gaggia Classic Pro vs  Gaggia Classic – 3 Key Improvements

Gaggia Classic Pro has several improvements over its previous iteration.

1. Commercial Steam Wand

It now comes with a commercial steam wand. This is much better than the previous Paranello wand. The new wand comes with 2 holes , which gives you more control to texture milk and create tight microfoam, the kind you need for a good latte art!

2. New Rocker Button Interface

There is slight change to the rocker buttons. There are now separate buttons for brew, steam and power. Each button also comes with dedicated indicator lights.

3. Quieter Brewing

Classic Pro is now quieter during brewing. This is made possible with a better mounting of the vibration pump. This effectively dampens the sound during brewing, so that you don’t heard that much noise as compared to its previous iteration.

Gaggia RI9380/46: What people are saying about it

You will need to learn how to make espresso. The whole art of making espresso is pretty satisfying if that’s what you enjoy.

In order to get that “actual cafe style coffee”, you’re going to need to know how to use your machine.

It’s not that it’s hard (maybe the one usability aspect Gaggia thought about was the switches, because there are thankfully only three and one of them is on/off ) but it’s a skill. And so it takes time to develop.

Definitely worth it in the long run, but don’t be surprised that you’re not immediately making “actual cafe style coffee” if you’ve never pulled an espresso before this espresso machine.


Is Gaggia RI9380 worth the price?

Considering the great espresso Gaggia RI9380 makes and its commercial-grade features, we would say it is great value for money.

It’s not competing with the cheap and easy machines – you’re competing with real professional espresso machines!

There are cheaper models out there. But this is about where we would have priced the Gaggia RI9380.

Considering the professional elements of the model and the ability you have to make great coffee, it’s a fair price.

One thing to keep in mind is that you will want a good coffee grinder for this machine. A cheap coffee grinder isn’t going to allow you to get the best out of this machine. It’s a one-time, but nonetheless additional cost, and we would hate it for you guys not to be able to get the best out of a espresso machine like this.

Gaggia RI938046 Classic Pro Espresso Machine

Gaggia RI938046 Classic Pro Espresso Machine

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Gaggia Classic Pro Review: Who it is not for?

If you’re someone who’s not too serious about your coffee, we would generally steer away from any of these types of semi-automatic machines. And the Gaggia RI9380 has just about enough annoying features to definitely put you off.

You would probably be better off with any of these fully automatic espresso machines instead.

Sure there’s a chance you’ll fall in love with the art of making coffee. But there’s a good chance you’ll just find the whole process a pain and your machine will just end up sitting there taking up space in your kitchen and gathering dust.

That would be our one caveat – nothing to do with the machine. But as always be honest with yourself about what you want!

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Should I buy the Gaggia Classic Pro Espresso Machine?

If you’re thinking of getting serious about your coffee, then yes, the Gaggia RI9380 might just be the machine for you!

There’s nothing else this espresso maker is doing, except giving you a great espresso shot! And that’s where all the thought has gone into.

As with all espresso machines, it may take a few tries to get it right. But once you do, you’ll probably forget that you have ever used to buy coffee out of the house.

If you know you’re committed to the art, then welcome to the club.

The Gaggia RI9380 really is a workhorse. The only real drawbacks with the machine is that we just don’t like the styling as much as some of the other options in the range, And in the same vein, Gaggia could have thought a little more about the average consumer rather than just the espresso shot at the end.

However, we’ve got to say it. In terms of the coffee and the specifications of the machine, the Gaggia Classic Pro RI9380/46 is a seriously good contender, and should be at the top of your list to consider!


Gaggia RI938046 Classic Pro Espresso Machine

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