Mr Coffee One-Touch CoffeeHouse Review [7 Benefits]

Cappuccinos and Lattes are trendy and delicious. But sometimes waiting in a coffee shop line or drive-thru just isn’t in the agenda for the day. So what’s the solution? Well, the Mr. Coffee brand has something made for home use, bringing that experience right to the customer. Keep reading to find out more in this Mr Coffee One-Touch CoffeeHouse review.


Mr. Coffee One-Touch CoffeeHouse Review: Who it is for?

Mr Coffee One-Touch CoffeeHouse Cappuccino Machine

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If you just wish to control the tamping of coffee grounds and yet love to have latte without the manual frothing, Mr Coffee One Touch CoffeeHouse is a great option for you.

This is a semi-automatic espresso machine with an automatic milk frother. It allows you to tamp your coffee grounds in the portafilter. It also comes with an automatic milk frother which steams and froths the milk automatically for you and delivers the frothed milk directly to your espresso.


7 Benefits of the Mr. Coffee One-Touch Coffeehouse Espresso and Cappuccino Machine

  1. It is really easy to use!

Mr. Coffee One-Touch CoffeeHouse has a one-touch intuitive control panel that is easy to use.

Making a cappuccino or espresso (or even a latte!) at home may seem intimidating, but in fact, it is easier than one would think! The Mr. Coffee brand brings you peace of mind with a “one-touch” button system. With one push of a button, this machine will produce the perfect cup of java every time. Absolutely no second guessing on what to push or how many times. Simply choose from 1 or 2 espresso shots based on the size of the mug.



  1. It can froth milk automatically!

Mr. Coffee One-Touch CoffeeHouse can froth milk automatically

The key to a tasty cup of espresso or cappuccino is the milk froth. Mr Coffee One-Touch CoffeeHouse features an automatic milk frothing system that takes action after the selection of espresso shots is chosen. Simply turn the dial to adjust the amount of stirring you want and it does all the rest. It is compatible with any sort of milk, dairy or non-dairy. It is the perfect way to top off your hot beverage. The ease of use continues with the milk as there is a convenient milk reservoir. Not only does the reservoir store the milk for use with the machine, but can be stored in the fridge for future use. The milk reservoir is capable of holding about 650 ml.

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  1. It produces the ideal high pressure to extract tasty espresso

What is a bar pump? Well, it is what makes your espresso taste exceptionally delicious. The bar system in an espresso machine is how much pressure is being used to make high quality espresso. Most machines are equipped with 15 to 17 bars. Standing tall with a significant 19 bar system, this machine brings the highest quality taste around. You will be certain that every cup brewed has the exact espresso flavor you want.

  1. It has an a really good heating system

Probably the most important aspect in an espresso machine is its heating system. Without the proper temperature, the taste will be offset. That is not a problem with this machine. It’s innovative thermo-couple heating system ensures quick, uniform heating of your beverage. This is extremely important not only for the taste, but for each cup, every time. This machine brings consistency to every drop with a 3 thermo-couple system.

  1. It is able to fit multiple cup sizes

Most people’s cupboards are stuffed with various sizes of cups and coffee mugs. Rest assured that this machine will provide excellence no matter the cup size! It has an adjustable cup setting to fit anything from your cupboard. That means that even a thermos for your morning commute can be filled with your favorite cup of java.

  1. It is really easy to clean

Sticking to its promise of being a “one-touch does all” machine, this Mr Coffee cappuccino maker also has a one touch cleaning button. This cleaning button sends a cycle through the machine to give it a good rinse out. This is important maintenance that is hassle free compared to other devices that call for special cleaning packets, etc. The ease of cleaning means that the life of the machine will be longer and that the consistency in taste will remain in tact. 

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Traditional coffee makers have tanks built in which leads to a mess that no one wants to clean up. The removable tank ensures even, steady pouring for no mess. It inserts easily back in place meaning you can get on with making your desired drink.

In addition, it features a stainless steel drip tray for catching potential spills or overflows. The stainless steel is easy to clean and does not rust easily. Other machines usually have aluminum drip trays that may corrode more easily.

  1. It is really pretty

While some people might not consider the overall look to be a benefit, others will. It is impressive looking with sleek silver and black coloring for a modern look that matches any kitchen. You’ll be proud to serve and show off your new espresso machine!

Mr. Coffee One-Touch CoffeeHouse Espresso Maker and Cappuccino Machine

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Potential Shortcomings of Mr Coffee Cappuccino Maker

Replacement Parts Difficult to Find

One of the only complaints about this machine is that if a replacement part is needed, they cannot just be ordered.


Video of Mr Cofee One-Touch Coffeehouse in action

Differences Between Mr Coffee One-Touch CoffeeHouse vs Café Barista

Mr Coffee One-Touch CoffeeHouse is an improved version over the Mr Coffee Café Barista.

Make you more cappuccinos and latte

CoffeeHouse has a large capacity, so it can make you 6 cappuccinos or 3 lattes. While Café Barista is only able to make you 4 cappuccinos or 2 lattes.

A Better Heating System

CoffeeHouse uses 3 Thermo Couples, 1 more than Barista. This means you get a better heating system for your water.

Higher pressure pump

CoffeeHouse uses a 19 bar pressure pump while Barista uses a 15 bar.

Can fit 2 espresso cups

Although both have dual sprouts,  Coffeehouse has a better drip tray design to accommodate 2 espresso cups as compared to only 1 cup on Barista. This is a nice feature to have if you wish to fill up two cup at the same time.

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Should I buy the Mr Coffee One-Touch CoffeeHouse Cappuccino Maker?

Mr Coffee One-Touch CoffeeHouse is designed for novice or expert coffee consumers as it is easy to use.

The intuitive control panels made selection a really one-touch operation.

Frothing can take skill so the automatic milk frother really takes out the second-guessing for milk frothing.

What’s left will be just to master your tamping skills.

Besides easy of use, it is also easy to clean with removable water tank and drip tray. In addition, you also have the one-touch cleaning cycle to clean the internal water tracks.

Moreover, it is priced really affordably for the value it brings.Compared this to the expensive lattes at coffee joints. Perhaps it is time to get such a latte maker today.


Mr. Coffee One-Touch CoffeeHouse Espresso Maker and Cappuccino Machine. what's in the box.

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