Best Espresso Machine under 100 [6 Factors to NOTE]

best espresso machine under 100

Currently, there are many espresso machines in the market and getting the best espresso machine under 100 dollars is sometimes challenging. Let us share with you on what to pay attention to as well as the best budget espresso machines currently in the market.

Factors to consider when buying an Espresso Machine under 100 dollars

1. The design and build

There are many things to keep in mind before getting the best espresso machine under 100 dollars. This includes the design and features of the machine. A good machine has features such as a built in high quality grinder, programmable settings, etc.

Having a built-in grinder will enable you to make coffee with different flavor. It also gives you convenience as you can save the effort to transfer ground coffee powder from a separate grinder to the espresso machine.  In addition, having the grinder integrated with the espresso maker also saves the counter space.

The quality of water can make or break your espresso. Hence, the quality of your water filter is also important. Getting an espresso machine with built in water filter will enable you to make a cup of espresso with better taste.

Also, it is usually good to get a machine which can produce your espresso at the ideal temperature of 190 to 196 degress Fahrenheit.

If you have a preference for milk based drink such as latte or cappuccino, go for an espresso maker with a steam wand.

2. Ease of Use

Some models have functionalities which are difficult and challenging to operate. Before getting your favorite machine, ensure that it has features that are somehow automated and easy to operate.

A good machine should enable you to get a quality espresso by just hitting a button. If you are looking for convenience, then go for the fully automatic espresso machines. These models have programmable settings and built-in automated features, all which help you to make your coffee with minimal effort.

3. Cleaning And Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining a machine is sometimes a painful experience. A good espresso machine should have functionalities and features which enables you to clean the machine without much hassle.

Before getting the espresso maker, it is advisable to check the manual for the procedure to clean and maintain the machine. This will ensure that you can get an espresso machine which is easy to clean and maintain.

4. Coffee Drink Options

There are many types of coffee drinks. Some people like just espresso. Others prefer milk-based drinks like latte and cappuccino. If you belong to the latter, consider get a cappuccino espresso maker instead.

5. Size of Espresso Maker

The size of espresso machine usually matters. If you have a small counter, then you will need a machine was which is smaller in size and takes less space.

If you are a person who likes traveling and camping, getting the smaller one is also a good idea. Then you can bring along your coffee maker.

Most of the machines which have extra features are usually big. Based on your preferences, get a machine which best fits you and the one which produces high-quality espresso.

6. Durability of the Espresso Maker

Besides good features, a high-quality espresso machine should be durable. Usually, the ones made of stainless steel are better than plastic. However, they are usually more expensive. Typically, such espresso makers can  cost up to $1000. However, you may still find some of the best value espresso machine under $500.

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Always familiarize yourself with the features and the durability of the machine before getting one. It is also usually good to get a machine which has a warranty as this gives you an insight of the durability of the model.


Top 3 Best Espresso Machines under 100 dollars

Without further ado, let us introduce you to the top 3 best value espresso machines.

 Hamilton Beach 40715 Espresso Maker


 “The Hamilton Beach 40715 Espresso maker is suitable for aspiring Barista looking for a budget semi-automatic espresso machine to practice your Barista skills at home.”

Hamilton Beach is one of the best espresso machines under $100 which features extensive functionalities with best café results. It mainly features the 15-bar Italian pump which is powerful and can produce a cup of a rich espresso. This machine works well with easy-serving ground coffee or the espresso pods. Besides its price, this espresso machine has great looks and will enable you to make an excellent cup of espresso.

This machine comes with steamer which enables you to steam milk to make mocha, cappuccino, and latte. The powerful italian pump fitted in this coffee maker ensures that the espresso is extracted at the ideal pressure.

It has a water reservoir which is easily removable and has a push-button operation which is simple to use.



Makes multiple cups

Hamilton Beach has easy-to-fill water reservoir which can hold up to 40 ounces. It also has two head spouts which enable you to brew two cups espresso simultaneously. With these two features, you can make coffee more efficiently when you entertain your guests.

To add to the convenience, Hamilton Beach allows you to add water to the reservoir without necessarily turning the power off. This is feature not commonly found in most of the steam machines.

Variety Of Coffee Drinks

With this espresso machine, you can easily make delicious lattes, cappuccinos, and mocha right in the comforts of your home. There is no need to visit cafe shops anymore.

It perfectly froths and steams milk for a variety of cafe-quality and authentic beverages. The adjustable steam control enables you to control the amount of froth in your milk.

Easy To Clean

Cleaning the Hamilton Beach doesn’t require much effort. The parts which require cleaning are all removable. This includes the frothing nozzle, drip tray, filter holder, brew head, cup rest and water reservoir. This enables you to clean them in a snap using the warm soapy water.

It is a good practice to clean the nozzle by steaming a cup of water under it after steaming milk.

Clear instructions

This machine comes with everything you need for a perfect espresso. It has a design which is easy to use and the one which will turn you a home barista. If you are new to making latte right in your home, then this machine is good for you.

It comes with the use and care guide which has clear and detailed instructions which enables you to make a variety of espresso in no time

Also, you can get videos on their website covering various topics including getting started, filling the water reservoir, steaming milk, frothing milk and ways to keep your machine clean.

Flexible Coffee Options

With this machine, you can utilize various types of coffee. You could choose espresso pods or grind your coffee beans.

If you choose to grind your coffee, you have to purchase a coffee grinder separately though. But it may be worth the cost as using freshly grounded coffee beans do make a difference to the espresso taste.

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For those who do not like to deal with messy coffee powder on the kitchen counter, you can use espresso pods which are easy to clean after use. Also, you can easily get them from the local coffee shops, houseware stores or online.

Who is this machine for?

The Hamilton Beach is an entry level semi-automatic espresso machine which allows you to practice your Barista skills at home.

This means that you get to tamp ground coffee powder into the portafilter and attach the portafilter onto the espresso maker. In addition, there is also a milk frother attached. With this, you get to enjoy the steaming of milk to produce the foamed milk for your latte or cappuccino.

In addition, it allows you to choose the type of coffee to make your drinks. You can choose pods for convenience or coffee beans for added freshness. With this option to use coffee beans, you can grind the coffee beans to different coarseness to alter the espresso taste.

If you wish to level up your Barista skills at home but with a budget, this is one of the best inexpensive espresso machines to do so.


Gourmia GCM4000 Espresso Machine


“The Gourmia GCM 4000 is suitable for anyone looking for convenience in preparing espresso, latte and cappuccino at home automatically.”


Gourmia GCM4000 Single Serve Espresso Maker


Check Price


The Gourmia GCM4000 is a three-in-one coffee maker which can make you espresso, latte and cappuccino.

This modern brewing station provides convenience in two ways.

First, it comes with a convenient Keurig K-Cup compatibility. This means you get to use and enjoy various varieties of espresso, pod tea and many more. In fact, there are over 400 varieties from over 75 brands to choose from.

Second, its integrated built-in frother enables foamed milk to be poured into your cup automatically.

In short, you can simply enjoy the best espresso by just hitting a button.

Ease of Use

The Gourmia GCM4000 has simple controls. There are only three buttons, one for each coffee drink type – espresso, cappuccino and latte. They are all pre-programmed with precise brew settings. So there is no need to figure anything. Just press the coffee drink you want.

Choosing small and large cups of espresso is also simple. Just press the button for your coffee choice once for small cup or twice for large cups.

Making milk-based drinks is equally a breeze. After pouring the milk into the milk carafe, the machine does its work automatically. Thanks to its integrated milk frother, the foamed milk is channeled directly into your cup after steaming through the attached spout. You can also adjust the frothiness in this machine in just a simple dial.

Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning is convenient for this coffee maker. The milk frother has convenient self-clean mode feature. The water reservoir, adjustable cup shelf, and drip tray are all removable for cleaning.

Who is the Gourmia GCM4000 espresso maker for?

If you want convenience and love milk-based drinks, the Gourmia GCM4000 is the best affordable automatic espresso maker in the market. It can make latte and cappuccino brewing conveniently and automatically.  In addition, you can use the Keurig K-cup on this coffee maker. This means you have 400 varieties of coffee, tea pods and more to choose from. No more boring mornings!



Staresso Espresso Coffee Maker


“The Staresso espresso maker is a portable espresso and cappuccino maker. It is suitable for camping lover who can’t do without their espresso or cappuccino.”

This is the award-winning portable espresso maker which can make espresso, cappuccino and cold brew coffee. Best of all, it requires no electricity to make a perfect espresso. In addition, the Staresso espresso maker is fashionable and designed with unique style to fit the coffee enthusiast.

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In short, this is a manual espresso maker. However, it is designed to be portable and easy to carry. It is like carrying a water bottle. The only difference is that this bottle can make you coffee on the go.

Easy to use

The Staresso operates and works with almost the same principle as to the traditional ones. You have to force hot water through the puck of coffee, but the difference is that you will use some force to create pressurized water.

Just a few pumps, you can prepare your coffee in a few minutes. It is really easy. If you don’t believe, take a look at this video.

Ease of cleaning

The Staresso only have a few parts. All the parts are removable. So cleaning is very simple and fast.


This espresso maker is designed to be portable. It has a diameter of 2.80 inches and a height of about 8 inches. This product is pretty light, weighing about 450 grams. As a trade-off for portability, the water tank capacity is only 3.38 ounces. Nevertheless, it is enough to make a cup of coffee.  

Coffee Drink Options

With most manual espresso makers, you will need a separate milk frother to make milk-based drinks. Hence, it is amazing that this Staresso espresso maker can make foamed milk and espresso with just these few parts it contains.

Besides espresso and milk based drinks, the Staresso can make cold brew coffee, French coffee and foamed milk tea too.


Who is the Staresso Espresso Maker for?

The Staresso espresso maker is ideal for outdoor lovers who like to have coffee on the go. This coffee maker is portable and elegantly designed. It is safe, simple to use and clean. It can make you coffee and milk-based coffee drinks. Most importantly, it is affordably priced.


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Best Espresso Machine Under 100 – Final Verdict

Which is the best espresso machine under 100 dollars?  Each of the above espresso makers is suitable for different customers. If you like to practice Barista skills, go for a semi-automatic espresso maker like Hamilton. With its milk frother, this espresso maker can allows you to froth milk for Latte art too.

If you are short on time in the morning, getting an automatic espresso maker like Gourmia’s GCM4000 will definitely save you a lot of effort and time to make coffee in the morning.

For camping or hiking lovers who must have a cup of coffee every day, the Staresso espresso maker would be the best portable espresso maker you must have.

No matter what your needs, they are definitely the best espresso machines under 100 dollars in the market. Considering the amount of money for a cup of latte at coffee joints, this is definitely an investment that must be made. Just think of how much money you can save in a year! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to