Best Espresso Machine Under 900

Buying an espresso machine for close to $900 might seem excessive. However, a good espresso machine isn’t cheap. You may want to consider making an investment if you want to have cafe quality espresso consistently. However, choosing an espresso machine can be difficult because there are so many options out there. In this post, we will like to share our list of best espresso machine under 900 dollars.

Best Espresso Machine Under 900 Dollars

Gaggia Anima Prestige Super Automatic Coffee Machine

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The sleek design of the Anima Prestige is pleasing to the eye. Anima Prestige is less than 9 inches wide, with stainless steel front panels for an elegant, modern appearance. The interface is simple and intuitive. You can create a range of basic and customized drinks with its LCD screen and 6 dedicated buttons. The Gaggia Anima Prestige allows you to program individual drink buttons with your preferred drink volume, coffee strength, and temperature. If you prefer more control over the espresso brewing process, you can program a pre-infusion to gently moisten the coffee grounds before brewing. Also, you can save all of these settings for future use.

With its integrated milk carafe, Prestige’s auto-cappuccino system allows you to make specialty milk drinks at the push of a button. With this unit, the milk froths and dispenses straight into your cup from the dual chambered carafe. The milk carafe is detachable, so you can keep the balance unused milk in the fridge for future use. In place of the remove milk carafe, you can attach hot water spout to dispense hot water for other drinks like Americanos or even hot tea.

Anima Prestige comes with a ceramic burr grinder, so you can get fresh coffee beans grind for your espresso. Thanks to its Adapting System, the grinder can adjust how it works to accommodate the kind of bean you prefer. There is also a bypass doser which lets you to use pre-ground coffee when you desire so.

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The Anima Prestige boasts a large capacity. There is a removable water tank of 60 ounces and a bean hopper of 8.8 ounces on the machine. Water can be held in the drip tray for up to 24 oz. and spent coffee can be stored in the internal dreg bin for up to 15 pucks.

Maintenance is easy. The brew unit is removable for easy cleaning. This machine also has a function for running automatic rinsing and descaling cycle. Moreover, there is an automatic cleaning cycle for the milk circuit of the integrated milk carafe.

When the Anima Prestige is idled for an hour, it will enter a low-energy standby mode, consuming just 1 watts per hour.

De’Longhi La Specialista Semi Automatic Espresso Machine

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Delonghi La Specialista is a semi automatic espresso machine great for aspiring Baristas. This elegantly designed, professional-style espresso machine was built for espresso and coffee lovers who are passionate about what they do. You can make espresso exactly how you like it with this machine. The espresso process has been simplified to remove the margin for error, so no need to worry about the complex aspects of preparation.

First of all, its Sensor Grinding Technology ensures precise and consistent grinding and the perfect dose every time. Those looking for the perfect tamp will appreciate the smart tamping station, which allows them to replicate it easily. Just pull the lever, and the ground coffee is perfectly tamped. Because the portafilter does not need to be removed, you don’t have to worry about getting messy.

In addition, a dual heating system with active temperature control provides the most consistent temperature setting for optimal espresso extraction and milk texture. There are two independent heating systems in La Specialista. One thermoblock is used for extracting coffee while a separate heating system froths or steams milk. This means you don’t need to wait for the machine to heat up the steam for milk frothing.

If you are making milk based drinks, its advanced latte system will help you achieve the optimal milk texture for your lattes and cappuccinos. For those who like Latte Art, you can choose to froth micro foam. But if you are just going to enjoy a nice cup of cappuccino, you can select rich frothing.

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The separate hot water spout in La Specialista allows you to brew a perfect Americano. In addition, the bean sensor makes sure you won’t run out of beans when grinding.

With the versatile La Specialista espresso machine, you’ll enjoy a more fulfilling espresso experience, regardless of whether you want to impress guests or delight yourself with the satisfaction of handcrafting something.

Rancilio Silvia Semi Automatic Espresso Machine

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Silvia is a traditional semi automatic espresso machine with a classy design that is a great fit for most kitchen. It has a iron frame housing with rust-free stainless steel panels. It also uses commercial grade components.

This boiler is chrome plated and made of brass. It also comes with 3 thermostats. Heat is evenly distributed due to brass’s properties. It enables the boiler to heat up the water rapidly, while maintaining the temperature for heavy usage. Therefore, you won’t have to wait for the water to warm up from shot to shot. The temperatures in the espresso, steam and boiler are monitored by these 3 thermostats. This ensures that each brew of espresso is extracted at the correct temperature.

Heat is lost from the espresso head as hot water passes through coffee grounds in typical espresso machines. However, Silvia uses commercial style group head which allows excellent heat stability while espresso extraction is taking place. This results in excellent espresso extraction.

Foam insulation is used to insulate the brass boiler. As a result, the heat is better retained and the energy consumption is lower. The coffee machine also automatically shuts down after thirty minutes.

Silvia comes with an ergonomic steam wand with a ball joint. For lovers of lattes, this provides a wide range of movements to steam the milk. Your latte will be perfectly microfoamed with this steam boiler’s powerful steam volume and velocity. Moreover, the one-hole steam tip makes milk steaming easy to control.

KRUPS Fully Automatic Espresso Machine EA8298

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With the design and manufacturing done in France, the KRUPs EA8298 is a compact machine that takes up very little counter space. Its fully automatic operation means you can enjoy the best cup of coffee whether you’re an amateur or a pro.

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Built-in metal conical burrs grind whole coffee beans evenly and quickly before brewing, preserving the freshest flavor. The machine has a large sealed hopper to keep fresh beans, enough for making several coffee drinks. Combined with its integrated milk container, you can froth and brew your coffee drink in one go. The unit’s easy-to-use interface includes an ergonomic knob and an intuitive LCD screen for easy navigation.

It uses a high-pressure 15 bar pump and compact thermoblock heating technology to ensure that you get sufficient pressure for the espresso extraction and consistently hot espresso shots every time

In addition, its hydraulic automated tamping system takes the guess work out of tamping so this also helps to improve your espresso extraction. There is also a steam nozzle on this machine if you want to make creamy Latte drink. The water tank is also large with a 60-Ounce capacity and there is an empty indicator so that you will know if the water tank runs low.

Which is the Best Espresso Machine under 900?

Personally, I prefer the Gaggia Anima Prestige because of the convenience it offers. Even if you want a cappuccino, it can make it automatically for you with its auto cappuccino system. I also like the large capacities it offers in its water tank, bean hopper, spent coffee container and drip tray which just adds up to the convenience.

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