Best Espresso Machine Under 2000 : Automatic, Semi & Manual

Buying an espresso machine for almost $2,000 seems like a big expense. The good espresso machines are notorious for their high cost. Nonetheless, if you wish to have barista-quality espresso that is consistent, it could be worth your while investing. There is such a wide selection of espresso machines in the market, it’s hard to navigate, and difficult to find the right one for you. The objective of this post is to find the best espresso machine under 2000 dollars.

Best Espresso Machine Under 2000 Dollars

Gaggia Babila Super Automatic Espresso Machine

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Gaggia Babila makes it to the top of our list of best espresso machine under 2000. This is an italian espresso brand whose founder is considered the father of domestic espresso machine.

With an integrated milk carafe, Babila’s auto-cappuccino system allows specialty milk beverages to be prepared at the touch of a button. In the right front part of the machine, a double chambered carafe is locked into place to froth and dispense milk right into your cup. To control your milk’s texture and temperature, you can manually froth it with the steam wand located on the left front of the machine. In addition to acting as a steamer, the steam wand also serves as a water dispenser.

With the flow knob, you can easily switch from a strong espresso to a lighter coffee without over-extraction. Gaggia Babila comes with a ceramic burr grinder as well as a bypass doser, giving you the option of using whole beans or pre-ground coffee. The adjustable coffee dispenser can fit most containers from 3 to 6 inches, ideal for espresso or tall mugs.

This machine boasts large capacity. The machine houses a removable 50.7oz water tank and a 10.58oz bean hopper. As many as 11 spent coffee pucks can be stored in the internal dreg bin. The drip tray can hold up to 31.5 ounces before it has to be emptied.

Maintenance is easy. With this model, the brew unit can be removed for easy cleaning. It also has options to rinse and descale the machine automatically. The milk circuit in the integrated milk carafe is automatically cleaned with an automatic cycle. For extra purified water, just attach this AquaClean water filter to the water reservoir!

On the Gaggia Babila, you can program each individual drink button with the volume and strength of your choice. You can enjoy eight programmable one-touch drinks with just a push of a button! The eight options are espressos, espresso lungos, ristrettos, coffee, lattes, macchiato, flat whites, cappuccinosand milk foam. If you want to increase or reduce the flow of water through the grounds, you can adjust the flow of water using the flow adjustment dial. You can save all these settings for future use with just one button click.

If you want an automatic espresso machine under 2000 with both a milk carafe and a commercial grade style steam wand, Gaggia Babila super automatic espresso machine is the right one for you.

Breville Dual Boiler Espresso Machine BES920XL

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Breville Dual Boiler makes it to our list of best espresso machine under 2000 and it’s an Australia brand well known for making semi automatic espresso machine for home use.

Despite being a home-based device, the Breville BES920XL offers commercial features with good performance. Making perfect espresso requires precise temperature and pressure control. Heating is accomplished via dual stainless steel boilers. Espresso shots are produced by an espresso boiler controlled by a PID temperature sensor, while steam is produced by a separate boiler providing instant, powerful steam when required. Hence, you can perform the extraction of your espresso shot at the right temperature, so you can produce an optimal cup of coffee, while steaming your milk to a cafe-quality at the same time.

Furthermore, the group head includes another element that helps maintain a constant temperature within the entire system. This machine also have the Over Pressure Valves feature. This feature limit the maximum pressure allowed throughout the extraction, thus preventing bitter flavors in the shot. There is also a pre-infusion at low pressure, which expands the grinds gently to allow an even extraction over time.

The coffee geek will appreciate this machine even more. The temperature of the brew, the pressure, and duration of the preinfusion are all programmable. Yet it is easy to use with its user-friendly LCD display. Preheating the machine can be scheduled using an Auto Start setting. The easy-to-fill 84 oz water tank is conveniently located on top. There is also a water outlet dedicated for hot water and this allows you to quickly heat cups and make an Americano. You can also raise your barista skills over time by using the shot clock and pressure gauge. If you like making latte art, you can texture milk with the steam wand by hand, which also help to enhance the flavor. In addition, this Dual Boiler comes with a descaling function for easy cleaning.

BZ10 Bezzera Espresso Machine

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If you want a semi automatic espresso machine under 2000, BZ10 Bezzara is worth a consideration. For those seeking entry into the prosumer market, but want to save money and counter space, the Bezzera BZ10 is the ideal entry point. It is beautiful and durable, and is made from AISI 304 polished stainless steel with a traditional Italian design. A small prosumer machine, the BZ10 is one of the smallest machines available. But, don’t be fooled by its size. The BZ10 functions like a pro. Featuring the BZ10 head, which is beautifully crafted, the BZ10 machine is full of surprises.

This machine’s BZ10 group head is one of its specialized features and is electrically heated for optimum temperature stability. A thermostat controls the temperature of two dedicated heating elements in the group head. By using dual elements, the group head is evenly heated to aid in temperature stability.

A 1.5 liter nickel-plated copper boiler and a vibration pump are used for brewing. In order to apply a metal coating that is able to meet NSF food safety standards, the boiler was electroplated using the Nistla process. This machine’s boiler has a heat exchanger, so you can brew and steam simulatenously, and produce up to 20 ounces of steam in one go with only 40 seconds to recover. The three-way solenoid valve channels excess water right into the drip tray when you’ve finished brewing. The steam and hot water wands of the machine are mounted on ball joints, allowing for full articulation.

Water reservoir capacity of the BZ10 is 3 liters, a sizeable volume for a home espresso machine. This machine measures 9.8 inches wide, 14.7 inches tall, and 16.7 inches deep. It weighs 42 pounds and includes a measuring spoon, a backflush disk, filter baskets for single and double shot, a double-spouted portafilter, and a group brush.

La Pavoni Copper Manual Espresso Machine

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If you want a manual espresso machine under 2000 euros, this La Pavoni Professional manual espresso machine is ideal. But it’s really for the coffee aficionado who appreciates the art of making espresso, You may have to spent some time to master this machine, but once you do, you will be able to prepare great tasting espresso that will surely impress your guests. This model has a large boiler capacity of 38 ounces and can put out up to sixteen 2 ounces shots, so it is great for parties or large families or work groups. Not only does it make good espresso, but it also looks good. Nickel coating provides excellent temperature stability on this boiler made of high quality brass. The external pressure gauge makes it simple to monitor pressure.

Bringing the machine up to steaming temperature can take some time. You may not like this machine if you want espresso fast. Warming up takes time, but perfecting your shots of espresso requires practice as well.

Which is best espresso machine under £2000?

I’m quite lazy when it comes to making espresso in the morning and yet I am very picky to the coffe taste. So I prefer Gaggia Babila as this is a super automatic espresso machine which can make cappuccino automatically. In addtion, this machine has large capacity for the water tank, bean hopper, internal dreg bin and drip tray. This all means I do not have to pour in coffee beans often, fill up water tank every now and then and choose to empty drip tray when i want to.


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