Breville Infuser Vs Gaggia Classic Pro [7 Key Differences]

Breville Infuser vs Gaggia Classic Pro. Both are entry level semi-automatic espresso machines and are in the same price bracket.  So which is better? Let have a quick run down on their similarities and differences to decide.

Key Similarities: Breville Infuser vs Gaggia Classic Pro

1 Dry Puck Extraction Valve

When comparing both espresso machines, you’ll notice a 3-way solenoid valve in their compositions. Aside from this valve adding to the general beautification of the products, they can extract dry puck coffee residue in the portafilter pretty well. The drier the puck gets, the quicker it is to be knocked out. And this is what the extraction valve is meant to achieve.

2 Spacious Removable Water Tank

Both Gaggia Classic Pro and the Breville Infuser come with a moderately spacious removable water tank. With this much availability for water, the espresso can be filled every once in a while without thinking of a refill. The slight difference between the sizes of both tanks is about 10 ounces apart from one another. Even with this considerable difference, you’d have to refill the Gaggia Classic pro more often than the other.

3 The Cup Warmer Feature

Have you had to drop your cup of coffee for a few minutes, and it gets super cold when you pick it up? This could be frustrating because you’d have to heat it again. Interestingly, these espresso machines come with a cup warmer feature that keeps your cup warm. The radiant heat technology of this feature allows the cup to retains the temperature in the content. It doesn’t get too hot or get cold in any way; rather, it remains at a constant temperature for the longest time.

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4 Commercial Style steam wand

Both machines comes with commercial style steam wands capable of creating microfoam in the milk, enabling you to create latte art.

Features which Breville Infuser is better than Gaggia Classic Pro

1 Design and Footprint

Breville Infuser has a bigger footprint than Gaggia Classic Pro. Infuser has a dimension of 12.5 x 12.5 x 13.25 inches , compared to Classic’s 9.5 x 8 x 14.2 inches

Despite having a wider footprint, Breville Infuser is 3 pounds lighter than Classic.

Appearance-wise, I personally feel that Breville Infuser looks more elegant with its stainless steel housing.

2 Preinfusion Step

Breville Infuser comes with a preinfusion step. This step saturates coffee ground with slow pulses of water at lower pressure. This will result in a better espresso extraction and taste.

However, this is not found in Gaggia Classic Pro.

3 Auto-Purge

The infuser also comes with a auto-purge function. This adjusts the water temperature automatically back to the lower optimal brew temperature for espresso extraction, after every steam use. This helps to reduce the waiting time between brewing espresso and steaming milk.

Gaggia Classic Pro doesn’t have this feature.

4 Pressure Gauge

One feature the Breville Infuser is known for is the built-in pressure gauge located at the front of the espresso machine. The pressure gauge makes it possible to monitor the amount of pressure used in the brewing, so that you know what’s affecting the taste of your espresso shot.

However, this is not present in the Gaggia Classic Pro.

5 Automatic Indicators

Keeping to date with the proper maintenance of your espresso machine could be quite tricky. The automatic indicators in the Breville Infuser machine timely notify when the device needs to be cleaned. The machine also indicates when the drip tray needs to be cleaned out with a different indicator.

The Gaggia Classic Pro, on the other hand, does not come with this notification feature, which means you might have to set your manual reminders such as set reminders on your calendars.

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6 Temperature Regulation Feature

The way these two machines regulate water temperature is different.

Breville Infuser uses an advanced Thermo coil system together with a digital PID technology to regulate the temperature.  

Gaggia Classic Pro doesn’t has a PID controller to regulate the temperature. Instead it makes use of built-in marine-quality brass to help with stabilizing the temperature.

Features which Gaggia Classic Pro is better than Breville Infuser

7 Portafilter

This is where Gaggia Classic Pro beats the Breville Infuser. It comes with a commercial 58mm portafilter, as compared to the 54mm portafilter in Breville Infuser. This means that you can pack more coffee into your portafilter.

In addition, Classic Pro’s portafilter is chrome-plated which help to maintain the heat better and in turn pulls a better espresso quality.


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