Breville Oracle Review : Elegant Hybrid (Semi-Automated Meets The Super-Automatic)

Are you the type of person who wishes to have considerably more control on the process of making coffee, but simultaneously you would like a few of this to be taken care by the machine automatically?

How will you prefer to get an automated espresso machine which does the milk texturing, grinding controls, temperature controls, tamping and grinding – all automatically?

Does it sound challenging? Then you may want to read through this Breville Oracle review to discover more regarding the hybrid/semi-automatic espresso device on the marketplace.

If you have been battling with other coffee machines which cannot brew espresso and froth milk all at once, have manually operated steam wands intended for challenging texturing of milk, and limited capability to control temperatures, then you’ll definitely value all these features as well as more with this Breville Oracle.

Breville Oracle Review: Who is this Espresso Machine for?

Breville Oracle Espresso Machine

Breville Oracle Espresso Machine

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In my view, if you are in the marketplace for a turbo-automatic coffee machine, then I strongly think that you should choose Breville Oracle over other contenders.

Despite the fact that Oracle is absolutely not a super automatic espresso machine, the hybrid aspect of it as well as its usability allows this to generate significantly better coffee in comparison to typical super automatic machines.

What I like about Breville Oracle BES980XL

This Breville Oracle BES980XL is like getting a magical espresso assistant that really listens to exactly what you want, recalls it, and also makes this happen again and again.

The staff at Breville loves us clearly and desires us to stay happy. Not to mention, they are focused on producing coffee machines which make life tasty, convenient and simple.

This espresso maker is semi-automatic with lots of useful and amazing features.

It is not inexpensive and it is a sizeable device. BUT this is effective and it can make great coffee – which is exactly what we are all after, am I right?

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It Offers Choices

Oracle BES980 offers the capability to make an array of coffee drinks.

Additionally, if your family has different preference for their caffeinated drinks, then it is the wonderful machine to stay away from family squabbles.

Also, you can easily save your preferred choices without stressing about trashing the info of others in your home.

It Offers the convenience of super-automatic and the flexibility of semi-automatics

This Breville Oracle, undoubtedly, is an elegant hybrid (semi-automated meets the super-automatic) which makes superb espresso.

On the other hand, the makers at Oracle got a closer look at gaps between semi-automatic espresso makers (that require some expertise) as well as super-automatics (that take away many controls from you).

And, the end result is Breville Oracle!

This espresso maker does provide you the capability to program to a great extent, which is an outstanding thing for many and for some who prefer to test out their manual capabilities a little more that is not important.

This is an awesome espresso machine for the individual who may want to choose the straightforward road a few days but additionally wants to sustain some control on the process of brewing.

It will attract the coffee lover who has considerably a good amount of expertise but also loves to hand over some tasks, as soon as they have finally set up the machine to deliver precisely what they need.

While every now and then you learn about some problems of Breville oracle, Breville is an excellent company as well as if there’s a problem, they prefer to fix this.

Video of Breville Oracle Espresso Machine in action

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Key Features Of Breville Oracle Espresso Machine

  • Programmable Digital Temperature Control:

Aside from customizing the stop time, start time and some other features, Breville Oracle espresso machine comes with particular programmable settings for shot temperature as well.

Flexible Shot Control

Flexible Shot Control

This allows you to change the temperatures to achieve different levels of espresso extraction to suit your taste preferences.

  • Plenty Of Easy To Customize Settings:
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Do you want the Breville Oracle espresso to start heating at a particular time? It is easy to program that.

Moreover, you can easily program the Automated Shut Down feature to activate after 10 mins, 30 mins, or as much as 8 several hours in advance.

  • Automated Grinding:

Getting an excellent and automatic quality conical burr stainless steel grinder in the Breville Oracle Coffee Machine is the most money-saving and useful feature. You do not have to buy a different grinder.

At the same time, as we are aware of the fact that having an excellent quality grinder, without any doubt, is an important factor while brewing superb espresso.


  • Choice Of Settings For Grinding:

To the left side of Breville Oracle coffee machine, you’ll discover a dial that is in charge of grind settings. Getting a great selection of the grind settings allows you to control the espresso taste precisely.

You can easily tweak this and adjust it on your own based on the sort of espresso beans you are using.

  • Automated Tamping:

After you have chosen your setting for bean grind, which is totally customizable, you simply attach the portafilter to the brew group head, Oracle will tamp the coffee grounds automatically for you, including that special coffee ‘polish’ which is a trait of a high-quality shot.

There’s no need to buy a different tamper. it is all integrated into the device itself. You can easily set out the pressure and tamping time as well.

  • Automated Milk Frothing Feature:

Texturing the milk for getting those excellent barista milk froth for cappuccinos and lattes is no more a trial and error process.

Finally, with this Breville Oracle, it froths the milk automatically for either more or less texture, depending on your drink. At the same time, the wand includes a sensor at the end, which detects the temperature of milk automatically and maintain the temperature at the setting which you have picked.

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Also, you can choose to steam/froth milk manually when you prefer.

  • Automated Self-Cleaning:

Just like many complicated devices, Breville Oracle is going to last longer if you keep this well maintained and cleaned.

This unit includes self-cleaning function that is basically hands-free. You just have to put cleaning tablet in portafilter basket, place it into brew head and push the automated cleaning button. Then it cleans all of its parts by itself.

For preventing excessive scaling and reducing descaling frequency, using the filtered water will be best.


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Should I buy Breville Oracle Espresso Machine BES980XL?

Getting this Breville Oracle at your home is much like possessing a magical espresso genie beside you. This offers you the type of coffee which you prefer, any time you want.

Whether you are a busy person trying to maintain your day to day life with a mug of espresso or a true coffee lover, this fully-automated coffee machine will not fail you.

Therefore, just decide to purchase this if you will use it. Do not purchase it in case you do not need espresso all the time in your life.

I mean, it is a premium espresso machine and it is just too amazing to be positioned in the kitchen countertop like a décor.

Now, the decision is yours.

Breville BES980XL Oracle Espresso Machine

Breville BES980XL Oracle Espresso Machine

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  • Has PID feature
  • Easy to customize pre-infusion
  • Includes dual steel boiler
  • Integrated burr canonical grinder
  • OPV valve and hot group head
  • Automatic milk frothing/steaming


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