Breville Duo Temp Pro Review [7 Key Benefits!]

Those days are gone when people were accustomed to going to coffee shops early in the day to get their morning dosage of caffeine. No matter if you’re a working person looking to clear the head before going to work or even an adult attempting to overcome the hangover right after drinks of last night, coffee is definitely the solution to all of it. The global love for espresso has fans looking for an ideal way of making the favorite elixir in the kitchen. This Breville Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine is exactly where the buck finally stops. This Australian company’s “semi-auto” espresso machine provides its consumers with the ability of making café-styled espresso from the convenience of homes. Keep reading this Breville Duo Temp Pro BES810 BSS review to find out if it is right for you.

Breville Duo Temp Pro Review : Who it is for?

Breville Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine

Breville Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine

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Breville Duo Temp Pro espresso machine ( model no:BES810BSS )  has advanced features to brew a great cup of espresso. And it has an elegant design made from an full stainless steel exterior. With its price range and size, this makes it one of the best espresso maker in the marketplace.

Whether you’re looking for a espresso machine for testing at your home or simply to enjoy an expert drink every single morning, this espresso maker is ideal for you.

What I like about Breville Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine

Great Temperature Control

Temperature is certainly the step to getting an excellent tasting coffee. You need the drink to be just at 160°- 165° in the cup that is hot sufficiently to take pleasure in the drink.

For making sure that temperature is in the range, Duo Temp Pro BES810BSS makes use of PID technology. This avoids fluctuation of the heat as the device brews your espresso.

PID technology precisely controls water temperature for a perfectly balanced coffee extraction

PID technology precisely controls water temperature for a perfectly balanced coffee extraction

Another important feature of this device to keep temperature of the espresso at a perfect range is the automatic purge function. Whenever you turn steam setting on, the machine boosts its heat to froth the milk.

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Not to say, in other entry level espresso machines, you have to let the device to cool off before using this to brew a mug of coffee.

Because of the automatic purge feature, you don’t need to wait a long time for the device to cool off. The function eliminates the warm water from Thermo-coil boiler of the unit and sucks in the water from reservoir to obtain the best temperature.

When speaking about steam function, this Duo Temp Pro can produce warm water rather than steam.

It is easy to switch the feature with simply a push of button. At the same time, you can easily move “steam-wand” all-around to direct the hot or steam water.

Advanced features to produce tasty espresso

Additionally, Duo Temp Pro BES810 makes use of pre-infusion strategy to boost the brewing abilities of the espresso maker by moisturizing the coffee grounds.

It allows the coffee grounds to bloom which eliminates carbon dioxide within bean particles as well as allows humidity inside. Just by blooming coffee grounds, you can get the more of the flavor and oil from the coffee particles while you brew the espresso.

This espresso machine can even achieve optimal pressure extractions of nine bars. This is the most effective pressure to apply in extracting coffee from ground puck.

The nine bars lead to a “rich-cream” topping that is not excessively bitter like other coffee machines which produce espresso with a lot of pressure.

The Design of Breville Duo Temp Pro BES810 BSS

Just about anyone can easily use this Duo Temp Pro due to its simplified dial controls. Simply set dial to right to make steam for the milk when the reverse side will make a mug of espresso.

This simplified controls gives a very clean design which makes it very appealing.

Combined with the all steel exterior, Duo Temp Pro is really an elegant piece of appliance for your kitchen.

simple dial controls give a clean design

simple dial controls give a clean design

What’s more appealing is the layout of the different parts of the espresso machine.

The grind tamper positioned next to the coffee sprout. The magnets keep this particular accessory in position. You could just press your portafilter up against the tamper without removing it.

When you take the drip tray out, you uncover a concealed compartment, which contains various baskets suitable for beans or grounds. On top of this espresso machine is exactly where you are able to pre-warm the coffee cups.

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Video of Breville Duo Temp Pro BES810BSS in Action

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7 Benefits Of Breville Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine

1 Steam Wand:

Breville Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine includes a 360° rotating steam wand to enhance its micro-texturing capabilities.

This espresso maker will generate higher power steam for frothing up a cup of diary for going with the coffee shot. The 360° flexibility offers you the flexibility to froth the milk up at any position of your comfort.

Micro-Foam Milk Texturing

Apart from operational capabilities, Duo Temp Pro includes a back-held 1.8-liter water tank.

The high capacity enables you to create several brews just before you have to rush to the faucet for refilling of water.

2 Pre-Infusion Feature:

This coffee machine emits a flow of the water from the water tank just before the brewing starts. This function helps to extract optimum flavor from ground beans before the puck is subjected to pressurized operation and regulated temperature.

This pre-infusion saturates all areas of ground for an even extraction from the coffee grounds.

3 Automatic Purging:

This Duo Temp Pro from Breville offers a signature automated purging functionality. This functionality will activate after every steaming session and bring down the temperature of the thermocoil down to the level for brewing espresso. This ensures that you do not burn your next espresso after steaming.

Duo Temp Pro automatically purge the heat system after steaming ensure you do not burn your next espresso

Duo Temp Pro automatically purge the heat system after steaming ensure you do not burn your next espresso

4 Razor Dosage Trimming Tool:

One key for a great coffee extract is to have the right dosage of ground coffee and compact with the exact amount of pressure.

This machine comes with a great trimming tool, which removes the excess coffee grounds from the portafillter. This ensures you are using the right dosage of 19 to 22 grams of ground coffee.

BES810BSS Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine comes with a razor trimming tool.

BES810BSS Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine comes with a razor trimming tool.

The tamper is very well made, making it easy to exert the right amount of pressure to compact the coffee grounds in the portafilter.

5 Storage Capacity:

This Duo Temp Pro includes an inner storage on side of device body to keep the related accessories of this device. It houses a built-in cleaning tool for the maintenance purposes.

Hence, this feature saves space otherwise needed to hold peripherals of the machine like the cleaning brushes and razor trimming tool.

6 Dual Filters:

Duo Temp coffee machine from Breville comes with both single as well as dual walled filter baskets.

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However, the one-wall filter can also be utilized to extract just one shot of the wholesome coffee in an attempt.

Have a friend come after overnight’s work? You can use the dual-wall filter basket for brewing 2 shots of espresso simultaneously.

7 Able to use fresh ground coffee or pre-ground coffee

Apart from providing a manual control over the temperature and pressure settings, this Duo Temp Pro also allows you the option to use freshly ground coffee or the convenient pre-ground coffee beans.

Potential Shortcomings of the Breville Duo Temp Pro

Water tank is at the back

I really like the large water tank on Breville Duo Temp Pro. However, I do not like that the water tank is at the back of the unit. It makes it uncomfortable to take out the reservoir and refill with the fresh water.  

Coffee residues

One more flaw of this Duo Temp Pro device is the double “wall-filter” basket which catches espresso residues.

If you let the remains to be stuck alone, this will stiffen and block the machine. The hardened residue also can be challenging to clean.

No Integrated grinder

The best espresso is definitely brewed directly from fresh coffee beans. If you are particular about the taste, consider getting the Breville Barista Express BES870XL which comes with an integrated grinder.


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Should I Get Breville Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine?

In terms of the operation,   Breville Duo Temp Pro BES810BSS is really easy to use with an extremely simple to operate control panel.

In addition, it comes with advanced features such as the pre-infusion and auto purging features. It is also very stylish looking. And it comes at a reasonable price.

If you are serious about honing your Barista skills with an affordable and quality espresso maker, the Breville Duo Temp Pro is definitely a great option to consider!

Breville BES810 BSS Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine

Breville BES810 BSS Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine

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  • Function for hot and steam water
  • Ideal pressure creates the ideal rich crema for espresso
  • The pre-infusion makes for superior flavor
  • Offers perfect brew temperature for espresso extraction
  • The design provides for effortless storage of the accessories



  • The filters can clog easily
  • The water tank is difficult to reach


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