Breville Infuser vs Duo Temp Pro [8 Key Differences]

The Breville Infuser and Duo Temp Pro are both considered leading espresso machines, but we can’t decide which one is better. Let’s compare the Breville Infuser vs Duo Temp Pro.

11 Key Similarities for Breville Infuser vs Duo Temp Pro

1 PID Control

The Breville Infuser and the Duo Temp Pro both have digital temperature control (PID) technology. We like the fact that this technology enables the water pressure to be monitored. With this unique function, both machines ensure that we get an espresso with a perfectly balanced temperature. After all, this is the least we expect from such an impressive-looking machine.

 2 Extraction

The extraction feature on both machines is also alike. Both of them come with a 9-bar extraction process and a 15 bar Italian pump, which is the industry standard for espresso machines. These bars don’t only live up to the industry standard, but they also serve an important function, allowing water to pass through evenly and delivering it through the 15 bar Italian pump. The result is a decent espresso with just the right kick.

3 Style

Both machines are similar in style in that they are both made from stainless steel. The Breville Infuser and the Duo Temp Pro both offer a seamless design that is almost identical. However, there are some key differences, and the Infuser has some added features.

4 Grinder

We love that both the Infuser and Duo Temp Pro don’t come with a grinder. A built-in grinder can be a total waste of space, make your coffee machine look 10 times bulkier than it is, and let’s be honest; it can be harder to clean. So, no wasted space in that regard. If you prefer an integrated grinder, consider the automatic breville Oracle Touch or Breville Barista Pro instead.

5 Portafilters

Is a coffee machine that great if it doesn’t come with a portafilter? We hold portafilters very close to our hearts, and we love that it plays such a vital role in the coffee making process. We can enjoy fine quality espresso shots, and we are very proud to say that both the Infuser and Duo Temp Pro come with pressurised and non-pressurised portafilters, which extracts the espresso at the right temperature. This is perfect for those amateur coffee makers who still struggle with grinding.

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6 Magnetic Tamper

The Infuser and Duo Temp Pro take coffee, making it to a whole new level. Both machines are designed to produce an extra quality shot, and this is where the magnetic tamper comes into play. The magnetic tamper packs the espresso grounds evenly for a quality shot. We know that all coffee is not equal, but at least the espresso grounds can be.

7 Auto Purge

The convenient auto purge feature can be found on both the Infuser and Duo Temp Pro. We can easily switch from steaming to brewing, and we get to enjoy our cup of coffee faster with this feature. It suits our busy lifestyle perfectly, and we get to stay in the fast lane.

8 Steam Wand

Arguably one of the most important features of any coffee machine has to be the steam wand. The steam wand is the magic wand that steams our milk to the perfect temperature and serves it to us, topped with lots of smooth, velvety froth. The best part is that both machines have the magic steam wand and we can enjoy perfect velvety coffee, whichever machine we decide to choose.

9 Removeable Tank

We enjoy nothing more than pure convenience, and both machines speak to this pleasure. Equipped with a removeable tank, the Infuser and Duo Temp Pro can be easily cleaned. We can peacefully enjoy a cup of coffee or strong espresso, knowing that our water tank is clean and no uninvited microorganisms are lurking around in there.

10 Water Size Tank

Both the Infuser vs the Duo Temp Pro features a water tank of the same size. The 61-pound water tank capacity is a generous size and can make approximately 9 cups of coffee, which is ideal when entertaining guests.

11 Sleep Mode

One of the best features that both machines have to offer is that it is designed with a sleep mode. The machine goes into “Sleep Mode” exactly 1 hour after use and automatically shuts off after 3 hours. This serves as a safety feature, which is ideal when our kids or relatives kids try to conjure up a cup of espresso without supervision. It is also a useful environmentally-friendly feature which can keep your electricity bill at bay.

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8 Key Differences between Breville Duo Temp vs Infuser

1 Interface

While both machines are similar in design, they contain different features. The Infuser has a convenient “Clean Me” button while the Duo Temp Pro does not. This feature comes in handy when life takes over, and we forget to clean the coffee machine. While this isn’t a make or break feature, it provides extra convenience, which is appreciated by the technologically dependent individual.

2 Programmability

The Infuser takes the lead when it comes to programmability. Although both machines come with digital temperature control (PID) technology, the Infuser’s PID can adjust the temperature above or below the factory setting.

3 Hot Water Spout

We enjoy all warm beverages and like to switch it up from time to time. One evening we may be in the mood for an Americano while the next we’ll be craving for hot chocolate. The Breville Infuser is perfect for creative, hot beverage drinkers and comes with a convenient hot water spout. The hot water spout is a dedicated outlet for hot water, while the Duo Temp Pro lacks this feature.

4 Size

The Duo Temp Pro and Infuser vary in size. While the Duo Temp Pro is 10 x 11 x 13 inches, the Infuser is 13.7 x 11.5 x 13.2 inches. Also, the Duo Temp Pro weighs 18.9 pounds while the Infuser is lighter and weighs 17 pounds. However, this is not a vast difference, and we have no qualms with the Duo Temp Pro being slightly heavier.

5 Flexible Shot Control

The Infuser features a unique shot control which comes in handy when we want to switch up from our usual 1 shot of espresso to 2 shots. However, the Infuser’s Shot Control can also be put on manual mode, allowing for as many shots as we can handle.

6 Volumetric Control

The Infuser also boasts a volumetric control feature, unlike the Duo Temp Pro. This feature controls the volume of each pour, catering for the strong coffee lovers as well as those who prefer their coffee without a kick. This unique feature makes the Infuser versatile, and it can be used by all coffee lovers, no matter their coffee volume preference.

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7 Dry Puck

Although this feature may be overlooked, it serves a purpose. The dry puck feature is a flat disc shape, on the other end of the measuring scoop, which is used to flatten the coffee in the basket. The Infuser has the dry puck feature while the Duo Temp Pro lacks it. This feature comes in handy when we measure our coffee and saves us from having coffee powder all over the kitchen counter and on the coffee machine.

8 Accessories

The Infuser comes with single and dual wall filter baskets, coffee scoop, cleaning disc and tablets, cleaning tool, and a stainless-steel jug. Also, the Infuser comes with a “Black Plastic” insert, which reduces heat loss when espresso hits cold metal, and it also prevents splashing from the dual wall pressurised baskets.




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Should I buy Breville Infuser or Breville Duo?

Both machines have many similar features, such as a PID, water tank capacity, extraction, and auto purge. However, if we compare the Breville Infuser vs Duo Temp Pro, the Infuser is a clear winner. We love how convenient it is and that it has more features. The “Clean Me” button on the Infuser is one of the features that set our heart on fire. It’s nice to know that the Infuser cares about the finer things in life, such as getting clean when need be. What sets the Infuser apart from the Duo Temp Pro is its hot water spout, making it perfect for an espresso, cappuccino, or even hot chocolate. Both of these are great coffee machines, but we prefer the more advanced barista coffee maker, the Breville Infuser.


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