Breville Barista Touch Review [4 Reasons To BUY]

Packed with user-friendly preset settings and touch display, this Breville Barista Touch undoubtedly offers barista-quality espresso.

It has an integrated grinder, easy adjustable controls as well as automated milk frother which lets you grind, brew and steam milk quicker than ever before.

With its steel construction, you’ll have a durable coffee machine.

This Barista Touch from Breville is a coffee machine that is worthwhile to be evaluated and to become familiar with properly.

Made for the coffee fans who desire to get barista-quality espresso at home, it comes with almost everything you require along with the not so expensive cost.

Therefore, is it truly the best home espresso maker for you to consider or is there something out that is even better? Keep reading this review in-depth to learn more.

Breville Barista Touch Review : Who it is for?

Breville Barista Touch Espresso Machine

Breville Barista Touch Espresso Machine

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Everyone will love the Barista Touch. Newcomers can go for automated grinding, single-touch brew and then, quite simple milk frothing.

But, for real espresso fans, they can test out the brewing features, grinding options and still automated milk texturing and frothing.

Whether you’re interested in the art of espresso making or simply want a device to assist you to make a mug of espresso in the early morning, it is the best one you can choose.


What do I Like About the Breville Barista Touch BES880?

This Breville Barista Touch, without any hesitation, is the most reliable, user-friendly and intuitive espresso machine I tested ever.

1 Advanced features of Making tasty Espresso

Pulling an ideal shot of espresso takes patience, practice and some knowledge of the espresso science. Yet this Barista Touch decreases the guesswork significantly.

With its superior digital temperature control (also called PID), this Barista Touch is able to generate shots of flavorful, smooth and creamy coffee of the consistent quality.

PID precisely controls water temperature for a balance espresso extraction consistently

PID precisely controls water temperature for a balance espresso extraction consistently

2 Fast Heat up Time

One more key aspect is the thermo-jet heat system that allows us to have the device ready in only three seconds.

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3 Intuitive Touch Screen

I was amazed by its touchscreen, an amazing feature which sets Barista Touch aside from the mass competition.

However, if you don’t have any knowledge of espresso at all, you will have the ability to pull a coffee shot in just minutes. Just by touching options on LCD display, this device can take you through intricacies of making a perfect latte.

Intuitive Touch Screen Display

Intuitive Touch Screen Display

On the other hand, for the advanced drinkers, this offers you the choice to save specifications of the desired drinks.

As an example, you can easily “pre program” weight of ground espresso, the size of grind, the brewing time, temperature of steam wand as well as texture of milk by simply touching the display.

4 Helpful Accessories

The package includes 4 filter baskets, such as a single-wall basket for lovers who desire to sharpen their espresso making skills.

The magnetic tamper, stainless steel felt heavy enough such that when in use, it makes tamping effortless. The razor tool cuts off any extra ground coffee as soon as it was packed tightly into portafilter and guaranteed every single shot I made was the same.

Is Breville Barista Touch BES880 Worth it?

On the whole, this Barista Touch is the easiest device to” dial-in”, because its very intuitive features allowed me to adjust grind size and ground weight without any difficulty.

Exactly what made this really amazing was how perfect it is for espresso drinkers who’re at different stages of espresso brewing mastery.

For the intermediate lovers, they can certainly check out the tutorials available on touchscreen and even troubleshoot any issues which may occur. At the same time, for pro drinkers, the customization and versatility can give them the creativity space in pulling a perfect shot.

Video of Breville Barista Touch in action

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Key Features Of Breville Barista Touch

  • Fast Heating Time:

With the innovative Thermo-Jet heating system, getting the optimum temperature just need you 3 seconds. No need to waste time waiting for water to heat up before you can make your brew.

  • Conical Built-In Burr Grinder:

It lets you choose the size of grind and the quantity of the espresso grounds you need. In this manner, preparing coffee is more personal and you can easily experiment with all controls to get your preferred size option and the right dosage quantity for an even more optimal coffee extraction and brewing of your preference.

  • Hands-Free Functioning:

You can effortlessly get your espresso grounds directly to the portafilter with the help of this coffee machine.

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As the portafilter sets properly in cradle, it is easy to grind to it directly. Since the time of grind is being set for each coffee drink, it will ultimately stop as soon as the time has ended.

  • Automated Milk Frothing:

Getting an excellent latte art as well as getting barista-grade milk-foam is dependent on the milk texture and temperature.

The good news is, Barista Touch features an automated “microfoam” milk texturing function which helps you make latte art easily and achieves an excellent-tasting espresso and milk-based beverages. It is completely hands-free therefore; it is very easy to use.

  • Personalized Espresso Settings:

It is very significant to have thorough control on the way you make your coffee. For this reason, this espresso machine offers programmable and personalized features. You can easily get customized drinks and also save as much as 8 different espresso drinks.

Also, it is easy to save them with a name you preferred. On top of that, you are able to program the dose, milk foam, shot time, milk temperature and so forth.

  • User-Friendly Touchscreen Display:

Nothing is better than an easy and good to read display of settings in the coffee maker. Not to mention, to make this a bit elegant and interesting, touchscreen display will be amazing, especially for people who are used to touchscreen display on smart TV, smartphone and smart screen in the café outlets and other shops.

For this espresso machine, you can navigate easily between espresso drink options as well as personalize this based on your preferences. Needless to say, you will have the ability to personalize your coffee how you need it.


Maintenance And Cleaning Guide for Breville Barista Touch Espresso Machine

Unlike other espresso machines, this Barista Touch from Breville is comparatively easy to de-scale and clean.

From the grinder to bean hopper, then, to portafilter, you’ll get hardly any spills on coffee grounds. As the body is made from brushed steel, it is easy to wipe off spills and dirt in case there are.

For steam wand, it is easy to wipe this with a tidy cloth and it will start to purge automatically as soon as you press the down wand. Automated purging is quite efficient as it will run down warm water through wand. Therefore it will be ready and clean for another frothing.

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Also, you can wipe the portafilter out and thoroughly clean drip tray. But, if you need to have detailed knowledge of care and cleaning of this device, you can take a look at the instructions guide.

These few basic steps may also be useful to prolong the lifespan of the espresso machine. At the same time, water filters must be checked out for change.


Video on cleaning grinder Barista Touch

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Potential Shortcoming of the Breville Barista Touch Espresso  Machine

This Barista Touch additionally has its limitations in comparison to the commercial-level machines.

Although it is superb at making espresso drinks when you need it, the flavor of coffee itself is not extraordinary for enthusiasts who enjoy diverse sampling profile as well as depth from the “single-origin” beans that need a more specialized unit to extract.

Also, its automated frothing system is not consistent for the users who enjoy their particular milk foam along with even quality.

However, for the cost, I was incredibly amazed and you would be challenged to discover anything better than this one.

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Should I buy the Breville Barista Touch Espresso Machine?

To sum it up, this espresso machine brews espresso, grinds beans, and also foams milk along with fully automatic touchscreen controls intended for flawlessly consistent, coffee house quality drinks again and again.

It is an excellent espresso maker for people who wish to have choices in terms of brewing espresso.

This Breville Barista Touch is extremely easy to use. It offers high-quality features. Also, it gives you the best overall performance. For the price tag, I must say it is really value for money.

Breville BES880BSS Barista Touch Espresso Maker

Breville BES880BSS Barista Touch Espresso Maker

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  • It comes with 12 months limited warranty
  • The touchscreen controls are fully automated
  • Eight custom-made coffee drinks and five pre-programmed beverages
  • Pressure and temperature controls make consistent coffee drinks all the time
  • It brews espresso, grinds coffee, and foams and steams milk inside just one machine


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