Best Espresso Machines Under 700 Dollars

When you first look at it, a $700 espresso machine seems expensive. Unfortunately, good espresso machines are not cheap. The investment could be well worth it if you plan to continually make barista-quality espresso. At this price range, there are a lot of options, making it challenging to choose one. The following is our list of the best espresso machines under 700 dollars.

Best Espresso Machines Under 700 Dollars

Philips EP4321 Super Automatic Espresso Machine

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With its new user interface, the Philips 4300 allows users to select up to five different coffee drinks. The machine uses ceramic grinders to grind the beans and utilizes its Aroma Extract brewing system for smooth operations from bean to cup. With the Classic Milk Frother, you can top your cappuccino or caffe latte with a silky layer of milk froth.

With the TFT display and icons, it will be extremely easy and intuitive to prepare aromatic espresso from fresh coffee beans. There are 2 user profiles that you can store your customized recipes, so that you can enjoy coffee the same way every time. An extra guest profile allows you to serve your visitors their favorite coffee without altering your own.

By keeping the water between 90°C and 98°C and controlling the flow rate of water during brewing, its Aroma Extract system is able to strike a balance to achieve optimal brewing temperature as well as maximize aroma extraction. You can adjust the ceramic grinders in 12 steps so that they grind beans to any desired fineness or coarseness. The grinders are made from 100% pure ceramic, making them extremely hard and precise, allowing for the making of fresh, aromatic coffee for 20,000 cups.

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Its AquaClean water filter is another great plus point. With this filter , you can can choose not to perform descaling for 5000 cups without sacrificing the purity of the water when you change the filter regularly at the machine prompts.

Calphalon Temp iQ Semi Automatic Espresso Machine

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Calphalon Temp iQ comes with a built-in conical burr mill grinder that has 30 adjustable grind size settings for precise grinding. Heat is evenly distributed by thermoblock technology and a PID thermostat, so that great-tasting espresso is consistently produced. A pre-infusion process is included to bloom the espresso grounds before brewing to maximize the flavor extraction.

With a 15-bar Italian pump, maximum flavor is extracted at the right pressure. The 58 millimeter porta filter is large enough to hold more grounds and disperse the water evenly to maximize espresso extraction for robust flavor.

A powerful steam wand froths and microfoams milk to create creamy cappuccinos and lattes. A dial interface enables you to select steam or hot water. A volumetric automatic shot dispenser delivers the just right amount of water for one or two espresso shots. It also have a large 2.8 liter water tank that is removable and comes with a hinged lid that make refilling easy.

DeLonghi La Specialista

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This semi-automatic espresso machine also features a burr grinder. If you’re a coffee lover at home, be warned – this machine is not only wide, but high, and you’re going to need more room to topup the water tank. The La Specialista comes with only pressurised baskets, so the machine does the hard work of determining the pressure. For many people, this would be a preferred method of making espresso because it removes the guesswork.

There are only five options in the grinder, which may frustrate you unless you don’t change the bean type often. Changing the bean may require you to grind the coffee more coarsely or finer. Having fewer options may mean you cannot get the grind you need to get the most out of your bean.

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With the La Specialista, a tamp is integrated and is operated by a lever on the side. You can then tamp without worrying about the mess and you will also get a smooth and consistent tamp. Tamping myself is a physical motion I enjoy, and I thought this lever function wouldn’t appeal to me, but in truth I enjoyed the level tamp more than I anticipated!

Making a good milky foam is much easier and requires less effort. With the wand, you can adjust the ring so you can get a hot flat milk evaporating very little bubbles, or you can move it down for a rich foamy milky beauty. After the espresso is poured, the hot water for the American comes from a different nozzle that is set precisely in the right place, so you don’t have to reposition your cup after you pour the espresso.

Which Is The Best Espresso Machine Under 700 Dollars?

I personally like convenience over anything else, when it comes to making espresso. So, I like Philips EP4321 better since making espresso is automatic without a need to be familiar with things like tamping. Moreover, it offers the abilty to customize and store those preferences for my preferred drink. The AquaClean water filter is another plus since I can perform lesser descaling.

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