Review: Jura E8 vs S8 [3 Key Differences]

There are many interesting coffee machines out there on the market this day and age, and I’m always looking out for the best ones. Today, it’s the Jura E8 vs S8. Let’s see which one will make for a better purchase.


Jura E8 vs S8 : 7 Key Similarities

Jura E8 Automatic Coffee Machine

Jura E8 Automatic Coffee Machine

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JURA S8 Automatic Coffee Machine

JURA S8 Automatic Coffee Machine

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First, let’s take a look at the similarities between the Jura S8 and the Jura E8.

1 One-touch technology

The Jura S8 and Jura E8 models offer reliable one-touch technology – over a dozen specialties can be selected with the push of a single button. This works fine for me, as the sooner I can get started on brewing, the better. I’d rather just push one button and walk away from the machine and not have to worry about pressing other buttons to get the exact setting.

2 Fine Foam Frother

Both models feature Jura’s Fine Foam Frother G2 which provides high-quality steamed milk or milk foam to top milk specialties. In addition, its dial controller allows the user to have full control of the milk texture. I always like it when a product lets me have full control so I can get things just how I like it. There are also programmable coffee strength and volume settings, which further allow me to get coffee brewed just right.

3 Pulse Extraction Technology

The Jura S8 and Jura E8 also feature the exclusive Pulse Extraction Process. This is something featured only in Jura coffee makers and has the benefit of optimizing extraction time so it can make the perfect cup of espresso. In addition, there is the Aroma G3 grinder, which grinds whole coffee beans with an excellent level of finesse, which ensures I’ll get the most out of my coffee beans.

4 Jura Operating Experience

There are some good tech options offered in the Jura S8 and Jura E8 models as well. For example, both models can be controlled by the Jura Operating Experience (J.O.E.) app. J.O.E. is a free, exclusive downloadable app that allows users to operate the machine with ease from their smartphone or tablet. J.O.E. sounds like an excellent add-on, as I am usually checking social media in the morning when I first wake up. I love convenience, and what’s more convenient than waking up and getting some coffee brewed while I catch up with the latest social media news?

5 Eco-Friendly

Both models also offer an excellent eco-friendly design, as the Jura S8 and Jura E8 only use coffee beans; no plastic capsules are allowed. This means I’ll be able to enjoy high-quality coffee without worrying about impacting the environment with wasteful plastic capsules.

6 Easy Maintenance

Maintenance is also easy to perform, with integrated cleaning cycles, including a container and solution for cleaning the milk system. That’s something that I can certainly appreciate. Some appliances are just too tricky to clean, but the Jura S8 and Jura E8 make that less of a pain with an automated process.

7 Same Size

The two are also matched when it comes to size: both weigh in at 22 lbs, and are 11″x13.8″x17.3″.


3 Key Differences Between Jura S8 vs E8

While the Jura S8 and Jura E8 models have plenty of similar features, there are some very notable differences between the two that should be carefully considered before making a purchase.

1 Display

The Jura S8 and Jura E8 have the easy one-button setup, but there’s a major technological difference in how exactly that setup is presented. The Jura E8 offers a TFT color display for all of its buttons and settings, which sounds pretty nice. However, the Jura S8 offers a full-color touchscreen display that even has a great press-and-hold feature. That immediately gets my attention, as I am someone who really likes their appliances to have greater and better technology. The Jura S8’s color touchscreen also comes into play in regards to the Fine Foam Frother G2. The Jura S8 has Operating Instructions that help users know which way to position the Fine Foam Frother G2’s dial based on what specialty that’s being prepared, which is shown on the touchscreen display. Talk about convenient! Now I won’t have to memorize what way to set the dial for all of the different specialties. Or do something tacky like leave a post-it note nearby.

2 Coffee Specialty Variety

A very important difference between the two models is what sort of specialties they can make. The Jura E8 comes out just barely ahead of the Jura S8, offering a total of sixteen specialties as opposed to the Jura S8’s fifteen. The Jura E8 also has the following exclusive specialties: Special Coffee/2x Special Coffee and Espresso Doppio. The Jura S8, on the other hand, can do a Caffee Latte. Personally, I’m a very big fan of the Caffee Latte, so the Jura S8 still has something that I appreciate over the Jura E8.

3 Color

Getting the right color can be key for a product. The Jura S8 offers three different color combinations: full-on chrome, moonlight silver, or a nice piano black color. Conversely, the Jura E8 only comes in piano black.

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Review: Jura S8 or E8?

When it comes down to the Jura S8 vs Jura E8, I still have to give my vote to the Jura S8. The higher level of technology offered. is simply too good to pass on. The full-color touchscreen display can give more control over the settings of my coffee and eliminate more of the guesswork, and the Operations Instructions for the Fine Foam Frother G2 helps get the most out of this milk feature. The Jura E8 might have slightly fewer specialties to choose from compared to the S8, however, I really like Caffe Lattes, so that’s an easy choice for me.

Plus, I think having slightly fewer options in exchange for more convenience and cutting-edge technology is a trade that I’m willing to make, even if it means fewer coffee options. I also like the variety of colors available for the Jura S8. Piano black is cool, however, chrome looks even cooler and goes well with the Jura S8’s better technology.

JURA S8 Automatic Coffee Machine

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When it comes to making high-quality coffee and getting the most out of my coffeemaker, the Jura S8 certainly has the Jura E8 beat.

Jura E8 Automatic Coffee Machine

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