Best Nespresso Hot Chocolate Pods [4 Brands Not to MISS!]

Everyone loves eating chocolate. I can’t find anyone who doesn’t. Well, they are people who abstain from chocolate ( for reasons like dieting ) but they can’t deny they like them. Eating chocolates simply make our body release hormones to make us feel good.  Thus, many people go to chocolate to relieve stress!  If you are both a chocolate lover and Nespresso fan, you will definitely want to try out these 4 best Nespresso hot chocolate pods.

Best Nespresso Hot Chocolate Pods

Nespresso Ciocattino Chocolate Capsules

Nespresso hot chocolate pods

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If you love dark chocolate, you will like this chocolate flavored ciocattino coffee. Ciocattino is a coffee blend, with malted and fruity taste, grown in Costa Rica & Columbia. The coffee is cultivated using traditional methods and given a medium roasting to highlight its malted texture. Together with the bitter taste of dark chocolate, this nespresso hot chocolate capsule is really heavenly made!


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Nespresso Compatible Hot Chocolate Capsules : Mixed Flavour Variety Pack

Nespresso Compatible Hot Chocolate Pods Mixed Flavour Variety Pack

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This is our favourite as it contains 5 fantastic chocolate flavours. You get the smooth and creamy, mint, caramel, hazelnut, and even sugar free for the diet-concious!

More importantly, we love the fact the pods are biodegradable! We definitely won’t want to contribute to the global warming in anyway!

Do note that the pods are compatible only with originalline Nespresso machines.


Rokit Pods Organic Hotter Hot Chocolate Instant Drink

Rokit Pods Organic Hotter Hot Chocolate Instant Drink
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We love this brand as the ingredients are organic. Also, it doesn’t contain sugar. So it’s great news for those watching their weight! This blend consists of simply cocoa, maca and raw cacao.

Nespresso Compatible Kids Sugar Free Pods

Nespresso Compatible Kids Sugar Free Poddies

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 These nespresso chocolate capsules is yet another sugar free chocolate pods


How To Make Hot Chocolate Using a Nespresso Machine?

Making a hot chocolate using Nespresso machine is no different from making normal nespresso coffee. It’s that simple. Just check out this video.

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