Nespresso Inissia Pods [Which are compatible?]

Inissia is one of the earliest Nespresso models. Because it is compact, easy to use and affordable, Inissia has become a common sight in many household kitchens. As the Inissia uses capsules, you have to get supplies of capsules. But there are many types of capsules available in the market. So which coffee capsule pods is compatible with the Nespresso Inissia?


[Updated: Inissia has been discontinued. It has been replaced with Nespresso Essenza Mini ]



Can all types of capsules fit the Nespresso Inssia?

Nespresso OriginalLine and the newer Vertuoline pods

Even within Nespresso, there are 2 different types of Nespresso pods – the OriginalLine and the newer Vertuoline pods. However, only the Original Line pods can work in Inissia as the Vertuoline pods are bigger in size and won’t fit into Inssia.

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Can 3rd party Nespresso Compatible pods work?

Some may prefer 3rd party brands as they are generally cheaper on per capsule. But not all 3rd party pods are compatible with Nespresso machines. Nespresso machine models  starting from Nespresso Innisia and Pixie onwards have switched to using thinner injection needles. These needles is only able to pierce through the Nespresso capsules which are made from aluminum. However, most 3rd party pods use plastic for their capsules and they are just too hard for the needle to pierce through.

So if you found a favourite 3rd party capsule, do check that they are compatible for use with Nespresso machines! Otherwise, you will damage your machine and void the warranty.

What are some 3rd party compatible pod brands?

Here are some of the brands which are compatible with Nespresso Originalline machines like Inissia:

  • Gourmesso coffee capsules : These are sourced from sustainable coffee farms. They have excellent bold taste and makes a great crema. They are naturally gluten-free and no sugar or preservatives are added.
  • Lavazza Armonico Espresso: This capsules blend Central and South American beans and the result is a rounded and full-bodied espresso with an intensity of 8
  • Venezie Rondo : These capsules have a fine dark roast. The coffee is strong and elegant with a fruity taste
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Can I save more on Nespresso pods?

A last method is to use a refillable Nespresso pods or refillable basket.  Do note that Nespresso does not support such pods too. So use at your own risk.

RECAPS Refillable Coffee Pods is a good option as it can be reused up to 50 times. So, such refillable capsules do help to save on costs and more importantly, cut down on the effort to recycle the aluminium capsules! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to